Fairfax County Schools Seek 'Gender Combined,' 'Inclusive' Sex Ed Standards

3 days ago

Virginia’s Fairfax County Public Schools is looking to “revise” its intersexual acquisition standards to go “gender combined” and usage much “inclusive” language.

Proposed “Family Life Education Instruction Materials” seeks sex inclusivity but does marque immoderate carve-outs for students who were “assigned male” astatine birth.

Those students — boys — volition not reappraisal the instructive “Janet’s Got Her Period” oregon person explicit acquisition connected the usage of menstrual products.

Despite that, the sixth-grade conception of projected changes appears much ambiguous arsenic to whether boys volition person acquisition connected menstrual products.

Indeed, the projected “objective” connection is changed from “girls lone reappraisal the usage and due disposal of idiosyncratic hygiene products” to “The usage and due disposal of menstrual products volition beryllium reviewed.”

Another projected update is to region a testicular self-exam acquisition video from the tenth-grade program and harvester genders for the entirety of that grade’s intersexual education. According to the website, each students volition inactive person acquisition connected testicular self-exam and bosom crab self-exam.

Changes to 4th done sixth people see proposals to “support sex combined instruction” by removing the operation “gender separate” from each intersexual acquisition objectives arsenic good arsenic “remov[ing] connection that indicated acquisition successful puberty lessons that would presently lone hap for girls oregon boys.”

The changes are presently unfastened for a nationalist remark play that closes December 1.

Breccan F. Thies is a newsman for Breitbart News. You tin travel him connected Twitter @BreccanFThies.

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