Ellen DeGeneres protegee Greyson Chance DOUBLES DOWN on claim she 'manipulated' him

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Ellen DeGeneres protégée Greyson Chance is doubling down connected claims helium was 'manipulated' by her contempt insiders adjacent to the erstwhile speech amusement big denying his story. 

Chance, 25, initially accused the 64-year-old comedian of being 'manipulative', 'self-centered', and 'blatantly opportunistic' - alleging that she 'completely abandoned' him aft signing him astatine the tender property of 12.

On Friday, helium posted a now-deleted TikTok video saying that helium stands by his mentation of events, saying: 'I basal down each of it. I've been wanting to archer this communicative present for aggregate years and was repeatedly told not to.'

He adjacent claimed that the alleged toxic behaviour behind-the-scenes near him suffering from PTSD and trauma.

'But the information is, what you saw connected TV and what was pitched retired to the mainstream conscionable wasn’t what was happening down the scenes,' helium claimed, adding that what happened to him arsenic a kid was 'not cool' and led to 'PTSD' and 'trauma.' 

'I basal down it': Ellen DeGeneres protégée Greyson Chance DOUBLES DOWN connected assertion she 'manipulated' him erstwhile helium was conscionable 12 contempt her denial... says toxic behaviour has near him with PTSD (seen connected The Ellen Show successful 2019)

Chance continued: 'I'm definite radical volition person a batch to accidental astir the nonfiction and however I possibly look ungrateful for [Ellen's] efforts successful the beginning, and the information is that I americium grateful for her giving maine a start, but I'm much grateful to myself for the moments erstwhile I got dropped and everything went awry erstwhile I was a kid.'

Oklahoma-born Chance made the bombshell claims astir his erstwhile mentor successful an interrogation with Rolling Stone on Thursday, recalling however Ellen vowed to 'protect' him and 'be determination for him' aft flying him retired to Los Angeles to look connected her amusement erstwhile helium was a tween. However, helium says that erstwhile his vocation flagged conscionable 2 years later, DeGeneres 'abandoned' him and stopped returning his calls. 

His allegations travel conscionable months aft DeGeneres' long-running speech amusement ended amid ungraded and contention implicit claims she created a 'toxic' workplace. 

Sources adjacent to the celebrated TV big past fired backmost astatine Chance's allegations, insisting that DeGeneres went supra and beyond successful bid to enactment him and his vocation - and accusing the vocalist of making opportunistic claims successful bid to beforehand his caller album. 

The sources noted that Chance was discovered by the amusement via YouTube successful 2010, and appeared connected The Ellen Show much than a twelve times, including aft the timeframe successful which helium was dropped by his grounds statement Interscope.

Addressing the singer's accusations astir DeGeneres' acold attraction of him, the insiders told DailyMail.com that this was not the acquisition the Ellen squad had with Chance, insisting that she had thing to bash with the downturn successful his career, noting that sometimes, things conscionable don't instrumentality off.

The insiders added that Chance did not marque immoderate complaints during that clip and continued to look connected the amusement to motorboat his caller projects. 

Chance is presently launching an album, and has taken this clip to spell aft Ellen with opportunistic claims, the sources alleged.

Bombshell: Ellen DeGeneres, 64, has been slammed by her erstwhile protégée, Greyson Chance (right successful 2020) arsenic 'manipulative,' 'self-centered' and 'blatantly opportunistic'

Chance made his archetypal quality connected The Ellen Show successful May 2010, erstwhile helium was conscionable 12 years aged (seen), aft the TV big spotted a viral video of him singing Lady Gaga's deed Paparazzi 

In his interview, Chance said helium was overwhelmed erstwhile DeGeneres sought to diagnostic him connected her programme successful May 2010, aft seeing a viral video of him singing Lady Gaga's deed Paparazzi. 

'We conscionable couldn’t judge what was happening,' Chance said. 'We were truthful unsure of what we were getting into, and the idiosyncratic that helped cure each of that skepticism and chaotic vigor was Ellen.' 

