'He was the abuser': Courtney Clenney's lawyer insists she was the victim of domestic violence

1 month ago

The lawyer for an OnlyFans exemplary charged with murdering her fellow has condemned prosecutors for releasing footage of her attacking him - and insisted that helium was 'the abuser'.

Courtney Clenney, 26, was detained connected Wednesday astatine a rehab halfway successful Laupahoehoe, connected Hawaii's Big Island, wherever she was being treated for alcohol issues and PTSD.

She has been charged with second-degree execution implicit the April 3 decease of her fellow Christian Obumseli, 27, astatine the location they shared successful Miami.

Clenney insisted that she stabbed Obumseli successful aforesaid defence aft helium grabbed her by the throat.

Prosecutors successful Florida connected Thursday released video of Clenney attacking Obumseli successful an elevator connected February 21, but Clenney's lawyer Frank Prieto said the video was 'irrelevant and apt inadmissible'.

 Model Courtney Clenney was arrested astatine a rehab session - wherever she was seeking assistance for substance maltreatment and PTSD - successful Laupahoehoe connected Monday morning

Obumseli's household bash not judge that helium was threatening to harm his woman Clenney

'It is simply a shame that the State Attorney's Office is seeking to triumph this lawsuit successful the tribunal of nationalist sentiment by showing an irrelevant and apt inadmissible video of Courtney successful an elevator getting carnal with Obumseli,' said Prieto.

'The video does not picture the events starring up to what was captured successful the elevator.'

He insisted that the unit was meted retired by the Texan cryptocurrency trader, not his client.

'Obumseli was the abuser, the worst benignant of abuser,' helium said.

'He would manipulate and maltreatment Courtney successful backstage erstwhile helium thought cipher was around.'

Prieto pointed to a witnesser who said Obumseli deed Clenney.

Other witnesses person said the opposite.

Prieto admitted that the pair, who had been dating for little than 2 years, had 'a tumultuous relationship'.

But helium insisted Clenney was not the aggressor, and accused prosecutors of trying to crook nationalist sentiment against the societal media influencer.

'It is inappropriate for prosecutors to effort and taint the assemblage against Courtney to the constituent she whitethorn not beryllium capable to person a just trial,' Prieto said.

'The charging determination successful this substance should person been made connected the grounds of what occurred that evening successful the flat and thing more.

'This is simply a lawsuit of aforesaid defence and the facts that volition beryllium presented astatine proceedings volition beryllium this.'

Prieto spoke retired after prosecutors released a tranche of grounds they had recovered to enactment their lawsuit against Clenney.

Footage shows Courtney Clenney, 26, onslaught Christian Obumseli, 27, 2 months earlier she killed him successful Miami

She pounded the interaction surface earlier slapping him and pulling his hairsbreadth arsenic helium desperately tried to fend disconnected her blows

She jumped up and grabbed his hairsbreadth from behind, wrenching his caput backwards earlier punching him successful the broadside of the head

The unfortunate tucked her nether his limb and tried to restrain her earlier pressing the elevator fastener for their floor

But she continued to motorboat repeated attacks connected him arsenic helium tried to artifact her vicious blows

Clenney kept up her onslaught adjacent arsenic the doors opened and they spilled retired into the corridor portion appearing to outcry astatine each other

It included allegations the mates had breached up aggregate times betwixt January and the commencement of April.

She had allegedly kicked him retired of their luxury flat successful the past week of March, conscionable days earlier she killed him.

The documents besides told however they would person furious rows erstwhile they lived successful Austin, Texas, with her allegedly flinging a immense coating from their balcony.

Courtney Clenney is pictured successful a constabulary mugshot successful Hawaii, wherever she was staying for rehab

And they look to disregard the model's assertion she threw the weapon which killed Obumseli crossed the country from implicit 10ft away, saying the onslaught was launched from adjacent proximity.

Clenney was recovered by constabulary coated successful humor successful her Miami condo, but was released due to the fact that it was thought she had acted successful aforesaid defense.

The caller one-minute video shows the mates participate the elevator arsenic Clenney hits the interaction surface inside, to chose a floor.

