Female Colorado social worker is accused of making sexual advances toward at least 40 mothers

3 months ago

A pistillate erstwhile Colorado societal idiosyncratic has been accused of making 'sexual advances' toward astir 40 mothers and threatened to region their children from their attraction erstwhile they rejected her.

Robin Niceta, 41, who was a child-protective idiosyncratic with Arapahoe county, allegedly offered parents and caretakers alcoholic beverages and invited them into her location earlier making intersexual advances, according to a $1 cardinal suit filed by Aurora Councilwoman Danielle Jurinsky connected behalf of astir 40 different women. 

She is besides accused of attempting to soundlessness her victims and their 'restraining orders' by threatening to abstracted parents from their children, and providing mendacious complaints and grounds to bash so.

'So far, respective parents person travel guardant to fto america cognize that they besides had their children taken distant from them arsenic a effect of Robin Niceta's actions related to their cases whether by what they judge to beryllium mendacious grounds during tribunal of what they judge to beryllium mendacious reports,' Attorney Elliot Singer, who prepared the lawsuit, told The Gazette.

One parent said Niceta told her she had acquisition cards for her and gave her idiosyncratic compartment number, and asked her to travel to her location to prime them up. When the parent arrived, she was offered an alcoholic beverage that she denied.

'Once this subordinate of the people declined what was intelligibly intersexual advances, Niceta fundamentally turned connected her and did everything successful her powerfulness to marque definite the kid was permanently removed,' Singer said.

Robin Niceta, who was a child-protective idiosyncratic with Arapahoe county, is accused of making 'sexual advances' toward mothers and threatening to region their children from their attraction erstwhile they rejected her

PICTURED: Niceta with brownish pixie cut. The erstwhile societal idiosyncratic is besides accused of attempting to soundlessness her victims and their 'restraining orders' by threatening to abstracted parents from their children

Councilwoman Danielle Jurinsky was accused by Niceta of sexually abusing her son. Police aboriginal recovered the allegations to beryllium false, prompting Jurinsky to motorboat the $1 cardinal lawsuit

Councilwoman Jurinsky filed the suit connected behalf of herself and 40 different women that person spoken up astir their experiences with Niceta.

Niceta was precocious romantically progressive with Aurora Police Chief Vanessa Wilson, who was fired successful April, aft the erstwhile societal idiosyncratic falsely claimed Jurinsky 'sexually abused her son' successful an anonymous extremity connected January 28, according to the Gazette.

In May, the erstwhile societal idiosyncratic discontinue her occupation arsenic accusations began to determination in. 

PICTURED: Vanessa Wilson, erstwhile main of constabulary successful Aurora, Colorado. She fired successful April pursuing mendacious accusations her erstwhile lover, Niceta, made astir Jurinsky 

'Please instrumentality my email arsenic my contiguous resignation from Arapahoe County,' Niceta wrote. ' I admit the past 5 years and I privation you some the precise best.'

An apprehension warrant was issued for Niceta connected May 16. 

The societal worker's apprehension affidavit cited her accusation against Jurinsky successful January -  1 time aft the councilwoman had made a captious remark against her erstwhile lover, Wilson, portion connected the Steffen Tubbs vigor show.

Niceta made the telephone identifying arsenic an worker astatine 1 of Jurinsky's 4 restaurants that she owns astir Denver, according to Denver7. 

She told constabulary she heard Jurinsky inquire her son, 'Do you privation to spot thing funny?' and past proceeded to execute intersexual acts with the child.  

Jurinsky notably called the constabulary main 'trash' which made Niceta 'mortified, upset, and hurt,' according to the apprehension affidavit. 

Police were aboriginal capable to adjacent the lawsuit connected February 14 aft deeming Jurinsky was innocent. They aboriginal place Niceta arsenic the 1 who made the extremity to the Arapahoe County Sheriff's Department, and she was arrested successful May for reporting the mendacious accusations.

Jurinsky aboriginal said the past fewer months person been 'brutal' and she has ne'er met Niceta. 

'All I tin accidental is this is simply a parent’s worst nightmare to get a telephone similar I got and to beryllium nether an probe similar I was, knowing that it was a implicit prevarication and knowing that it was retaliation for my opinions,' Jurinsky told Denver 7. 

'Every different onslaught that has travel my way, I tin grip connected my feet and I tin occurrence backmost and I tin combat back. You impact my kid and it brings maine to my knees. And it becomes a antithetic benignant of fight.' 

Jurinsky made a foul remark against Niceta's erstwhile person who was the former Aurora constabulary chief. A time later, Niceta reported Jurinsky anonymously

Niceta has been cited successful different suit filed by a household accusing her of separating different household from their 14-year-old daughter. She is acceptable to look successful tribunal connected Aug. 26. PICTURED: Niceta with brownish pixie chopped and her ex-lover Vanessa Wilson with a grey pixie cut 

A hunt warrant of her county-provided laptop showed a thorough past of searches for 'does the kid maltreatment hotline support telephone numbers successful Colorado.' Niceta conducted the hunt minutes earlier reporting Jurinsky.

The erstwhile societal idiosyncratic has denied the allegations antecedently claiming she 'didn't cognize anything' astir them - denying she made the telephone to study Jurinsky. 

Niceta volition look successful tribunal connected Aug. 29 to sermon the allegations against her. 

Meanwhile, different Colorado household filed a suit against Niceta connected Aug. 14 and accused her of separating a household from their 14-year-old daughter. 

An FBI probe is besides ongoing to find whether Niceta abused her powerfulness to beryllium granted custody of a erstwhile partner's child, and to record a mendacious study against them, according to Fox News.

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