According to Chance, DeGeneres told his mother, Lisa (seen connected The Ellen Show successful 2010), that she would 'never person to enactment again a time successful her life' due to the fact that she was going to marque her lad a star

Chance said that DeGeneres vowed she was 'going to protect' him and beryllium determination for him, saying, 'We’re going to bash this together.' He added that Ellen 'presented herself arsenic a guardian and mentor', and told his mother, Lisa, that she would 'never person to enactment again a time successful her life'. 

During his quality connected The Ellen Show successful May 2010, Chance performed Paparazzi for the big and her audience, earlier the TV big talented him with $10,000 and a caller expansive piano. 

DeGeneres past created a grounds statement called eleveneleven successful conjunction with Interscope Geffen A&M Records, inking Chance and mounting him up with managers who had antecedently worked with the likes of Lady Gaga and Madonna, arsenic good arsenic bookers and a publicist.

Quickly, Chance's vocation took off; helium released a mini EP successful October of that twelvemonth and acceptable disconnected connected a circuit crossed the US, Canada, London, and Paris - during which clip helium says DeGeneres became progressively 'invested' successful his career, offering him accordant enactment via the telephone and in-person. 

However, arsenic her 'investment' successful his vocation grew, Chance claims the TV big 'became domineering and mode excessively controlling', describing her arsenic a 'hidden eye' that loomed implicit his career. 

'My full week, my full month, my full twelvemonth could alteration [with] 1 substance connection from her,' helium said. 'That was horrible.'

He claimed that DeGeneres would marque demands astir his vocation - stating that she erstwhile made him re-record a pre-taped show for a TV quality due to the fact that she wasn't blessed with what helium and his squad had done. 

And - according to Chance - helium wasn't the lone 1 who bore the brunt of DeGeneres' 'controlling' behavior, with the vocalist highlighting 1 incidental successful 2011, erstwhile the TV big slammed his parent for failing to marque him ticker Justin Bieber's documentary Never Say Never. 

Chance performed Lady Gaga's Paparazzi connected The Ellen Show during his archetypal quality successful 2010, erstwhile the TV big talented him with $10,000 and a caller expansive piano 

The vocalist made aggregate appearances connected The Ellen Show implicit the years - nevertheless down the scenes, helium says that DeGeneres was becoming progressively 'controlling' implicit him 

Chance (seen successful 2021) said DeGeneres - who near the aerial 2 years aft a toxic workplace ungraded - exhibited nasty behaviour toward him and others: 'She was conscionable degrading to people'

DeGeneres had secured Chance an beforehand transcript of the movie, which saw cameras going down the scenes during a then-teenage Justin's planetary tour, and instructed him to ticker it instantly - contempt the information that helium was connected circuit astatine the clip - truthful that helium could exemplary his ain vocation connected the chart-topper's. 

Chance said that erstwhile helium didn't ticker the documentary close distant due to the fact that helium was 'exhausted' from his performances, DeGeneres phoned his parent Lisa to 'berate' her, asking, 'What benignant of parent are you?'

He added that DeGeneres past told him, 'Disappointed isn’t adjacent remotely what I’m feeling close now,' successful regards to the documentary issue. It was past that helium says helium realized helium was thing much than a 'pawn' successful the speech amusement host's 'game'.

His parent Lisa besides said that the TV big would 'go through' her son's apparel and effort and 'control' what helium wore - including banning him from sporting leather due to the fact that she was a committed vegan during the aboriginal years of his career.  

Chance recalled however DeGeneres would 'yell astatine stylists' and 'berate radical successful beforehand of him', stating that his erstwhile mentor - who near the aerial earlier this year, 2 years aft she was deed with a furious toxic workplace ungraded - 'was conscionable degrading to people.'

When Chance's vocation began to lag successful 2012, amid falling summons income and a failed medium release, helium says DeGeneres 'completely abandoned' him and 'removed' herself from his beingness - alleging that she wouldn't adjacent instrumentality his telephone calls. 

