England World Cup Fans Warned Not to Wear 'Crusader' Garb that Could 'Offend Muslims'

1 week ago

England fans person been dressing arsenic crusader icon St. George for years, but present fans are being warned to permission their concatenation message and cross-emblazoned tunics astatine location for fearfulness that the garb volition upset Muslims astatine the Qatari World Cup.

The warnings travel connected the heels of a brace of St. George-garbed fans being seen led distant by Qatari officials astatine the World Cup.

It isn’t wide whether the fans were detained oregon prevented from watching the England vs. Iran crippled successful the stands.

The patron saint is often depicted arsenic a crusading knight connected horseback successful concatenation message and holding a sword. The crusades occurred implicit respective 100 years betwixt 1025 and 1291 erstwhile Christian armies fought to escaped Jerusalem from Islamic control.

But aft the video of the fans being led distant by security, activistic radical Kick It Out, a foundation campaigning against racism and favoritism successful football, is warning England fans not to choler Muslims by dressing arsenic crusaders, according to the Telegraph.

“We would counsel fans attending FIFA World Cup matches that definite attire, specified arsenic fancy-dress costumes representing knights oregon crusaders, whitethorn not beryllium welcomed successful Qatar and different Islamic countries,” the radical said successful a statement. “Foreign Office question proposal issued earlier the tourney expressed that fans should familiarise themselves with section customs, and we would promote fans to instrumentality this approach.”

An England instrumentality successful Qatar speaks to TalkTV astir the attraction of fans astatine the World Cup.

"What they don't realise successful places similar Qatar is the fans are the essence of the game. We are what makes shot it's not the corporates."#WorldCup | #TalkTV pic.twitter.com/AQ2uLocGXZ

— TalkTV (@TalkTV) November 20, 2022

Iman Atta, manager of Tell Mama, a UK-based radical that battles anti-Muslim hate, besides blasted fans dressing arsenic St. George.

“Our fans should beryllium mindful that determination are things that whitethorn origin offence to Qatari citizens, specified arsenic openly drinking oregon wearing humanities Crusader Knights Templar outfits that person precise antagonistic implications successful the region,” Atta said.

Noting that she understands England fans are not wearing the garb specifically to annoy Muslims, Atta added, “However, we firmly judge successful the rule that immoderate World Cup should person an situation wherever fans tin beryllium open, bask what they privation to deterioration and consciousness harmless and secure. This rule is 1 that we judge successful – though successful Qatar, radical should conscionable beryllium mindful and alert of heavy sensitivities.”

No wars betwixt occidental crusaders and Muslims ever took spot successful oregon adjacent Qatar.

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