Exclusive -- Tim Pool Celebrates Self-Released Hit 'Only Ever Wanted' Rocketing Up iTunes Charts: 'To Win a Culture War, You Need to Build Culture'

3 months ago

The unclassifiable societal media superstar Tim Pool has amassed an tremendous online pursuing — garnering astir a half-billion YouTube views — by embracing an anti-establishment and anti-woke worldview that doesn’t adhere to accepted partisan politics. His foray into euphony represents a continuation of that mindset, with the caller self-release of his azygous “Only Ever Wanted.”

The opus is Pool’s archetypal to beryllium released done his ain label, Timcast Records. After telling his millions of followers to cheque it out, “Only Ever Wanted” surged successful the charts, reaching the No. 2 spot successful iTunes’ Top 10 Song Charts — conscionable beneath Britney Spears’ archetypal caller opus successful six years — and the No. 1 spot successful Alternative Rock.

“Only Ever Wanted” besides features drummer Pete Parada, who was fired by the set Offspring for refusing to instrumentality the COVID-19 vaccine.

Watch below:

In a connection to Breitbart News, Tim Pool reacted to the song’s occurrence and explained his anti-establishment attack to the arts.

“I had nary thought it would instrumentality disconnected the mode it did but we are excited to spot the response,” helium said. “Pete Parada is an fantabulous drummer and we are gladsome to assistance him win aft the Offspring had fired him.”

Last year, Parada announced connected Instagram that his doc advised him not to get the vaccine  because helium suffers from a uncommon autoimmune disorder.

He wrote that helium was “unable to comply with what is progressively becoming an manufacture mandate,” adding that leaving the set was yet not his choice. “[I]t has precocious been decided that I americium unsafe to beryllium around, successful the workplace and connected tour.”

Pool believes  that “in bid to triumph a civilization warfare you request to physique civilization and close present our arts are dominated by woke cultism.”

“With Timcast Records we are hoping to make a abstraction that volition vie with large institutions truthful that people volition not person to fearfulness being canceled for voting for Trump oregon having the incorrect opinion,” Pool said. “We already person respective songs acceptable for merchandise and hopefully an medium done by the extremity of the year.”

Tim Pool is scheduled to interrogation Breitbart News editor-in-chief Alex Marlow connected Thursday connected his regular podcast.

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