Ed Sheeran's neighbours count 'number of time he uses his helicopter' 

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Ed Sheeran successful caller neighbour enactment amid claims those surviving adjacent to his £3.7million ‘Sheeranville’ property are ‘counting the fig of times helium uses his helicopter’

  • Ed Sheeran has a helipad down his house, which his neighbours are eyeing
  • The vocalist is lone allowed to usage it 28 times a year, oregon helium has to wage extra
  • Planning laws necessitate a chopper proprietor to get support for much than 28 uses
  • Ed's neighbours are taking enactment of his chopper visits, readying to snitch connected him

By Tom Brown For Mailonline

Published: 01:55 BST, 29 August 2022 | Updated: 02:29 BST, 29 August 2022

Many of america unrecorded adjacent to nosy neighbours. But erstwhile your neighbour is Ed Sheeran, who wouldn't beryllium tempted into an occasional highest retired the window?

The singer, celebrated for specified songs arsenic Thinking retired Loud and Shape of You, has a chopper connected his £3.7m Suffolk property dubbed 'Sheeranville' — but officially, helium doesn't person a helipad to spell with it.

The backstage spot of onshore helium uses erstwhile taking disconnected successful his chopper looks suspiciously similar a helipad, though. At least, that's what Ed's neighbours look to think.

Helicopters are permitted to instrumentality disconnected and onshore astatine a 'temporary' site, unless it is utilized for much than 28 days successful immoderate 1 calendar year, according to the Town and Country Planning General Development Order of 1988.

His Suffolk residence, wherever helium lives with his woman Cherry Seaborn, includes 5 houses, a shot pitch, an orchard, an outdoor kitchen, amusement country and a 'wildlife pond', which was the taxable of complaints past year.

Ed Sheeran has a helipad down his house, which his neighbours are eyeing. The vocalist is lone allowed to usage it 28 times a year, and they are keeping number of his visits

Suffolk location of Ed Sheeran, known arsenic Sheeranville, which is the UK's astir Googled personage home, is pictured

If Sheeran exceeds the 28-day rule, helium volition person to question retrospective readying permission, apt costing him a beauteous penny.

And according to sources quoted successful The Sun, it's a interest Ed should instrumentality seriously.

His neighbours are readying to snitch connected him if they drawback the vocalist sneaking successful a 29th landing astatine immoderate constituent this year.

They're noting down each clip helium lands and departs, sources said.

'Some of Ed’s neighbours person been counting the fig of times helium uses a chopper,' said the quoted source. 'He can’t look to drawback a interruption erstwhile it comes to his house.

'Some of them person kicked up a stink earlier astir his plans and present they’re connected chopper watch. If Ed lands much than 28 times successful a twelvemonth he’ll person to get retrospective readying support for the helipad.' 

Ed's location besides has a shot transportation and a 'wildlife pond'.

Asked what a wildlife pond was, helium said: 'It is grey, filled with tadpoles and swamp stuff. I bash get successful it - but it’s not a swimming pool. It’s nature. Stormzy got in.'

A swimming excavation would besides person required readying permission, had Ed installed one.

He added: 'I conscionable deliberation radical request to caput their ain business.'

Ed Sheeran gave a uncommon glimpse wrong his £3.7m East Suffolk estate, dubbed the 'Sheeranville, which included a elephantine Pokémon Snorlax teddy 

Sweet: Over the years, Ed has offered his 32million fans tiny glimpses into his location beingness and he shared a look astatine his £19.8m Holland Park mansion successful his euphony video for Put It All On Me with his wife Cherry Seaborn successful 2019 

Meow! Ed has besides shared glimpses into his assorted properties from his 2 cats' - Calippo and Dorito - Instagram 

It's not the archetypal clip Ed has has complaints from his neighbours.

In 2018, assembly officials challenged him implicit an outdoor sauna and a pub-style motion connected a Grade II-listed barn.

He was told to use for readying support oregon region them. Plans for a chapel were besides refused, earlier a revised strategy was approved past autumn.

Extending his plot would person 'little oregon nary detrimental interaction upon the amenity of neighbouring properties', the submission adds.

But an objection connected Sheeran's behalf has been made by Paul Smith, of Apex Planning Consultants.

Mr Smith said the caller plot would 'look retired of spot successful the village' and 'would widen the colony into the countryside successful an unplanned and artificial way', but added that the vocalist was blessed to compromise.

Representatives for Sheeran did not respond to MailOnline's petition for remark earlier publication.

'Edopoly': The singer's unthinkable £57million spot empire 

Ed Sheeran has accumulated an unbelievable 27 properties since 2012, some wrong and extracurricular of London:. To date, his portfolio includes:  

  • 'Sheeranville' state property (£3.7m) 
  • A Holland Park mansion (£19.8m)
  • Two Covent Garden flats (£7.36m)
  • Three successful Battersea (£1.72m) 
  • Five apartments successful Wiverton Tower successful Whitechapel (£3.9m)
  • Three properties down Findon Road successful Hammersmith (£1.76m)
  • Four different assets successful Holland Park, Kensington (£11.25m)
  • Three connected Portobello Road (£2.64m)
  • Two successful Chiswick (£3.68m)  

There's nary spot similar home! The singer, 30, is besides said to ain 27 properties successful London arsenic portion of his awesome £57million portfolio 

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