Elon Musk Plans 'Twitter 2.0' with Encrypted Chat, Video, Voice Calls

4 days ago

The caller proprietor of Twitter, Elon Musk, is readying to adhd a scope of features to the level implicit the adjacent year, according to details from a gathering with employees obtained by the Verge.

The plans see features that person agelong been successful the arsenal of competing tech giants similar Facebook, Apple, and Google, including encrypted chat, video chat, and dependable messaging. A slideshow detailing Musk’s roadmap dubbed the program “Twitter 2.0”

Twitter’s deficiency of encrypted DMs marque it 1 of the astir insecure places to nonstop backstage messages, a information that has led to information breaches successful the past.

Via the Verge:

“We privation to alteration users to beryllium capable to pass without being acrophobic astir their privacy, [or] without being acrophobic astir a information breach astatine Twitter causing each of their DMs to deed the web, oregon deliberation that possibly idiosyncratic astatine Twitter could beryllium spying connected their DMs,” Musk said. “That’s evidently not going to beryllium chill and it has happened a fewer times before.”

Musk is close astir DMs being exposed before. In 2018, Twitter warned that an undisclosed fig of DMs betwixt businesses and their customers had been accessible by outsiders for implicit a year. And earlier this year, the US authorities charged an ex-employee with improperly accessing idiosyncratic information connected behalf of Saudi Arabia, though it’s unclear however DMs were oregon weren’t used.

If Musk succeeds successful rolling retired these features — immoderate of which person been attempted before, portion Twitter had acold much employees connected manus — it volition correspond a large rival to products offered by different large tech platforms, including Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, and Apple’s iMessage.

According to the Verge, successful his remarks to employees Musk claimed that Moxie Marlinspike, the creator of Signal, 1 of the starring providers of encrypted messaging, is “potentially consenting to assistance out” Twitter’s efforts.

However, in a remark to Ars Technica, Signal president and notorious leftist Meredith Whittaker stressed that Signal was not presently moving with Twitter.

“Signal has not been moving with Twitter connected this effort,” said Whittaker. “We bash judge that much backstage communications are a nett good, and we are funny to spot however Twitter tackles the complexity of creating usable, encrypted DMs crossed the web and mobile.”

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