“DeSaster”: One Day After His Failed 2024 Launch, Things Aren’t Looking Up for DeSantis

6 months ago

The headlines just aren’t getting any better.

  • New Yorker: It Was More Than a #DeSaster
  • Politico: Trump Had an Escalator. DeSantis Had a Meltdown.
  • The Nation: Failure to Launch: The DeSantis Debacle
  • New York Times: Awkward Silence: Ron DeSantis’s Bold Twitter Gambit That Flopped
  • Axios: Glitches hit DeSantis’ safe-space strategy
  • The Guardian: ‘All hat, no cattle’: Ron DeSantis, the ‘anti-woke’ Florida governor running for president
  • MSNBC: Why Ron DeSantis’ Twitter debacle undermined his 2024 pitch
  • Wall Street Journal: DeSantis Presidential Campaign Looks to Rebound After Botched Twitter Announcement
  • Politico: ‘It turned out to be a mistake’: Botched rollout puts DeSantis on his heels
  • NBC News: Ron DeSantis is stuck in the middle and getting punched from above and below
  • Salon: “Astoundingly humiliating”: DeSantis brutally mocked after Twitter launch ends up a big “mistake”
  • Vox: The biggest problem with Ron DeSantis’s announcement wasn’t Twitter
  • Fox News: DeSantis, Musk bash the media – after embarrassment of Twitter chat crashing
  • CNN: Glitches, echoes and ‘melting the servers’ crash DeSantis’ campaign launch on Twitter
  • The Week: Ron DeSantis ‘glitchy’ presidential campaign launch mercilessly mocked after Twitter failures
  • HuffPost: Ex-GOP Lawmaker From Florida Trashes DeSantis Over ‘Absolutely Humiliating’ Day
  • The Atlantic: DeSantis’s Launch Was Not the Only Thing That Crashed
  • NPR: Ron DeSantis debuts presidential bid in a glitch-ridden Twitter ‘disaster’
  • The Guardian: Ron DeSantis heads to early primary states after disastrous Twitter launch
  • New York Times: Trump, Biden and Others Troll DeSantis’s Twitter Announcement
  • CNN: ‘It’s a very bad look’: Social media expert breaks down DeSantis tech issues
  • Daily Beast: Matt Lewis: Ron DeSantis’ 2024 Campaign Launch Fail Could Predict What Happens Next
  • Politico: Fox News promises not to crash during DeSantis interview
  • Reuters: Ron DeSantis joins White House race, tripped up by chaotic Twitter launch
  • Washington Post: Trump vs. DeSantis: It’s about to get weird
  • CNN: DeSantis is under immediate pressure to bounce back after embarrassing campaign launch
  • Business Insider: DeSantis’ rise to fame was scripted and calculated. With his Twitter Spaces 2024 debut, he lost control.
  • BBC: The 2024 election campaign launch Ron DeSantis will want to forget
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