Hilarious snaps reveal VERY strange sights people found in their homes

9 months ago

Welcome back! Hilarious snaps reveal the VERY strange sights people have returned home to – from a snake in the kitchen to brutal breakup notes

By MailOnline Reporter

Published: 02:00 GMT, 20 February 2022 | Updated: 02:00 GMT, 20 February 2022


Most of us don't expect things to change significantly while we're out of the house, but these snaps prove a lot can happen in a short period of time. Shareably rounded up a selection of hilarious photographs that capture the strange objects and creatures people from around the world have returned home to, revealing pets and spouses can be very mischievous.

Ouch! This man, whose location is unknown, bizarrely came home to a note written in brown pen on toilet tissue from his partner.

One extremely apologetic person left a note for their partner saying 'sorry honey!' after they accidentally melted a plastic chopping board into their stove ring, fusing the two together.

One pet owner was given quite the fright when they opened their fridge for a snack but were instead faced with their mischievous pooch hiding inside.

One postman, whose location is unknown, proved he needed to brush up on his talents at hiding parcels when one person came home to find their mat less than skillfully placed on their parcel.

They'll never find my stash! In one household where nobody ever uses the dishwasher, a clever roommate found the perfect spot for storing booze.

Snakes and ladders! One homeowner got a huge shock to find an escaped exotic snake in the kitchen, checking out the microwave.

One child, whose location is unknown, was left in stitches after opening their fridge for a quick snack, only to discover that their father had put googly eyes on everything.

Thanks for nothing, Dad! This probably wasn't what a daughter had in mind when her father said he'd cut the grass for her.

One individual, believed to be in the U.S, was shocked to see a horse in their neighbor's front yard.

This is my side of the vanity! One man, whose location is unknown, was left taken aback after his partner had completely taken over their sink with her various makeup and beauty supplies. 

Dogs are known to do some bizarre things, but this pet left its owners baffled after it managed to get its head inside a horse mask, creepily resembling a 'mini pony'.

Sssssscary! This person must have had the fright of their life after walking over to their sink to wash up, only to find a snake having a relaxing bath in the water instead.

Getting out the family album is one thing, but framing one of your embarrassing photos for all to see in the guest room is quite another.

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