Obumseli appeared to effort to calm her down but she turned to him and slapped him and pushed him aggregate times.

She jumped up and grabbed his hairsbreadth from behind, wrenching his caput backwards earlier punching him successful the broadside of the head.

Obumseli tucked her nether his limb and tried to restrain her, earlier pressing the elevator fastener for their floor.

But she continued to motorboat repeated attacks connected him arsenic helium tried to artifact her blows.

Clenney kept up her onslaught adjacent arsenic the doors opened and they spilled retired into the corridor portion appearing to outcry astatine each other.

The footage was disclosed successful unsealed documents from Miami-Dade prosecutors arsenic they published their grounds successful their execution lawsuit against the model.

A hunt for her exclusive contented shows that it is 'no longer available' but her Instagram relationship - with 2 cardinal followers - remains online

Clenney allegedly stabbed Obumseli (pictured together) to decease astatine their luxury flat successful the One Paraiso gathering successful Edgewater, Miami, connected April 3

It outlines the couple's turbulent relationship, saying they had breached up aggregate times since they moved to a 22nd level condo successful Miami successful January.

They spoke to witnesses who told however they would loudly enactment into the night, with truthful galore neighbors complaining astir them an eviction announcement was sought.

When they broke up successful March and Clenney evicted fellow from the apartment, Clenney's parent Deborah came to enactment with her.

The couple 'rekindled their relationship' connected April 1 and helium moved backmost in, but the apprehension warrant says 'arguments began astir immediately'.

Officers were called that aforesaid nighttime and Clenney 'appeared intoxicated', though nary arrests were made.

Two days aboriginal - the day Obumseli died - it had 'began peacefully', with the mates 'playing with their dogs astatine home,' according to constabulary documents.

Obumseli went to Subway to bargain them both sandwiches astatine 1.15pm and got backmost astatine 4.32pm.

Clenney had conscionable posted a caller video connected Instagram, and prosecutors deliberation the stabbing occurred successful the 13 minutes aft her fellow returned.

Clenney is shown connected April 3 aft stabbing Obumseli connected the balcony of their home 

A hunt for her OnlyFans relationship - which was nether the sanction Courtney Tailor - yielded nary results portion a nexus connected her website forwarded to an unavailable page

Her Instagram relationship remains progressive but she has not shared immoderate images connected it for 19 weeks

The young mates had precocious moved unneurotic from Austin, wherever they met, to Miami

She was thought to person been connected the telephone to her mom, who said she heard her girl arguing with Obumseli and assertion helium was 'lying'.

The exemplary called constabulary astatine 4.57pm to study the stabbing, and could beryllium heard saying: 'I'm truthful atrocious baby.'

The warrant added: 'On that call, the unfortunate tin beryllium heard successful the inheritance repeatedly saying helium is dying and cannot consciousness his arm.

'The magnitude of humor passim the condominium astatine antithetic levels, including 2 ample pools, evidences the unfortunate was bleeding for an extended play earlier constabulary arrived.'

The papers goes connected to assertion her parent texted her to archer her to mention 'self-defense' and 'advised her to not accidental thing to investigators without an attorney'.

But Clenney spoke to police, arguing she grabbed the weapon due to the fact that Obumseli pinned her against a partition by her throat.

Detectives pointed retired successful the papers determination were nary injuries connected her and 'at nary clip did [she] assertion the unfortunate was equipped with immoderate benignant of weapon'.

Chief Medical Examiner Kenneth Hutchins besides poured scorn connected her assertion she had thrown the knife, saying: 'I bash not deliberation that this was... I don't know.

He added: 'I truly don't cognize if this was justified astatine all.' 

The weapon coiled penetrated his thorax for eight centimeters and was pointed somewhat downwards.

State Attorney Katherine Fernandez Rundle said: 'The convulsive and toxic two-year narration of Christian Obumbeli and Courtney Clenney did not person to extremity successful calamity with Christian's execution arsenic a unfortunate of home violence.'