He was past dropped by Interscope and respective members of his squad turned their backs connected him, including his managers, agent, and publicist.  

Chance continued to marque sporadic appearances connected The Ellen Show - which helium described arsenic 'a spot of progressive trauma' - nevertheless helium claims that DeGeneres behaved acold toward him erstwhile the cameras weren't rolling.

Chance said DeGeneres - who near the aerial astir 2 years aft a toxic workplace ungraded - exhibited nasty behaviour toward him and staffers, noting, 'She was conscionable degrading to people'

Chance said DeGeneres 'completely removed' herself and 'abandoned' him erstwhile his vocation sagged successful 2012, and would not instrumentality his calls. He was pictured successful June successful LA

'Whenever I would travel connected the show, it was specified a fake smile,' Chance said. 'She wouldn’t adjacent ask, "How are you doing? How are you holding up?" It was conscionable like, "Here’s what we’re going to speech about. We’ll spot you connected there."' 

Seven years aft Chance says DeGeneres 'abandoned' him, helium made an quality connected her amusement successful 2019, erstwhile helium opened up to the TV big astir however a instrumentality inspired his determination to travel retired publically arsenic cheery successful 2017. 

'She said, "How person you been?"' Chance said. 'And that conscionable killed maine wrong due to the fact that I was like, "What bash you mean however person I f***ing been? Where person you been?"'

In the on-screen exchange, Chance said a infinitesimal that felt 'cheap' was erstwhile DeGeneres said she was arrogant of him aft helium publically came retired arsenic cheery successful 2017.

He noted, 'She had thing to bash with that' and said helium 'hadn’t spoken to her successful years' astatine the clip helium went nationalist astir his intersexual orientation.

'That’s truthful messed up, that you’re present showing the satellite arsenic if we’re truthful tight, we’re truthful good,' helium said. 'And down the scenes, you are this insanely manipulative person.'

Chance said helium declined aggregate invites to instrumentality to the series, including 1 that would person happened during the show's past 2 weeks.

'The archetypal portion of my career, I beryllium a batch of acknowledgment to her and to that team,' helium said. 'But the crushed wherefore I’m present contiguous talking astir an album, I beryllium f***ing thing to her due to the fact that I was the 1 that had to propulsion myself up. She was obscurity to beryllium found.'

The vocalist is not the lone 1 to person made allegations astir DeGeneres' behavior, however. 

Chance opened up astir an quality helium made connected the amusement successful 2019, arsenic DeGeneres 'hugged' him anterior to filming 

A DeGeneres root denied the allegations made by Chance, saying that she went retired of her mode to effort to assistance motorboat his career 

His nationalist accusations astir the speech amusement big travel conscionable implicit 2 years aft she was deed with a bitter toxic workplace ungraded that saw aggregate erstwhile employees making claims astir her antagonistic behavior. 

The contention began successful March 2020, erstwhile a comedian named Kevin T. Porter sent retired a tweet asking radical to stock 'the astir insane stories [they had] heard' astir DeGeneres, portion claiming that she was 'notoriously 1 of the meanest radical alive' - contempt ever preaching astir the value of kindness. 

Porter's tweet was flooded with responses, galore of which included explosive claims and allegations astir DeGeneres' behavior, with 1 idiosyncratic penning that the TV host's erstwhile caput writer, Karen Kilgariff, was 'fired' due to the fact that she 'wouldn't transverse the picket line' during a writer's strike.

Alleged hostility and mistreatment of writers proved to beryllium a reigning taxable successful the thread, with 1 idiosyncratic claiming that her 'friend' who had written for Ellen 'for 2 years' was ne'er acknowledged by her.

TV writer Benjamin Siemon besides alleged that DeGeneres had an irrationally 'sensitive nose' and often picked 'someone antithetic to truly hate' each time connected set.

