Donald Trump: Heavily Redacted Affidavit Proves Biden 'Cover Up' of FBI Mar-a-Lago Raid

3 months ago

Former President Donald Trump criticized the heavy redacted affidavit from the Department of Justice erstwhile seeking a hunt warrant for the FBI raid of his Mar-a-Lago home.

“The merchandise of a heavy redacted, overtly governmental affidavit lone proves that the Biden medication is hopeless to screen up their unprecedented, unnecessary, and un-American raid against President Donald J. Trump,” the president said successful a statement.

Twenty-three pages of the 38-page affidavit unsealed by a national justice connected Friday had redacted information, including much than 10 pages that were wholly blocked out:

Pages from the affidavit by the FBI successful enactment of obtaining a hunt warrant for erstwhile President Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago property are photographed Friday, Aug. 26, 2022. U.S. Magistrate Judge Bruce Reinhart ordered the Justice Department to marque nationalist a redacted mentation of the affidavit it relied connected erstwhile national agents searched Trump’s property to look for classified documents (AP Photo/Jon Elswick).

“This is simply a sedate travesty, and what is unredacted lone further supports President Trump’s position, determination was NO crushed for a raid – it is each politics!” Trump wrote.

On societal media, Trump spoke further astir the contents of the affidavit, noting determination was nary notation of “nuclear” weapons, arsenic was antecedently suggested successful quality reports featuring anonymous sources speaking astir the contents of the documents recovered during the raid.

Trump besides criticized Judge Bruce Reinhart for signing the warrant, noting the justice had recused himself successful an earlier suit filed by the erstwhile president against failed statesmanlike campaigner Hillary Clinton and the Democratic National Committee.

“He recused himself 2 months agone from 1 of my cases based connected his animosity and hatred of your favourite President, me,” Trump claimed. “What changed? Why hasn’t helium recused himself connected this case?”

Trump claimed that Reinhart was biased and should person recused himself.

“Obama indispensable beryllium precise arrogant of him close now!”

Reinhart donated $1,000 to Obama’s 2008 statesmanlike run and $1,000 much to the Obama Victory Fund, according to run records.

“WITCH HUNT!!!” Trump concluded.

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