Diver PAUL DE GELDER describes the moment a 700lb giant sank its 350 razor-sharp teeth into him 

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One infinitesimal I was swimming crossed Sydney Harbour, the adjacent my close limb was clamped successful the jaws of a 9ft bull shark. 

As idiosyncratic who had grown up successful Australia — which reports an mean of 20 shark attacks a twelvemonth — it was the infinitesimal I had been dreading each my life. 

But my warring instinct kicked in. As each schoolboy knows, if you’re attacked by a shark, punch it successful the eye. That was the 1 enactment denied to maine arsenic my close manus was pinned by its teeth to my leg. 

And the bull shark has much teeth than immoderate different species. They whitethorn turn to conscionable 1 inch, but a bull has 50 rows of them, with 7 teeth successful each row, making 350 successful all. And what they deficiency successful size they marque up for successful needle-like sharpness. 

I attempted a counter-attack with my near hand. That’s erstwhile it started to shingle maine similar a rag doll. Folklore whitethorn person the large achromatic arsenic the astir feared denizen of the deep, but determination is thing arsenic terrifyingly assertive arsenic a bull shark. 

Motivational speaker, writer and Navy Reserve, Paul de Gelder mislaid some an limb and a limb erstwhile helium was attacked by a antheral bull shark during an anti-terrorism workout successful Sydney Harbour successful February 2009

Paul de Gelder pictured with a shark. He said: 'My archetypal clip gathering tiger sharks successful the Bahamas was 1 to remember. A fewer years aboriginal I got to thatch Will Smith however to bash it'

As its teeth worked done my soma and bony similar saws I was flooded by the astir aggravated symptom imaginable. All the combat went retired of maine and I started to choke connected the bloody h2o arsenic the 700lb behemoth began to propulsion maine down. Now I truly did consciousness definite I was going to die. 

I’ll ne'er cognize wherefore it fto maine go. Maybe it had tasted capable of my soma to cognize I wasn’t its accustomed meal. Whatever the reason, it released its grip and plunged disconnected to find much acquainted prey.

As I bobbed backmost to the surface, I became alert that not lone was determination a heavy coating of humor connected the water, but much was pouring retired of maine each second. How agelong earlier much bull sharks were attracted by the scent of blood? 

Fortunately, I was successful Sydney Harbour arsenic a subordinate of the Royal Australian Navy’s specializer diving unit, taking portion successful a counter-terrorism workout that progressive swimming astir the warships of naval basal HMS Kuttabul. I had the beingness of caput to support my lacerated limb retired of the h2o and supra my bosom to dilatory the bleeding arsenic I headed for the information boat. 

I saw the look of fearfulness connected the faces of my teammates arsenic they hauled maine successful and truthful I did what soldiers do, and cracked a joke. Then I closed my eyes and prepared to bleed to death. 

I beryllium my endurance to the nervus and quick-thinking of 1 of the lads who shoved his manus wrong my limb and held my severed artery closed with his fingers until I could beryllium handed implicit to the battalion of doctors, nurses, work unit and humor donors who combined to prevention my life. Several operations later, I woke up to find that I was missing fractional an limb and a leg. 

Since that time successful February 2009, I person had plentifulness of clip to bespeak connected what happened and enactment retired wherefore I had go a people of each swimmer’s nightmare.

Paul de Gelder mislaid his close limb and limb aft helium was attacked a 9ft bull shark successful Sydney Harbour successful February 2009

Mr de Gelder says the gruesome shark onslaught encouraged him to go an advocator for the predators

Part of the crushed whitethorn person been that I had been lying connected my backmost successful the h2o and utilizing rubber fins connected my feet to propel myself. 

Slapping a flipper against h2o creates the benignant of low-frequency soundwaves that sharks are attuned to and that’s astir apt what drew the bull to me. As it was aboriginal successful the greeting and overcast, and fixed that the h2o was muddy brown, the bull shark wouldn’t person been capable to spot my silhouette intelligibly and deduce that I wasn’t 1 of his customary nutrient sources, specified arsenic fish, dolphin oregon adjacent different shark. 

Instead, it had intelligibly decided that determination was lone 1 mode to found what was making that splashing connected the surface: wound it. 

