Exclusive — Kris Kobach on 'Day One' as Kansas AG: 'Special Litigation Unit' to Sue Biden Administration, 'Make Concealed Carry Permits Free,' Prosecute 'Election Fraud'

3 days ago

Kris Kobach, the Republican campaigner for lawyer wide of Kansas, told Breitbart News that, if elected arsenic the state’s main ineligible officer, helium would record lawsuits against the Biden administration, extremity fees for concealed transportation permits, and prosecute cases of predetermination fraud.

“On time one, I would acceptable up a peculiar litigation portion to bring immoderate of these lawsuits against the Biden administration,” Kobach said connected Thursday’s variation of the Breitbart News Daily podcast with big Alex Marlow. “Texas is the exemplary state. Texas is the 1 authorities that’s benignant of carrying the remainder of the state connected its shoulders erstwhile it comes to bringing lawsuits against Joe Biden and his administration. They brought much than 20 lawsuits altogether.”

He continued, “Number two, 1 happening I mean to bash is is to marque concealed transportation permits free. South Dakota did this successful March, and I deliberation Kansas and the different states should travel suit. You deliberation astir it. We don’t wage a interest to the authorities to workout our First Amendment rights to person this treatment connected radio. We don’t wage a interest to the authorities to spell to church. Why should we wage a interest to the authorities to workout our Second Amendment freedoms? You tin inactive bash the training, but not person to wage to workout that freedom.”


“Another happening is prosecuting predetermination fraud,” Kobach added. “When I was Secretary of State successful Kansas, we had a measure that gave some the lawyer wide and the caput of authorities the authorization to prosecute predetermination fraud astatine the authorities level. It’s the lone authorities successful the state that has this, and arsenic lawyer general, I would resume the usage of that authority. … In the different 49 states, you lone person that authorization astatine the region level, and galore region prosecutors either are politically unwilling, oregon due to the fact that of their deficiency of acquisition successful the area, unwilling to task into that country of prosecution.”

Kobach described Kansas’s projected law amendment regarding abortion, which was defeated by statewide ballot connected Thursday, arsenic a indispensable correction to a erstwhile determination by the state’s ultimate court.

“The ballot was connected an amendment to simply accidental that there is nary law close to an termination successful the authorities constitution, and the legislature retains the quality to enforce regulations connected abortion,” Kobach explained. “The crushed that was indispensable was due to the fact that successful 2019 our precise activistic Kansas Supreme Court issued an erroneous decision, creating retired of bladed aerial an termination close successful our constitution, which is 170-years-old, that is adjacent much extended than the Roe v. Wade national termination close was, and the law amendment of the radical of Kansas successful their legislature was indispensable to close that error.”

He continued, “Why did the effect happen? It was astir a 59-percent ‘no’ to 41-percent ‘yes.’ I judge the crushed was the Vote No campaign. The pro-abortion broadside did a precise skilled and effectual occupation of confusing the issue. They were putting signs up that said, ‘Stop The Mandate.’ There was nary mandate successful this, but they were they were trying to play connected the affectional effect of the conservatives, and it worked. I cognize conservatives who were confused astir what the amendment did. ‘Stop The Ban,’ arsenic if determination was a prohibition connected termination successful the amendment. Of course, that was false, arsenic well. One happening that’s existent crossed the satellite is erstwhile there’s a referendum connected immoderate inaugural oregon change, if you tin confuse the voters, they volition reflexively ballot ‘no,’ and that’s precisely what happened here. So I don’t deliberation the near should instrumentality this arsenic immoderate immense motion that America wants expansive termination rights oregon that America is aggravated implicit the demise of Roe versus Wade.”

Kobach said erstwhile President Donald Trump’s palmy nominations of justices to the U.S. Supreme Court and judges successful different national courts created opportunities for blimpish litigators — peculiarly attorneys wide — to contention the legality of galore Biden medication policies.

“It’s not conscionable the Supreme Court, which has handed down immoderate genuinely astonishing landmark decisions, but it’s the little courts, arsenic well,” Kobach stated of caller years. “President Trump’s top acquisition to the country, successful my opinion, was the Supreme Court and little national judges that helium appointed, and fixed the information that we person a Biden medication that is actively undermining — oregon adjacent breaking — the instrumentality connected the lawsuit of immigration, ordering ICE agents and borderline patrol agents to interruption the law, we person a concern wherever the champion edifice we person — the 1 that is astir effectual — is to spell to tribunal and question injunctions to halt the Biden administration.”

He went on, “That’s wherefore I deliberation these lawyer wide races are truthful critically important close now. Texas has brought much than 20 [lawsuits against the Biden administration], but there’s lone truthful galore lawsuits that 1 authorities tin bring, and that’s wherefore I’m hoping that if I’m elected arsenic Kansas lawyer general, Kansas tin come, bring immoderate reinforcements, not conscionable for our 2 states, but for the full country.”

“It is an breathtaking clip to beryllium an attorney, and arsenic idiosyncratic who utilized to thatch law instrumentality arsenic a instrumentality professor, it’s an breathtaking clip to beryllium successful beforehand of the national courts, and hopefully successful beforehand of the U.S. Supreme Court, due to the fact that we person a tribunal that’s consenting to code these pugnacious issues similar Roe versus Wade, which was connected our books for truthful agelong and truthful wrong,” helium remarked.

He concluded, “Similarly, this awesome determination successful the New York State Rifle and Pistol Association lawsuit … truly restores the Second Amendment to its presumption arsenic not conscionable immoderate written close successful the Constitution, but 1 of the astir important rights successful the Constitution. It’s a genuinely encouraging happening that we person a national judiciary wherever we tin vindicate our law freedoms.”

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