The FDA’s Anti-Harassment and Inappropriate Conduct Policy establishes an agency-wide process under which FDA employees, contractors, fellows, trainees, and visitors shall report allegations of inappropriate conduct and harassment, sets forth manager and supervisor responsibilities to maintain a harassment-free workplace, and to take prompt and effective action when allegations of inappropriate conduct and harassment arise. 

The FDA will not tolerate unlawful discrimination, retaliation, inappropriate conduct, or harassment of any kind. Through enforcement of this policy, the FDA seeks to address and correct any harassing or inappropriate conduct before it becomes severe, pervasive or escalates to an unlawful level.
Click here for the Policy Statement signed by Janet Woodcock, M.D., Acting Commissioner of Food and Drugs 

How to Report?
Allegations of harassment and inappropriate conduct should be reported immediately to the FDA’s Anti-Harassment Program – Civility, Respect and Education in the FDA Workplace (AHP-CREW). To learn more about AHP-CREW or to report a concern, email: [email protected] or call the FDA’s Employee Resource and Information Center: ERIC helpdesk at 1-866-807-ERIC (3742), Select Anti-Harassment Services - Options 3,3,3.