Hidden Pain: How Men Suffer Post Abortion; College Boots Student for Refusing Booster

1 week ago

The highly emotional debate over abortion usually comes down to deciding between the rights of women versus the unborn. Left out of the discussion almost entirely is a critical party—the father. Greg Mayo has lived through it and opens up about the trauma that men can suffer after abortion, a trauma that’s largely unrecognized by society. Mayo is a speaker and the author of “Almost Daddy,” a novel and now a recovery guide for men. He’s also on the men’s task force with Support After Abortion.

You can visit either link above for resources and Support After Abortion also offers a confidential 24/7 help hotline: 844-289-HOPE

Then in America Q&A we find out if people across the country believe abortion can be traumatic for the man.

Next, Union College sophomore Ellie Puentes had a bad reaction to her COVID-19 vaccine. So when it came time for the mandatory booster, she applied for a medical exemption. The administration’s reaction? They rejected her request and gave her three days to pack up and go.

Finally, in our second America Q&A we see what people think of this student’s story, asking people across the country if boosters should be mandatory if someone had a bad reaction to the COVID shot.

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