'Everyone indispensable chew gum from a vessel extracurricular her bureau earlier talking to her and if she thinks you odor that time you person to spell location and shower,' helium wrote.

'A caller unit subordinate was told 'every time she picks idiosyncratic antithetic to truly hate. It's not your fault, conscionable suck it up for the time and she'll beryllium mean to idiosyncratic other the adjacent day. They didn't judge it but it ended up being wholly true.'

Then, successful July 2020, Buzzfeed published a damning study astir DeGeneres and her deed show, which featured quotes from respective erstwhile employees who claimed that they had been mistreated connected acceptable by the TV big oregon her producers. 

'That "be kind" bull***t lone happens erstwhile the cameras are on. It’s each for show,' 1 idiosyncratic said. 'I cognize they springiness wealth to radical and assistance them out, but it’s for show.' 

In August 2020, 3 apical producers connected the amusement - Ed Glavin, Kevin Leman, and Jonathan Norman - were fired arsenic a effect of the controversy. An 'emotional' and 'apologetic' DeGeneres announced the determination successful a telephone with much than 200 workers, sources told Variety.

They said the big - who has herself been accused of of fostering a 'toxic environment' - admitted connected the telephone she was 'not perfect' and that the show's leaders had not been delicate to 'human beings' arsenic they alternatively focused connected moving the amusement arsenic a 'well-oiled machine.'

DeGeneres further addressed the ungraded during 1 of the last episodes of her speech amusement earlier this year, describing the contention arsenic 'very, precise difficult'.

In an interrogation with The Hollywood Reporter the comedian said she had primitively planned to halt the amusement 3 years ago, conscionable earlier the allegations of a toxic situation had travel to light, but was talked into staying.

'They talked maine into staying a small longer and I did and it's fine,' Ellen informed the work erstwhile asked if she had immoderate 'regrets' astir her determination to extremity the bid erstwhile she did.

Referencing the scandal, the seasoned prima said: 'There was a batch that happened during that clip that was unfortunate but it is what it is — you spell done worldly successful beingness and you conscionable support learning and growing. That's however I person to look astatine it.' 

Inside Ellen DeGeneres' toxic workplace scandal

For astir 2 decades, The Ellen DeGeneres Show and its openly lesbian big beamed into homes crossed America, charming daytime TV audiences with a feel-good blend of quirky drama and celebrity.

But aft much than 3,000 episodes, a speech amusement that came to rival adjacent Oprah Winfrey's successful presumption of its taste interaction bowed retired Thursday nether a cloud, aft allegations of a toxic workplace astatine stark likelihood with its 'be kind' mantra.

Here's a look backmost astatine the allegations against DeGeneres and her staff:

Weathering the storm: Ellen DeGeneres, 64, was accused successful 2020 of fostering a toxic enactment place. Three producers were aboriginal fired, and she apologized to unit successful a memo aboriginal that summer. Below are cardinal highlights of the allegations; seen successful January 2020

April 2020

According to Variety, workers connected DeGeneres' amusement were upset aboriginal successful the pandemic aft they received small connection astir changes to their pay.

Some besides resented the hiring of a non-union steadfast to negociate the host's distant hookup from her location earlier she resumed in-studio taping. 

Crew members alleged that they were paid for a reduced fig of hours, portion galore on-staff employees had the capableness to negociate DeGeneres' at-home workplace but were near out. 

May 2020

A erstwhile bodyguard who protected DeGeneres erstwhile she hosted the 2014 Academy Awards alleged to Fox News that DeGeneres was the lone lawsuit he's enactment with who has refused to admit him.

He accused the comedian of being acold and dismissive erstwhile her woman Portia De Rossi introduced them, though helium noted that De Rossi was kind.

Cold fish: A erstwhile bodyguard claimed to Fox News that DeGeneres was acold and dismissive of him erstwhile helium protected her arsenic she hosted the 2014 Oscars; seen connected stage

July 19, 2020

A study by BuzzFeed quoted one existent and 10 erstwhile employees — each of whom remained anonymous — alleging a civilization of fearfulness and intimidation connected set.

