'How Embarrassing': Tennis Reporter Blasted After Lamenting 'Anti-Vaxx' Protests Outside US Open

3 months ago

One mightiness conjecture that with the rash of triple and adjacent quadruple-vaxxed satellite leaders contracting the coronavirus aggregate times successful caller months, the “Vax oregon Die” assemblage would person taken it down a notch.

Well, if you did conjecture that, you would person guessed wrong.

The US Open became the latest country of backlash arsenic protesters gathered connected Monday to show against the vaccine mandates successful New York.

Unvaccinated tennis prima Novak Djokovic, 1 of the healthiest quality beings connected the planet, has been denied entree to the US Open successful Flushing Meadows, Queens, contempt the information that the CDC precocious updated its guidance saying that vaccinated and unvaccinated should beryllium treated the same.

So, wherefore was helium denied introduction to the tournament? Because the US Open and the State of New York said so, that’s why!

The protests against the mandates were noticed and bemoaned by Tennis Channel Editorial Producer David Kane, who, not lone called the protests “embarrassing,” but besides seemed to confuse the anti-mandate protestation with anti-vaccine protests.

Multiple anti vaxx protesters extracurricular the US Open, however embarrassing.

— David Kane (@DKTNNS) August 29, 2022

For this, Kane recovered himself connected the receiving extremity of much-justified backlash connected Twitter.

Journalist who doesn’t cognize the quality betwixt anti vax and anti mandate 🏻‍♀️ Embarrassing.

— BoredDutton (@IzMogUgla) August 29, 2022

Anti-vaccine mandate. Get your facts close please, journalist!

— Tennis Puneet 🐺 (@TennisPuneet) August 29, 2022

They dont look to beryllium antivax they look to beryllium anti mandate, galore of them person household successful different countries that are been denied introduction to the states adjacent though the CDC said vaccinated and unvaccinated are to beryllium treated the same. The US unfastened should beryllium embarrassed sponsored by Moderna.

— Anne Ryan Mazza (@AnneMazza17) August 29, 2022

They are anti-mandate protesters but your encephalon can't process communal sense. https://t.co/j49DVJp1oi

— Mohit Barhate (@BarhateMohit) August 29, 2022

Djokovic would person been the runaway favourite to triumph the US Open had helium been allowed to participate. Instead, he’ll conscionable person to settee with winning the conflict of bodily autonomy against wannabe tyrants and their nonsense.

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