Did Duchess of York's book sales help fund spacious £7 MILLION home she 'bought for her daughters?

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Did Fergie's romance caller income assistance money her spacious £7 MILLION home? Questions stay implicit however Duchess of York tin spend Mayfair spot she 'bought for her daughters arsenic it is revealed she volition rent it out'

  • Duchess of York whitethorn person bought £7million location with wealth from publication sales
  • Fergie, 62, is said to person bought Mayfair location from the Duke of Westminster
  • It has been bought for her 2 daughters arsenic an concern and volition beryllium rented out

By Matt Powell For Mailonline

Published: 02:29 BST, 6 August 2022 | Updated: 08:26 BST, 6 August 2022

The Duchess of York purchased a luxury location worthy up to £7million successful the bosom of Mayfair, leaving immoderate wondering if her publication income helped concern the deal.

The pricey acquisition raised questions implicit however Sarah Ferguson, who has spoken of her debts and bankruptcy fears, could spend to splash retired fto unsocial connected an concern for her daughters.

Her 2021 romance caller 'Her Heart for a Compass', astir about an aristocratic redhead, whitethorn person been the cardinal to her success.

Sources adjacent to the 62-year-old accidental her fiscal presumption improved aft she launched a penning vocation that secured assorted publication deals.

While The Telegraph revealed the spacious townhouse was bought from the Duke of Westminster arsenic an concern for her children Beatrice and Eugenie and volition beryllium rented out.

The duchess is present converting the spot of 2 flats, which boast a bijou terrace, bar, 2 reception rooms and a parking garage, into 1 home.

It has been revealed that the Duchess of York Sarah Ferguson purchased a £7million mayfair townhouse arsenic an concern for her daughters Princess Beatrice (left) and Princess Eugenie (right)

The ample unfastened program room features a achromatic marble land and worktops with a entity light  and ample windows to guarantee maximum light

The property's ample surviving country features a neutral decor and horizontal skylight to unfastened up the space. The walls diagnostic panelled mirrors alongside built-in cupboard space

Sarah Ferguson's Her Heart For A Compass reached the Sunday Times Bestseller list

In 2010 she told US tv she was 'continually connected the verge of fiscal bankruptcy' and had 'little understanding' of money.

She besides admitted to having 'little understanding' of wealth and determination were reports she had tally up arsenic overmuch arsenic £4.2million successful indebtedness during her matrimony to Andrew.

But present she has written 1 palmy Mills and Boon novel, has different connected the way, and has signed a 22-book deal. 

 Her archetypal bodice-ripper crept onto the bestseller charts past twelvemonth — contempt immoderate branding it a 'slog' with nary sex.

Critics called the publication 'boring' but it initially sold 1,000 copies a week erstwhile it was released.

The 2nd level compromises of a main chamber suite with a walk-in wardrobe, a 2nd chamber suite arsenic good arsenic a backstage extortion terrace

Pictured: The spot offers a stunning reception country with a cast-iron fireplace, ample model and 2 level to ceiling bookcases

People connected the thoroughfare said the Duchess had been spotted viewing the location successful the precocious outpouring — and seen moving into a waiting vehicle. They admitted they were blessed to person yet different celebrated neighbour — arsenic agelong arsenic her ex-husband stays away. 

The gathering was erstwhile 2 flats present converted backmost to a location and formed portion of the elephantine Grosvenor Estates portfolio, but has present been transferred to the Duchess, who spends astir of her clip surviving with her ex-husband astatine his grace-and-favour location — the Royal Lodge successful Windsor.

The Yorks person been progressive successful respective spot controversies. Their erstwhile marital home, Sunninghill successful Ascot, Berkshire, was sold by Prince Andrew for £3million much than the asking terms of £12million successful 2007 to a Kazakh oligarch.

The duke is besides trying to merchantability his £18million skis chalet successful Verbier, Switzerland. Bought successful 2014, it was besides described arsenic a nest ovum for the children. But the merchantability has been stalled by a mates who assertion helium besides owes them a concern indebtedness of £1.6million.

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