Five cops and a woman shot after man barricaded himself in Arizona home

7 months ago

Nine Phoenix police officers were shot and wounded at a home early Friday morning, including four injured by a barrage of gunfire after being lured into a trap while rescuing a baby during a five-hour armed standoff.

Dramatic video from the scene shows a man emerging from the front door of the home with an infant in his arms. 

He is seen placing the baby on the ground, raising his hands in the air, and walking backward toward the police, who handcuff him and take him into custody. 

But when additional officers rush toward the home to carry the baby to safety, more gunfire erupts from inside the residence, striking the cops, who are sent fleeing for their lives.

Police spokesman Sgt. Andrew Smith said during a press conference on Friday that there is nothing to suggest at this time the man who carried out the baby was part of the ambush. 

Police said the gunman was later found dead inside the home, but it's unknown whether his death was self-inflicted, or not. His name is not being released pending the notification of next of kin.  

Phoenix police officers are seen running for their lives after being fired upon by someone inside a home during a tense five-hour standoff with a gunman on Friday 

A man is seen carrying a baby out of a home in Phoenix during an armed standoff with police overnight

He places the baby on the porch, along with a pink bag

The man raises his hands in the air. This scene played out after a Phoenix police officer was shot multiple times and critically wounded 

This man was taken into custody, but his role in the incident is currently unknown 

Police say there is nothing to suggest this man was involved in the ambush on cops 

A large number of officers converge on the home to collect the baby

A woman at the home where police had gone in response to reported gunfire also was critically injured. Andrews said the female victim and the gunman were previously in a romantic relationship, and the baby is their child. 

According to law enforcement, the incident began unfolding at around 2:15 a.m. local time, when police responded to the home at 54th Avenue and Elwood Street in Phoenix for a report of a shooting. 

As an officer approached the residence to investigate, he was invited inside and was then 'ambushed' by a gunman, who opened fire, striking the cop multiple times, Andrews said. 

The officer was able to get to safety. He was seriously injured but was expected to recover.  

'This is just one more example of the dangers that officers face every day keeping us and our community safe,' Police Chief Jeri Williams said. 

'If I seem upset, I am. This is senseless. It does not need to happen and it continues to happen over and over again.' 

Backup officers responded to the scene, at which time the baby was placed outside the house and the unnamed man who was carrying the infant was detained.

When the gunman opened fire on the police, officers returned fire, Andrews said. Four officers were shot and four others were hit by bullet fragments.

 A SWAT team was summoned and made attempts to negotiate with the barricaded shooter. 

The standoff ended at around 7am, after police deployed a flash bang, sending plumes of smoke into the air (pictured) 

An officer who apparently has been wounded is helped by his colleagues at the scene of Phoenix's violent standoff 

The incident took hours to resolve and involved a large number of police officers

An officer who appears to be injured lies on the ground after being ambushed while trying to rescue the baby from the home in Phoenix 

A female civilian was shot and critically injured during the standoff between a gunman and police 

Police vehicles are seen responding to the scene, where an armed man barricaded himself inside a home

The standoff was 'resolved' at around 7 a.m., after police deployed a flash bang and SWAT officer breached the house. 

When officers entered the home, they discovered the gunman dead and a woman critically wounded. There is no word at this time on how the suspect died. 

Williams said four of wounded officers were 'recovering' while a fifth was 'seriously hurt but is on the road to recovery.'

The baby had been inside the home 'and at some point was placed in a carrier and placed outside,' Williams said. 

Sgt. Ann Justus, a police department spokesperson, said the baby was unharmed.

Shown is the scene near where nine Phoenix police officers were shot and wounded after responding to a report of gunfire inside a home early Friday

Armored police vehicles are seen outside the home near Elwood Street and 54th Avenue as the investigation into the shooting continues 

Arizona Governor Doug Ducey tweeted about the Phoenix shooting on Friday 

Senator Kyrsten Sinema, a Democrat from Arizona, also weighed in on the shooting 

Senator Krysten Sinema, a Democrat from Arizona, tweeted about the shooting on Friday. 

'Horrified by this violence against law enforcement working to keep our communities safe,' she wrote. 'We're thinking of everyone injured and hoping for full recoveries as we wait for more information.' 

Arizona Governor Doug Ducey, a Republican, also addressed Friday's standoff, tweeting: 'Please continue to pray for the five officers injured this morning. Our men and women in blue work day and night—no matter the circumstances—to protect our state from danger. Their unwavering courage & sacrifice helps to keep us safe. Arizona is deeply grateful.' 

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