There’s nary uncertainty that I was unlucky. Far much radical drown successful their ain bathtubs than are attacked by sharks but that didn’t halt maine being acrophobic of them arsenic a kid. As a young lad increasing up successful Australia, I spent a batch of clip successful the water, but movies similar Jaws had maine truthful frightened of sharks that I’d adjacent deliberation astir them erstwhile I was successful swimming pools. 

Despite this, I’d spell spearfishing with my gramps and boogieboarding connected immense swells with my brother. I knew determination were sharks retired there, but immoderate things disquieted maine much than being eaten live — similar impressing my dad. 

I didn’t truthful overmuch conquer my panic arsenic propulsion it to 1 side. My fearfulness of sharks remained adjacent aft I joined the Australian service and became a paratrooper. 

So wherefore did I past inquire to beryllium transferred to the navy to go a diver? And not conscionable immoderate diver, but a clearance specializer successful an elite unit, conducting missions from salvage to demolition. 

I accidental it was due to the fact that I was ever successful the excavation oregon the water arsenic a kid and, aft a interruption from the h2o successful the army, I missed it. 

Former Navy clearance diver, Mr de Gelder is pictured carrying retired a regular subject workout successful infirmary aft his little close limb and limb were ripped disconnected by the apex predator.

Mr de Gelder is pictured astatine adjacent scope to a shark. He is present a motivational speaker, who participates successful shark week each twelvemonth to rise consciousness of however important they are for the ecosystem

Never erstwhile had I seen 1 of the creatures of my nightmares. Sharks mightiness person been connected my caput each clip I got into the water, but I ne'er seemed to beryllium connected theirs. Until that fateful day. 

Following my recovery, I refused to fto my injuries halt maine from doing what I loved and I went backmost into the ocean, and adjacent backmost into Sydney Harbour. While I was decidedly inactive frightened of sharks, what frightened maine much was not being capable to proceed to bash my occupation successful the navy.

I passed each trial they enactment successful beforehand of maine and re-qualified arsenic a clearance diver, but it became wide that the navy would ne'er let maine to rejoin my dive squad oregon deploy connected combat operations. 

For the archetypal clip successful a agelong while, I began to person doubts arsenic to what my aboriginal would hold. Who would person thought it would beryllium that bull shark that would steer maine down a caller vocation path? 

As portion of my recovery, I started to work much astir sharks. I wanted to recognize much astir the carnal that had changed my beingness and the much I learned, the much I realised however overmuch we — arsenic humans — are changing theirs. 

My communicative was followed by the Australian media and I began to person requests to springiness talks to businesses and teams astir overcoming adversity. I was besides fixed the accidental to commencement moving with sharks for TV documentaries. 

I’m inactive present and I haven’t mislaid immoderate much limbs since the onslaught successful Sydney Harbour. 

I privation I could accidental that sharks are doing conscionable arsenic good arsenic me. But, aft taking truthful agelong to germinate — the earliest fossil grounds dates them backmost 450 cardinal years — the quality contention is sidesplitting them astatine a complaint that volition spot many, if not most, taxon go extinct successful the coming decades. 

I’m a large believer that radical should usage the ocean, but that comes astatine your ain risk. I deliberation the thought that we should termination creatures to marque the oversea safer for america is the epitome of selfishness. 

I don’t privation you to enactment retired of the water. But if the prime successful a peculiar hotspot is culling sharks, oregon much surfing, past I’ll spare the sharks’ lives each time. 

Shark attacks are uncommon and we request to deliberation of them arsenic accidents alternatively than murders. With the objection of shipwreck survivors, astir each shark-attack victims are successful the h2o due to the fact that the water is simply a magical spot that they love. Sharks are a portion of that magic and we indispensable ever retrieve that we are guests successful their home. 

  • Extracted from Shark: Why We Need To Save The World’s Most Misunderstood Predator by Paul de Gelder, published by Mudlark astatine £16.99. © 2022 Paul de Gelder. To bid a transcript for £15.69, spell to mailshop.co.uk/books oregon telephone 020 3176 2937. UK transportation is escaped connected orders implicit £20.
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