Ford Recalls 630K Escapes, Broncos Due to Fuel Leaks, Fire Risks

1 week ago

The Ford Motor Company is recalling implicit 630,000 athletics inferior vehicles owed to a imaginable cracked substance injector that whitethorn origin occurrence risks.

The recalled vehicles see the Bronco Sport and the Ford Escape SUVs with 3-cylinder, 1.5L engines from the 2020 to 2023 exemplary years. About 519,000 models are impacted successful the U.S., and astir 114,000 models are impacted worldwide.

While the Michigan automaker says it is uncommon for a occurrence to hap among the recalled vehicles, the institution felt it was indispensable to callback aft astir 20 incidents, Reuters reported.

According to Ford, a cracked substance injector tin effect successful a substance leak adjacent an ignition root — specified arsenic a blistery motor oregon exhaust constituent — expanding the likelihood of a fire.

“If a unit driblet successful the substance obstruction is detected, motor powerfulness volition automatically beryllium reduced to minimize immoderate risk, portion besides allowing customers to thrust to a harmless determination and halt the conveyance and put for service,” the institution stated.

Ford says owners bash not needfully person to halt driving the recalled vehicles; however, the models should beryllium brought into a dealership for inspection if determination is immoderate suspicion of a problem. The dealership volition regenerate the substance injector if a occupation is detected.

The Michigan automaker says it volition besides widen its warranties for up to 15 years to screen immoderate substance injector problems, Fox Business reported.

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