Elon Musk has been approached by network to air debate between him and Twitter chair Parag Agrawal

3 days ago

Tesla and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk has been approached by 1 unnamed web and 2 unnamed cablegram channels to aerial his projected statement against Twitter chairman Parag Agrawal, aft Musk dropped his bid to bargain Twitter, sources archer DailyMail.com.

Musk tweeted astatine Agrawal connected Saturday, challenging him to a nationalist statement 'about the Twitter bot percentage.' Musk wrote successful a now-deleted tweet helium wants Agrawal to 'prove to the nationalist that Twitter has <5% fake oregon spam regular users!' 

He besides tweeted a Twitter canvass conscionable aft the archetypal tweet, asking users to ballot connected whether 'Less than 5% of Twitter regular users are fake/spam.' As of Saturday evening, 66.6% had voted nary portion 33.5% voted yes. 

The South African billionaire was sued by Twitter successful July aft backing retired of the $44 cardinal deal, claiming the societal media institution ne'er disclosed to him however galore of their accounts were fake bot accounts. 

Musk was sued by Twitter successful July aft backing retired of a $44 cardinal woody to bargain Twitter aft helium said the institution misrepresented however galore spam bot accounts are progressive connected the website

Parag Agrawal, CEO of Twitter, has yet to prosecute with Musk successful public, but Dailymail.com tin corroborate Musk has been approached to aerial a statement against Agrawal

Musk sent retired 2 tweets connected Saturday seemingly goading Twitter president Parag Agrawal into engaging successful a statement with him. Dailymail.com tin uncover 2 cablegram channels and 1 web person approached him astir airing the debate

Elon Musk tweets a photograph of himself with 1 of his sons aboriginal successful August, captioning the representation 'Thanksgiving past twelvemonth aft watching 1 excessively galore episodes of Vikings'

The contention started aft Musk signed an statement to bargain Twitter for $52.20 per stock connected April 25 - but the Tesla CEO abandoned the takeover connected July 8 portion blaming the institution for breaching the statement by misrepresenting the fig of fake accounts connected its platform.

The Silicon Valley elite targeted successful Twitter's latest subpoenas 

Chamath Palihapitiya: A salient task capitalist with an estimated nett worthy of $1.2 billion. His transportation with the woody is unclear, but helium attended the All-In Summit successful May with Musk's different fiscal backers.

David Sacks: Sacks is simply a subordinate of the alleged PayPal mafia who helped recovered the payments startup with Musk successful the precocious 1990s. He was said to beryllium a cardinal advisor successful Musk's interior ellipse arsenic the takeover bid unfolded this spring.

Steve Jurvetson: Another subordinate of Musk's reported 'brain trust' who counseled the billionaire. Jurvetson was an aboriginal capitalist successful Tesla, wherever Musk is CEO. He erstwhile served connected Tesla's board, and presently serves connected the committee of Musk's SpaceX.

Marc Andreessen: A Silicon Valley titan worthy an estimated $1.6b and co-founder of the VC steadfast Andreessen Horowitz, which agreed to put $400 cardinal successful Musk's takeover deal.

Jason Calacanis: Also antecedently reported arsenic progressive successful backing the deal. Launched an concern excavation known arsenic a peculiar intent conveyance to rise wealth from smaller investors astatine a minimum buy-in of $250,000

Keith Rabois: Another aboriginal PayPal enforcement alongside Musk. His transportation to the Twitter woody is unclear.

Joe Lonsdale: A spouse astatine 8VC, a San Francisco-based VC firm. 'I person thing to bash with this speech from a fewer snarky comments,' helium said of Musk's Twitter takeover.

Twitter past sued Musk and claimed the fake relationship accusations were a distraction. The signed statement allegedly required Musk to adjacent the woody astatine the terms agreed upon.

The lawsuit, which was filed successful July, is acceptable to spell to proceedings successful Delaware connected October 17.

Musk countersued the institution connected July 29, reasserting his content the institution was bumping its numbers done spam bots. The 164-page papers was not publically released. 

The suit by Musk was filed hours aft Chancellor Kathaleen McCormick of the Delaware Court of Chancery ordered the five-day proceedings opening successful October to find if Musk tin locomotion distant from the deal. 

Musk's filing indicates helium believes that during the archetypal week of July, spam bots accounted for 33% of disposable accounts connected the level and astir 10% of Twitter's monetizable regular progressive users, oregon mDAU.

Musk has besides requested records from Twitter advisers Goldman Sachs and JPMorgan Chase astir however the banks advised the societal media level connected the $44 cardinal deal.

Besides Musk's accusations of Twitter's 'false and misleading representations' of the fig of fake accounts, lawyers besides constituent to caller Twitter worker layoffs and hiring freezes, which they accidental are contrary to the company's work to proceed operating normally. 

But Twitter has besides requested accusation from Musk's adviser, Morgan Stanley. 

More subpoenas for the companies Tesla and SpaceX person besides been requested to crook implicit accusation astir the deal, on with conversational exchanges with their boss, according to Bloomberg

Bret Taylor, Twitter's chairman, tweeted the committee was 'committed to closing the transaction' nether the existent presumption of the woody and they were 'confident' they would win. 

In May, the crypto-currency speech Binance enactment $500 cardinal towards the Tesla CEO's $7.1 cardinal buyout of Twitter. Twitter further subpoenaed Binance to larn much astir the investment, according to the report.

Twitter has besides requested accusation connected investors Chamath Palihapitiya, David Sacks, Steve Jurvetson, Marc Andreessen, Jason Calacanis and Keith Rabois, among others. 

Investor Joe Lonsdale, an subordinate of Musk, said helium received a subpoena from the societal media firm. He called the subpoena a 'giant harassing sportfishing expedition.'

Investor Joe Lonsdale announced connected Twitter that helium had received a subpoena from the platform. He said helium was not associated with the woody speech from making 'a fewer snarky comments' and called the ineligible probe a 'giant harassing sportfishing expedition.'

Those successful the subpoenas whitethorn beryllium called to attest successful court.

Analysts said that Twitter is apt trying to find grounds that Musk made statements privately that contradicted his nationalist stance that the company's issues with fake accounts made the buyout untenable.

For instance, if Musk hypothetically downplayed the bot contented arsenic helium sought fiscal backing for the deal, oregon revealed to confidantes that helium had different reasons for backing retired of the acquisition, it could bolster Twitter's case.

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