Granholm Op-ed In CNN: Extreme Weather Keeps Knocking Out America’s Power. Here’s What We Must Do

2 years ago

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Secretary of Energy Jennifer M. Granholm today published an op-ed in CNN highlighting how President Biden’s Build Back Better Agenda will invest in a resilient, clean energy power system that will strengthen the grid and protect communities during extreme weather events.  

Key excerpts:  

CNN: Extreme weather keeps knocking out America’s power. Here’s what we must do

Even before Ida, we had wildfires and heatwaves threatening to overload the grid, droughts straining hydropower generation, and a polar vortex that froze gas production. This pummeling is part of a long trend driven by climate change — one that will continue to worsen if we keep spewing carbon pollution. 


We simply cannot afford to stay on this trajectory. 


As members of Congress go through the process of writing this [reconciliation] bill, they can and should include […] a combination of policies that will put our nation on track to truly tackling climate change. 

We can keep polluting the atmosphere and keep paying billions to recover from extreme weather disasters as they continue […] or we can invest now to build a more resilient, clean energy power system that will help us finally confront the climate crisis, creating millions of jobs in the process. The right choice couldn't be clearer. 

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