DOE Takes Pride in Progress

2 years ago

During Pride Month, the U.S. Department of Energy talked to our colleagues about what Pride Month means to them, how they celebrate Pride Month, and what’s on the horizon for our agency when it comes to diversity, equity, and inclusion. Watch the video below to hear their thoughts.

“Love is an important part of the human experience, it’s part of humanity,” said Mike Kopalek, Operations Research Analyst, at the Energy Information Administration. “It’s a month to reflect on that, and celebrate that, and I think it’s a beautiful thing.”  

"It’s a great way to encourage people to be out and open about who they are, and it’s also a great time to connect,” said Jocelyn Richards, Assistant General Counsel for Ethics and Personnel Law.  

“Raising the flag at DOE really shows to all of us that this is an important issue that we should be paying attention to, that we should recognize the diversity of all of us,” said Shalanda Baker, Deputy Director of Energy Justice, Office of Economic Impact and Diversity.  

At the Department of Energy, we believe in the fundamental rights and dignity for our colleagues and all Americans. We whole-heartedly support inclusivity and freedom for all, and we are committed to defending the rights of all LGBTQ+ individuals to end violence and discrimination against the LGBTQ+ community. 

Raising the Pride Flag

The Department marked the month of Pride by raising the Progress Pride flag for the first time in Washington, D.C. and in Germantown, Maryland, during a short ceremony where Secretary Jennifer Granholm and Chief of Staff Tarak Shah, the first openly gay chief of staff, delivered remarks, along with Emily Hammond, Deputy General Counsel for Litigation and Enforcement. 

Granholm made it abundantly clear that this flag isn't just a piece of fabric, but a statement about making sure everyone has “a place at the DOE table.” 

You can learn more about how DOE is supporting both scientific achievements and individuals through employee resources groups like GLOBE and National Lab Pride. These groups link LGBTQ+ staff and allies across the DOE and the country to promote a culture of diversity and inclusion through continuous learning. 

For more information on how the Biden-Harris Administration is striving to live up to our Nation’s promise of equality, liberty and justice for all read the President’s Proclamation on Pride Month and about the whole-of-government initiative

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