**Graphic** Watch: Las Vegas Smoke Shop Owner Stabs Alleged Robber

3 days ago

Surveillance footage captured the infinitesimal a Las Vegas fume store proprietor stabbed a masked juvenile fishy allegedly attempting to rob his store.

The incidental occurred connected Wednesday astatine 3:25 p.m. astatine Smokestrom Smoke Shop connected West Sahara Avenue near Decatur Boulevard, KLAS reported.

Two juveniles tin beryllium seen walking into the store wearing achromatic skis masks and backpacks, with 1 fishy wearing his backpack facing forward.


A robber successful achromatic bloc was stabbed & subdued by an Asian-American store keeper wearing flip flops successful Las Vegas this week. The robber’s accomplice leaves his person behind. Police are investigating the robbery & stabbing. pic.twitter.com/EJrF6syO1d

— Andy Ngô 🏳️‍🌈 (@MrAndyNgo) August 5, 2022

Store proprietor Johnny Nguyen is past heard asking the suspects to leave, but the 2 juveniles did not comply, arsenic 1 fishy tin beryllium seen grabbing what appears to beryllium a extremity jar from the counter.

“I was frightened for my life,” Nguyen told the New York Post. “When they came in, 1 of them had a container successful beforehand of him similar helium had a firearm oregon something.”

As the fishy is leaving, Nguyen tells him helium tin instrumentality the point but asks him to “leave the coins.” The juvenile did not comply and proceeded to drawback much items earlier moving retired of the store.

At the aforesaid time, the different suspect, wearing the front-facing backpack, is seen hopping implicit the solid counter. Immediately, Nguyen grabs a weapon from adjacent the registry and stabs the fishy aggregate times.

“I was successful a formation oregon combat mode,” the store proprietor told Fox 5. “A batch of adrenaline going done my body.”

The juvenile tin beryllium heard saying, “I’m dead, I’m dead,” earlier Nguyen drags the fishy to the beforehand doorway and calls 911. The injured fishy past begged Nguyen, “Don’t fto maine die,” KLAS noted.

The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police arrested the 2 suspects, with the 1 injured fishy being taken to a infirmary with his information unknown, Fox 5 reported. There was besides a 3rd fishy progressive who has not yet been apprehended, constabulary noted.

“I don’t deliberation helium planned connected getting stabbed that day, obviously, but if you effort robbing a store you are taking a risk,” Nguyen told KLAS. “This is simply a tiny business, obviously.”

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