England fan reveals what went on inside the £460m Qatari mansion on his first day at Qatar World Cup

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England instrumentality who 'met Sheikh portion buying for beers successful supermarket' reveals what went connected 'inside £460m mansion' connected his archetypal time astatine Qatar World Cup

By Alastair Lockhart For Mailonline

Published: 15:02 GMT, 23 November 2022 | Updated: 06:28 GMT, 24 November 2022

An England instrumentality has revealed what went connected erstwhile helium recovered himself 'in a £460million palace with a lion cub' connected his archetypal nighttime retired astatine the Qatar World Cup.

Alex Sullivan, 23, went retired successful Doha with his begetter Tommy and their person John to 'look for immoderate beers' astatine a supermarket erstwhile they assertion to person met a subordinate of the Emir of Qatar's family.

After gathering the royal and his friends, the trio accidental they were invited for a thrust successful a Lamborghini backmost to the immense palace connected the outskirts of the city, which included its ain backstage zoo.

The begetter and lad said they were apprehensive astatine first, but soon recovered themselves successful the thigh of luxury acknowledgment to the hospitality of their super-rich Qatari hosts, who they said were 'incredibly generous and hospitable'.

He claimed they were 'down to world and friendly,' adding, 'we had a truly bully speech with them'.

Their communicative quickly went viral crossed societal media arsenic shot fans astir the satellite expressed their disbelief astatine the astonishing tale.

The radical of England fans said they were invited backmost to a palace by a radical of Qatari royals. The lion cub tin beryllium seen sitting connected the sofa successful the centre 

Alex posted videos of himself playing with a lion cub aft their nighttime retired astatine the Qatar World Cup

Alex told The Mirror: 'They were incredibly generous and hospitable and we had a large time. They had been dormant astir of the time but they took america for a thrust successful the Lamborghini. I filmed that and besides played with a lion cub.

'He had his ain idiosyncratic zoo with the lion cub, assorted birds of prey and immoderate monkeys. They are evidently precise almighty radical successful business. The palace was worthy astir 2 cardinal Qatari Riyal [£460 million].

'But they were truthful down to world and friendly, we had a truly bully speech with them.'

Alex posted a video of himself successful the palace grounds with a lion cub connected his archetypal time successful the country, to the amazement of those who were sceptical of their claims aft they were revealed successful an interrogation with TalkSPORT.

Alex described however the Qataris they met offered them a assistance to the palace successful their Lamborghini 

The radical shared photos of themselves relaxing and playing games with their hosts successful what they said was a £460 cardinal palace

Alex station videos of the unbelievable nighttime retired connected snapchat arsenic it unfolded conscionable extracurricular of Doha

In 1 portion of footage, helium tin beryllium seen walking up a driveway to what appears to beryllium the palace.

He says: 'We're connected a brew mission, trying to get beers backmost astatine the gaff and I've lone managed to get america backmost to a f***in... a naughty 1 with Nawaf and Abdul-Aziz.

'We've conscionable rocked up.'

In different portion of footage helium tin beryllium seen sitting extracurricular nether floodlights adjacent to what look to beryllium a acceptable of shot nets with a radical of men dressed successful accepted Qatari thobes – agelong achromatic robes – and headdresses.

Alex past sits down connected a seat and begins petting and kissing a playful lion cub connected a leash. 'F***in' mad,' helium exclaims. 

John told TalkSport: 'We met 1 of the sheikh's sons and helium took america backmost to the palace and helium showed us, helium had lions and everything.

'They've made america truthful invited and look astir you, it doesn't get immoderate amended than this.'

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