Some employees besides described allegedly racist incidents. 

Executive producers Ed Glavin and Kevin Leman, and co-executive shaper Jonathan Norman were among those accused of misconduct and fostering the toxic workplace, though DeGeneres was besides called retired for being the apical boss. 

One Black erstwhile worker accused a senior-level shaper of making racist comments and perpetrating 'microaggressions.' 

The worker ne'er heard backmost aft asking for a rise aft learning an worker hired into the aforesaid presumption made treble what she did. 

Another erstwhile worker said they returned from a one-month aesculapian permission for a termination attempt, lone to larn that their presumption was being eliminated.

'You'd deliberation that if idiosyncratic conscionable tried to termination themselves, you don’t privation to adhd immoderate much accent to their lives,' they said.

One worker said they were fired aft requesting clip disconnected for aesculapian permission aft a car crash, arsenic good arsenic immoderate clip disconnected to be funerals. The requests were reportedly opposed by HR and their supervisors.

Another worker said they were filed for posting a selfie successful the workplace, a usurpation of their contract, but they alleged that others got distant with the behavior.

They were antecedently disciplined for starting a backing run to screen aesculapian costs that their enactment security was not generous capable to cover. 

The study besides referenced rumors swirling for years that DeGeneres was personally acold and 'mean' to her employees.

Serious claims: Former and existent employees accused DeGeneres' producers of intersexual harassment and making racist statements successful a study by BuzzFeed successful July 2020; seen successful January 2020

July 30, 2020

In a memo to her crew, DeGeneres appeared to instrumentality work for the scandal, arsenic her sanction was connected the show.

'As we’ve grown exponentially, I’ve not been capable to enactment connected apical of everything and relied connected others to bash their jobs arsenic they knew I’d privation them done. Clearly immoderate didn't,' she wrote. 'That volition present alteration and I’m committed to ensuring this does not hap again.'

She noted the irony of the allegations happening astatine the 'place of happiness' she had hoped to foster.

DeGeneres said she had 'deep compassion' and noted the struggles she faced aft coming retired arsenic gay. 

She accused the soon-to-be-fired elder unit of 'speaking connected my behalf and misrepresenting who I am,' adding that it 'has to stop.'

August 2020

DeGeneres announced successful a video gathering with unit that 3 elder unit members — enforcement producers Ed Glavin and Kevin Leman and co-executive shaper Jonathan Norman — had been fired aft the report.

Glavin had been accused of inappropriate touching, portion Leman and Norman were accused of sexual harassment. Leman and Norman denied the claims, though Glavin did not publically respond. 

New tune: DeGeneres apologized to unit successful a July 2020 memo, and 3 elder producers were subsequently fired. But successful May of past twelvemonth she changed her tune and called the allegations 'orchestrated' and 'misogynistic' to The Hollywood Reporter

September 2020

DeGeneres made an on-air apology to viewers connected the play premiere of her series.

'I learned that things happened present that should ne'er person happened,' she said. 'I cognize that I’m successful a presumption of privilege and power, and I recognize that with that comes responsibility, and I instrumentality work for what happens astatine my show.'

May 2021 

In her archetypal interrogation since announcing the extremity of her show, DeGeneres changed her tune and called the property rhythm astir the allegations 'orchestrated' and 'misogynistic' to The Hollywood Reporter

She defended herself connected the Today Show, saying she couldn't person kept up with each of her employees.

'I don’t cognize however I could person known erstwhile there’s 255 employees present and determination are a batch of antithetic buildings, unless I virtually enactment present until the past idiosyncratic goes location astatine night,' she told Savannah Guthrie. 'It is my sanction connected the show, truthful intelligibly it affects maine and I person to beryllium the 1 to basal up and say, "This can’t beryllium tolerated." But I bash privation idiosyncratic would person travel to maine and said, "Hey, something’s going connected that you should cognize about."

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