Chenney is pictured looking disheveled successful a 2020 mugshot aft she was landed successful tribunal for DUI

Meanwhile witnesses revealed however the couple's clip surviving unneurotic successful Austin was besides turbulent.

Aidan Nevisky, who lived connected the level beneath them, reported large arguments erupting often a fewer years ago.

He told the Herald: 'You could perceive her throwing glasses, smashing objects. Everyone connected the 10th and 11th floors could perceive them. They were not quiet.'

He said successful 1 furious enactment Clenney appeared to person chucked a immense coating of a tiger disconnected the balcony, which blew connected to his below.

Prieto said connected Wednesday, erstwhile Clenney was arrested: 'I'm wholly shocked, particularly since we were cooperating with the probe and offered to voluntarily surrender her if she were charged.'

He added successful a statement: 'We look guardant to clearing her sanction successful court.'

Prieto said that Clenney had been forced to stab Obumseli aft helium grabbed her by the throat.

The exemplary was aboriginal caught connected video covered successful humor connected her high-rise balcony conscionable aft the incident.

Clenney was taken into custody nether Florida's Baker Act, which protects radical astatine hazard of termination oregon intelligence wellness crisis, but was freed without charge.

Obumseli's member successful April was livid she was not being charged, saying it was 'because of her 'privilege' arsenic a 'wealthy achromatic woman'.

Jeffrey wrote connected Instagram the household bash not judge Clenney and demanded she beryllium charged with sidesplitting the member helium called Toby.

He said: 'Within 24 hours pursuing Toby's death, the detective connected the lawsuit prematurely concluded this was not a transgression of violence.'

The victim's member besides slammed Clenney for videos that emerged pursuing the incidental that showed her kissing her dogs and ordering drinks astatine the edifice bar.

He continued: 'We've seen videos of Courtney kissing her dogs portion covered successful what we judge to beryllium my brother's humor and casually getting drinks astatine a edifice barroom days aboriginal portion my member lays successful the morgue.'

He was referring to videos that amusement Clenney astatine Miami's Grand Beach edifice days aft her boyfriend's death.

Clenney was spotted astatine a Miami edifice barroom days aft the killing, trying to person a portion with her father

Clenney and her begetter were chased retired of the barroom by the pistillate who said she had 'just killed her boyfriend'. Her lawyer says they were trying to pick  up a portion and spell to the beach 

Obumseli's household has raised much than $72,000 connected a GoFundMe leafage to assistance wage for his ceremonial and to bring his assemblage location to Texas

Her lawyer pushed backmost against this assertion saying: 'The connection astir Courtney 'casually getting drinks' is perfectly false.

'Courtney was not ''casually getting drinks astatine a edifice bar''. Courtney was sitting astatine an unattended array successful the edifice lobby country that besides has a bar.'

Prieto added her begetter was successful municipality and they were having drinks past near due to the fact that a 'woman was berating them for nary reason'.

Obumseli's household from Austin, Texas, continues to request answers. They besides raised much than $80,000 via a GoFundMe.

On their page, they accidental helium was the unfortunate of a 'heinous enactment of violence.'

It says: 'Christian Toby Obumseli was murdered successful Florida a week earlier his 28th birthday. It is unconscionable to marque consciousness of our caller reality.

'That someone's selfish enactment ripped Christian distant from this world. It is not capable to accidental we are shocked and hurting - we are utterly devastated.

'His execution leaves galore unanswered questions and creates a void that tin ne'er beryllium fixed oregon filled. Not adjacent with time.

'Christian was highly compassionate with a tendency ever to uplift those astir him. He did not merit for his beingness to beryllium chopped abbreviated by a heinous enactment of violence.'

The couple's friends person fixed conflicting reports connected who was abusive during their turbulent relationship.

Some said they ne'er saw Obumseli being convulsive with his girlfriend, but they had seen her deed him.

One of the couple's friends Ashley Vaughn said: 'We've seen her deed him. I've ne'er seen him deed her.'

She told Local 10 : 'From what we've personally experienced betwixt the some of them, we judge that Christian wouldn't enactment her successful a presumption wherever she would request to stab him to support herself.'

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