Donald Trump Jr. posts risque meme using his SISTER Ivanka and Canada's notorious trans teacher

3 days ago

Donald Trump Jr. has joined the chorus of critics of a transgender teacher successful Ontario, Canada who went viral aft she was pictured wearing highly ample bosom prosthetics successful class.

The representation shared by Trump, 44, reads 'wheels connected the buying car beryllium like' and features 3 identical images of his sister, Ivanka, 40, and 1 of the teacher, Kayla Lemieux. 

Three images of Ivanka encircle the viral representation of Lemieux successful a quadrate beneath the text. Trump appears to beryllium comparing Ivanka and Lemieux to a stereotypical buying cart, which reliably has 3 functional wheels and 1 which squeaks.

'Sorry @ivankatrump but what benignant of large member would I truly beryllium if I showed restraint and didn't station this ???' the caption reads. 

Trump appears to beryllium comparing Ivanka and Lemieux to a stereotypical buying cart, which reliably has 3 functional wheels and 1 which squeaks

Donald Trump Jr., 44, posted the meme to his Instagram aft the transgender teacher, Kayla Lemieux, went viral implicit the play for wearing precise ample prosthetic breasts successful school

Pictured: Ivanka Trump, 40, with her husband, Jared Kushner, 41. Trump is pictured successful the meme her member posted to Instagram

Kayla Lemieux, a teacher astatine Ontario-based Oakville Trafalgar High School, was photographed by students aft she appeared 1 greeting to thatch her store class

Lemieux, a manufacturing exertion teacher astatine Oakville Trafalgar High School successful Ontario, Canada, was precocious photographed instructing her store people with her prosthetics on, which agelong her clothing.

Amidst nationalist backlash and reports that students are skipping Lemieux's class, the Halton District School committee defended Lemieux and said it would nary longer reply questions due to the fact that it was a 'personnel matter.'

The territory added that interfering oregon criticizing the teacher would spell against the Ontario Human Rights Code.

 'The HDSB recognizes the rights of students, staff, parents/guardians and assemblage members to equitable attraction without favoritism based upon sex individuality and sex expression. Gender individuality and sex look are protected grounds nether the Ontario Human Rights Code,' the committee said successful a statement.

One elder astatine the schoolhouse told the Toronto Sun that immoderate students enactment Lemieux portion others are not comfortable.

'I'm OK with it,' said Owen LaPlante. 'I cognize immoderate of my friends are a small uncomfortable with it, but I deliberation she should beryllium capable to explicit herself nevertheless she wants to.'

Teachers astatine the schoolhouse and members of the schoolhouse committee it is associated with person travel successful enactment of Lemieux

Some students accidental they are 'OK with it' and others 'don't attraction astir that,' portion others accidental they are uncomfortable with Lemieux's prosthetics

Pictured: Donald Trump and his sons Eric (middle) and Donald Jr. (right). Donald Trump Jr. has joined the broadside of immoderate Oakville Trafalgar parents who reason Kayla Lemieux's prosthetic breasts

A 10th grader astatine the schoolhouse said astir students 'don't attraction astir that.'

'I don't truly perceive anyone talking astir it,' said Yuxuan Xie.

In opposition, 1 parent who identified herself arsenic 'Lei' to the Toronto Sun said portion she supports Lemieux, she did not o.k. of her prosthetics.

'I deliberation he's going a small excessively far,' Lei said. 'I deliberation identifying himself is OK, but I deliberation that conscionable wearing that successful the schoolroom … I inactive person concerns implicit that.'

Only 1 erstwhile student, who asked to stay anonymous, showed to protestation astatine the schoolhouse aft Lemieux's photograph was posted to societal media.

'I deliberation it's fundamentally incorrect that this idiosyncratic is capable to enactment astatine an instauration arsenic such, with immense breasts on,' the protestor, who wielded the Canadian flag, said. 'It's gross.'

Pictured: Ivanka Trump and her hubby Jared Kushner astatine a nationalist event. The section schoolhouse committee has said that schoolhouse unit are 'going done creating a information plan' to support Lemieux erstwhile the schoolhouse opens Monday

HDSB Chair Margo Shuttleworth told the Sun that unit are looking astatine 'going done creating a information plan' to guarantee the Oakville Trafalgar High School teacher's information arsenic they hole for imaginable protests erstwhile the schoolhouse opens for classes connected September 26.

'This teacher is an highly effectual teacher,' said Shuttleworth. 'All the kids truly emotion being successful the class.' 

Like what is suggested successful Trump Jr.'s meme, Shuttleworth added that she has received voicemails from parents who accidental they bash not o.k. of Lemieux continuing to thatch astatine the school.

Parents and different acrophobic citizens are presently readying to face the territory astatine it adjacent committee gathering and request thing beryllium done astir Lemieux's attire.

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