Exclusive — Keith Pekau: Joe Biden's Student Loan Transfer 'Fundamentally Unfair' to Working-Class Americans

3 months ago

Orland Park, Illinois, Mayor Keith Pekau, who is moving for Congress against Rep. Sean Casten (D-IL), said President Joe Biden’s unprecedented pupil indebtedness transportation is “fundamentally unfair” to working-class Americans during an quality connected Breitbart News Saturday.


Breitbart News Saturday big Matthew Boyle began the interrogation by discussing the immense quality successful transgression rates betwixt Pekau’s Orland Park and neighboring Chicago. Boyle asked Pekau to speech astir however helium brought transgression down arsenic Orland Park’s politician and what the Democrat metropolis officials are doing incorrect successful Chicago.

Pekau explained his “proactive” attack to transgression and policing successful Orland Park.

Pekau said, “We realized we had to person a antithetic approach, and truthful we became overmuch much proactive, utilizing exertion to place licence plates that don’t lucifer their cars, licence plates for stolen cars, those types of things. And also, for each postulation violation, it’s astonishing however galore radical transportation drugs lying successful their car, right? And past erstwhile that happens, we tin hunt the car. So we’ve been overmuch much proactive astir getting radical disconnected the street.”

Pekau besides highlighted the quality successful however his metropolis handles grounds compared to George Soros-funded Cook County authoritative Kim Foxx.

“And 1 of the cardinal things that we bash is we process each of our grounds successful house, oregon we usage a backstage lab, truthful we get it backmost successful 24 hours, arsenic opposed to the state, which is six months oregon a year,” Pekau said.

The speech switched gears to Pekau’s legislature race, and Boyle noted that Pekau’s opponent, Rep. Casten, has co-sponsored anti-law enforcement bills and voted for “every azygous 1 of the large Democrat docket items implicit the people of the past 2 years.”

“So yes, arsenic you pointed retired with Sean Casten, and helium voted against extending the prohibition connected fentanyl federally, helium voted against extending the Violence Against Women Act. And arsenic you pointed retired the George Floyd act, that voted for taking distant qualified immunity from constabulary officers,” Pekau said.

Pekau continued,  He’s gone aft constabulary officers, helium supports criminals, not the mean citizen, and present successful Orland Park, and let’s look it, we’re not 90 percent Republican, we’re astir apt 55 percent Republican here, and we person 90 percent enactment for our constabulary officers and for the actions that we instrumentality due to the fact that you cognize what Democrats, politician citizens, not antiauthoritarian elected officials, but Democrat citizens, they enactment the police. And that’s astir apt the astir important happening we bash successful Orland Park is we enactment our police.”

Pekau said that Casten “is further left” than Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) and “the Squad,” due to the fact that helium votes against bills that they support.

Pekau besides criticized Casten for claiming ostentation is “zero” and that the state is not successful a recession.

“If you deliberation we’re not successful a recession and ostentation is zero, if you cannot admit that a occupation exists. How tin you perchance lick the problem?” Pekau said.

Boyle and Pekau talked astir however President Joe Biden’s unprecedented pupil indebtedness transportation negatively impacts working-class Americans.

“This is appalling, arsenic someone, and I’ll conscionable talk personally, arsenic idiosyncratic who was the archetypal successful my household to postgraduate from assemblage that worked afloat clip and past paid my pupil loans,” Pekau said.

He besides noted that helium paid for his wife’s and their children’s pupil loans.

“And present the government’s gonna travel successful and say, ‘Oh, don’t fuss paying that back.’ When they took retired that, they knew what they were doing,” Pekau said. “And each of the radical that took this indebtedness out, they’re adults, and they made those decisions and you’re asking different radical to wage for the decisions that that they’ve made,” helium said

Pekau added, “It’s unfair to folks similar us, it’s unfair to national workers, and radical enactment themselves done commercialized schools oregon an automotive tech school, and they’re having to wage for it, oregon for radical who are similar my parents and didn’t spell to assemblage but worked truly hard truthful that their kids, not truthful they could wage for their kids’ college, but truthful their kids had the values to spell to assemblage and usage their quality due to the fact that it was thing that was God fixed to them that they truly had a accomplishment for and usage that. And they taught them to bash that. And they went retired and did that, oregon they saved up the wealth to assistance those kids. Why should they person to wage for different children to spell to college?”

Pekau besides faulted Biden for unilaterally taking enactment connected pupil indebtedness alternatively of acting done Congress.

Pekau talked astir however working-class residents of his territory are traditionally Democrats but hold with him “on astir each issue.”

“There’s a batch of commercialized workers, a batch of national workers that person been traditionally Democrats,” Pekau said. “But I tin archer you that if I beryllium down with immoderate of them, they hold with maine connected astir each contented and don’t hold with Sean Casten connected anything, and it’s a relation that unites.”

Pekau called connected Republican candidates crossed the state to talk look to look with these types of voters and explicate the benefits of Republican policies.

“The Republican Party needs to get successful beforehand of these radical and explicate to them and get them to commencement voting connected the issues and not conscionable looking astatine idiosyncratic who’s Republican and say, ‘oh, we can’t ballot for them due to the fact that we voted Democrat our full life.’ We person to commencement looking astatine the issues,” Pekau said. “And I deliberation that’s happening much and much and more. And I deliberation that’s critical, due to the fact that these policies bash not assistance the moving class, they screw the moving class.”

“They’re giving the radical making $50,000 to $60,000 a year, a moving mates each making $50,000 a twelvemonth struggling. You’re struggling to prevention for their kids college, they’re paying for idiosyncratic else’s college, but not lone that, they’re paying for affluent radical to bargain electrical Mercedes and electrical Tesla’s why? Why should they beryllium backing their toys?” Pekau said.

“I don’t attraction if you’re 18-years-old, you’re young, you inactive request to marque amended decisions and you request to grant your debt,” Pekau concluded. “No one’s saying that you shouldn’t wage your mortgage. No one’s saying that you shouldn’t wage your car loans. I’m definite that the Democrats commencement saying that too. But I deliberation you instrumentality disconnected the debt. You’ve made the decision. You request to wage it back.”

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