Title of the Review:
External Peer Review of Research and Materials Related to FDA Consumer Research on the Healthy Symbol

Tentative Assessment:
Influential Scientific Information

Agency Contact:
Linda Verrill, Ph.D.

Office or Center: 

Subject of the Review:
Phase I: Social Science Research Scoring System, a system developed by FDA researchers for evaluating research articles included in the Healthy Symbol literature review; and 
Phase II: Documents associated with the development and execution of quantitative research conducted for exploration of a voluntary symbol depicting the nutrient content claim “healthy.”

Purpose of the Review: 
To solicit comments on the Social Science Research Scoring System and to evaluate the research approach and statistical analysis of the results of the quantitative research. 

Type of Review: 
Individual (Letter) Reviews 

Timing of Review:
Phase I (Social Science Research Scoring System) September 2021; Phase II (Quantitative Research) Approximately June 2022.

Number of Reviewers:
3 reviewers for each phase

Primary Disciplines/Types of Expertise of Reviewers:
Social/Behavioral Sciences; Health Communication Research; Marketing Research; Food Policy Research; Research in Applied Nutrition; Health Communication Research

Reviewers Selected by:
Designated Outside Organization

Public Nominations Requested for Review Panel:

Opportunities for the Public to Comment:
Phase I: No
Phase II: No

If yes, briefly state how and when will these opportunities be provided: 

Peer Reviewers Provided with Public Comments: