FL Prosecutor Warren: DeSantis Doesn't Have 'Authority' to Suspend Me -- I Will Continue to Serve

3 days ago

Attorney Andrew Warren told “CBS Miami News” that Gov. Ron DeSantis (R-FL) has nary law authorization to suspend him for saying helium would not enforce Florida’s laws against gender-affirming attraction for minors and abortion, truthful helium volition proceed to serve.

Anchor  Jonathan Vigliotti asked, “You called the suspension unconstitutional. Can you explicate why?”

Warren said, “Sure, this is blatant overreach by the governor. He is trying to upset a just and escaped election. Two of them, actually. This isn’t conscionable an attack. This isn’t astir trying to suspend 1 elected official. This is astir trying to suspend ideology successful present successful Hillsborough County. I mean, this is simply a halfway rule of our democracy. The voters elite their leaders, not the governor. He can’t conscionable simply prime up a pen oregon a crayon and alteration the volition of the people.”

He continued, “He is stepping connected the rights of voters successful Hillsborough County. This is blatantly unconstitutional successful usurpation of Florida statute. He does not person the authorization to suspend maine adjacent if helium wants to, particularly erstwhile helium is focused connected things I haven’t adjacent done yet. The bottommost enactment is the radical elected maine to service successful this position, and I americium going to proceed doing it to support our neighborhoods safe.”

Warren added, “The governor’s termination prohibition is unconstitutional, truthful I’m the 1 upholding the law.”

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