HHS Announces Awardees of $250 Million to Fight COVID-19 and Improve Health Literacy Among Racial and Ethnic Minority and Vulnerable Communities

2 years ago

73 Local Governments Receive Awards

Washington, D.C.—Today, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) Office of Minority Health (OMH) announced $250 million in grant awards to 73 local governments as part of a new, two-year initiative to identify and implement best practices for improving health literacy to enhance COVID-19 vaccination and other mitigation practices among underserved populations. The Advancing Health Literacy (AHL) to Enhance Equitable Community Responses to COVID-19 initiative is part of the Biden/Harris Administration's National Strategy for the COVID-19 Response and Pandemic Preparedness.

"The Advancing Health Literacy initiative is a vital part of the HHS efforts to help communities hardest hit by the pandemic access and understand COVID-related information," said Assistant Secretary for Health, Dr. Rachel L. Levine, M.D. "This funding, and the partnerships with local and community entities across the country, will help our national efforts to continue to tackle health disparities surrounding COVID-19 vaccination, testing, and treatment."

Health literacy is a person's ability to find, understand and use information and services to help them make health-related decisions for themselves and others. Health literacy is a central focus of the Healthy People 2030 blueprint for improving the health of the nation, which is sponsored by the HHS Office of the Assistant Secretary for Health. Healthy People 2030 has elevated health literacy within one of its overarching goals: Eliminate health disparities, achieve health equity, and attain health literacy to improve the health and well-being of all.

"COVID-19 highlights the importance of health literacy, of understanding public health measures and taking steps to protect ourselves, our families, and our communities," said Deputy Assistant Secretary for Minority Health, RADM Felicia Collins, M.D. "Our new health literacy initiative will help local governments enhance their health literacy efforts to reduce COVID-related disparities within racial and ethnic minority populations and other vulnerable communities."

Over the next two years, awardee projects will demonstrate the effectiveness of working with local community-based organizations to develop health literacy plans to increase the availability, acceptability, and use of COVID-19 public health information and services by racial and ethnic minority populations. The projects will also focus on other populations considered vulnerable for not receiving and using COVID-19 public health information. Recipients are also expected to leverage local data to identify racial and ethnic minority populations at the highest risk for health disparities and low health literacy, as well as populations not currently reached through existing public health campaigns.

The initiative is expected to begin on July 1.

The awardees are:

Grantees City State Award City of Montgomery City of Tuskegee Town of Fort Deposit Benton County City of Pine Bluff Gila County Maricopa County Pima County Yuma County Alameda County Health Care Services City of Chula Vista City of Fresno City of Santa Ana Fresno County Department of Public Health Monterey County Health Department Eagle County Public Health & Environment City of Waterbury New Haven Health Department District of Columbia Department of Health Broward County City of Jacksonville City of Lauderhill City of Albany Clayton County Fulton County Hawaii County Chicago Department of Public Health City of Rockford Health and Hospital Corporation of Marion County City Of Wichita City of Baton Rouge City of New Orleans Boston Public Health Commission Baltimore City Health Department City of Frederick Prince Georges County Kent County Wayne County City of Minneapolis Kansas City Health Department City of Vicksburg Town of Inverness Washington County Durham County Mecklenburg County Health Department Wake County Human Services City of Lincoln City of Newark City of Paterson Bernalillo County City of Albuquerque Doña Ana County City of Las Vegas New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene Orange County Westchester County Department of Health Franklin County Oklahoma City County Health Department Washington County City of Reading Rhode Island Public Health Foundation City of Rock Hill City of Chattanooga City of Memphis Shelby County Dallas County San Antonio Metropolitan Health District Salt Lake County City of Richmond Fairfax County Public Health Seattle & King County Snohomish Health District City of Milwaukee
Montgomery AL $3,900,000
Tuskegee AL $3,000,000
Fort Deposit AL $2,992,292
Bentonville AR $3,900,000
Pine Bluff AR $1,240,411
Globe AZ $2,571,740
Phoenix AZ $4,000,000
Tucson AZ $4,000,000
Yuma AZ $2,073,177
San Leandro CA $1,994,565
Chula Vista CA $4,000,000
Fresno CA $4,000,000
Santa Ana CA $4,000,000
Fresno CA $3,000,000
Salinas CA $3,952,437
Eagle CO $2,999,970
Waterbury CT $4,000,000
New Haven CT $4,000,000
Washington DC $3,999,923
Fort Lauderdale FL $3,875,000
Jacksonville FL $3,295,342
Lauderhill FL $3,875,000
Albany GA $3,900,000
Jonesboro GA $2,000,000
Atlanta GA $3,900,000
Hilo HI $3,000,000
Chicago IL $3,894,914
Rockford IL $3,614,521
Indianapolis IN $2,861,449
Wichita KS $4,000,000
Baton Rouge LA $4,000,000
New Orleans LA $3,900,000
Boston MA $3,875,000
Baltimore MD $4,000,000
Frederick MD $3,939,842
Upper Marlboro MD $3,999,807
Grand Rapids MI $2,089,233
Detroit MI $3,919,116
Minneapolis MN $2,040,000
Kansas City MO $2,847,052
Vicksburg MS $3,000,000
Inverness MS $3,000,000
Greenville MS $2,999,992
Durham NC $2,000,000
Charlotte NC $3,900,000
Raleigh NC $4,000,000
Lincoln NE $3,526,006
Newark NJ $3,875,000
Paterson NJ $4,000,000
Albuquerque NM $2,092,836
Albuquerque NM $3,950,810
Las Cruces NM $2,460,636
Las Vegas NV $1,670,000
New York City NY $3,875,000
Goshen NY $800,000
White Plains NY $3,763,565
Columbus OH $3,999,169
Oklahoma City OK $3,900,000
Hillsboro OR $3,998,575
Reading PA $3,999,382
Providence RI $2,008,508
Rock Hill SC $3,875,000
Chattanooga TN $3,404,247
Memphis TN $3,900,000
Memphis TN $3,955,982
Dallas TX $4,000,000
San Antonio TX $3,999,933
Salt Lake City UT $3,844,568
Richmond VA $4,000,000
Fairfax VA $3,875,000
Seattle WA $3,875,000
Everett WA $4,000,000
Milwaukee WI $4,000,000

For more information about OMH, visit www.minorityhealth.hhs.gov.

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