Houston cops arrest man, 38, accused of shooting friend dead and leaving his son, 2, to die in car

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BREAKING NEWS: Houston cops apprehension man, 38, accused of shooting dormant person and stealing his car, past leaving victim's 2 year-old lad to dice of vigor changeable successful backmost of sweltering vehicle

By Emma James For Dailymail.Com

Published: 14:10 BST, 22 September 2022 | Updated: 14:41 BST, 22 September 2022

Houston constabulary person identified a carjacker who changeable dormant a his person earlier stealing his car and past leaving his toddler wrong to dice successful the sweltering heat.

Bolanle Fadairo, 38, has been charged with the execution of Michael Essien and his two-year-old son, Micah, successful Houston, Texas, connected September 20. 

Essien, 38,  got into an statement with Fadairo, earlier being changeable dormant successful beforehand of his young son, with the gunman taking disconnected successful his victims SUV.

Micah was inactive successful the backseat, and was recovered hours aboriginal by officers who judge helium died arsenic a effect of vigor exhaustion - with extracurricular temperatures reaching 93F.

Essien’s woman reported that her hubby and lad were missing astatine astir 6.40pm, hours aft helium was changeable aggregate times by Fadairo astatine 1:45pm successful El Camino Del Rey.

The dad-of-three leaves down his woman and 2 different children, including a babe miss that was calved conscionable a week ago.

Officers discovered the stolen conveyance with the toddler wrong 5 hours aft his begetter was shot. 

Cops swooped connected Fadairo’s flat successful the aboriginal hours of Wednesday morning, and person present charged him with 2 counts of execution and tampering with evidence.

Bolanle Fadairo, 38, has been charged with the execution of Michael Essien and his two-year-old lad successful Houston, Texas 

Michael Essien, 38, was changeable dormant infront of his two-year-old lad Micah (pictured) who was past near for hours to dice successful a blistery car by Fadairo

Officers swooped on Fadairo's home, adjacent to the shooting, astatine 4am connected Wednesday aft the deaths of the begetter and son

An autopsy study is yet to beryllium completed connected the toddler, but investigators judge that helium died from vigor exhaustion aft being successful the car since astir 2pm.

Officers broke the solid from the SUV and attempted to prevention the child, but helium was pronounced dormant by the clip an ambulance arrived.

Essien’s sister, Jessie, told ABC that her nephew had conscionable learned however to accidental her name, describing her member arsenic a ‘peaceful man’.

She said: ‘All I privation is my member and my 2-year-old who conscionable learned however to accidental “Auntie Jessie.”

‘He called Auntie Jessie successful the religion Sunday. He ran and said, 'Hi, Auntie Jessie.

‘Michael has a 5-year-old lad and a 1-week-old baby, 1-week old. Michael has a wife. Lord Jesus, each I request is my brother.

‘Anybody that knows my member knows Michael is simply a peaceful man. Michael ne'er argued with anyone.

‘Michael takes the garment disconnected his assemblage and gives to different radical to enactment on. Michael would springiness the past dime helium has to different people.’

Officers broke the solid from the SUV and attempted to prevention the child, but helium was pronounced dormant by the clip an ambulance arrived 

Fadairo was seen connected surveillance visiting a state presumption store aft the sidesplitting dressed successful a achromatic t-shirt and achromatic Oakland Raiders baseball-cap

Houston constabulary responded  to the country of the shooting adjacent the country of El Camino Del Rey Street and Chimney Rock Road successful westbound Houston astatine 1:46pm connected Tuesday

Investigators judge that Fadairo met his unfortunate astatine the agreed location, with the brace arguing earlier helium changeable his person aggregate times.

Essien fled a abbreviated distance, earlier collapsing successful the parking batch arsenic Fadairo stole his Chevrolet Traverse with Micha successful the backmost and fled the scene.

Houston Police Executive Assistant Chief Larry Satterwhite told reporters previously: ‘We ne'er knew astir the kid until she called,'

'Sadly, it was excessively late. The kid had passed successful the car. Athis time, we don't cognize wherefore oregon however oregon what the origin of decease volition be. It could beryllium thing similar vigor exhaustion, we conscionable don't know.

'That volition beryllium determined aboriginal done autopsy. 'It's the hardest happening we do. Children are innocent.'

Surveillance footage of the Fadairo shows him calmly walking astir a convenience store aft the killing, wearing achromatic shorts, a achromatic t-shirt, and an Oakland Raiders baseball-cap.

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