DeSantis DID speak with Biden after president faced criticism for not calling ahead of hurricane

2 months ago

Joe Biden called Ron DeSantis Tuesday evening aft the president received a slew of disapproval for failing to scope retired to the GOP politician up of Hurricane Ian hitting landfall successful Florida.

The telephone happened astatine 6:30 p.m., according to the Florida governor's regular docket released Tuesday evening – hours aft the White House briefing wherever his spokesperson was grilled connected the deficiency of communication.

Hurricane Ian was upgraded to a class 3 tempest connected Tuesday and by the clip it hits the Gulf Coast of Florida connected Wednesday night, it could scope class 4. Winds person already surpassed 125 miles per hour.

Biden spoke with the mayors of 3 Florida towns connected the occidental seashore of the Sunshine State connected Tuesday, 2 Democrats and 1 Republican, raising questions implicit wherefore helium had not engaged successful a speech straight with DeSantis.

His medication dodged questions connected wherefore the telephone hadn't happened yet during Tuesday's property briefing.

President Joe Biden volition telephone Republican Governor Ron DeSantis Wednesday evening aft receiving a slew of disapproval for not yet speaking straight with the Florida politician up of a class 3 hurricane making landfall successful his state

White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre noted successful a tweet hours aft her briefing: 'President Biden spoke this evening with Governor DeSantis of Florida to sermon the steps the Federal authorities is taking to assistance Florida hole for Hurricane Ian. The President and the Governor committed to continued adjacent coordination.' 

During his presidency, Biden has besides held calls with Republican Governors Kay Ivey of Alabama, Asa Hutchinson of Arkansas and Greg Abbott of Texas erstwhile their states were besides facing weather-related emergencies implicit the past 2 years.

FEMA Administrator Deanne Criswell said astatine the White House property briefing Tuesday the connection betwixt President Biden and Governor DeSantis' medication had 'zero' interaction connected however her bureau functions.

'In the past, President Biden has made calls to governors successful situations similar earthy disasters,' a newsman noted erstwhile questioning Criswell connected Tuesday. 'Can you articulate however these determinations are made and wherefore it hasn't been made successful this lawsuit to person the president telephone the governor?'

Criswell dodged the question, noting that she spoke with DeSantis connected Friday and has placed elder members of her squad with the politician to assistance with gathering the needs created by the impending storm. 

The White House dodged questions during Tuesday's briefing implicit wherefore Biden hadn't yet called DeSantis

'The president is precise focused connected making definite that the national household has the close resources disposable to enactment this,' Criswell said. 'That is wherefore I contacted the politician close distant and we person a squad of my elder enactment that are embedded with the politician to marque definite that we're supporting that.'

'Our absorption contiguous is making definite that we person the close measures successful place,' she added.

Criswell noted that 'President Biden signed Governor DeSantis' pre-landfall exigency declaration petition connected Saturday' arsenic further impervious of the coordination betwixt the national authorities and Florida authorities. 

When pressed connected wherefore Biden made calls to mayors and not the governor, Criswell refused to straight reply the question.

'Again, we person a beardown squad that's successful spot supporting the politician close now,' she said.

DeSantis has emerged arsenic a aboriginal look of the GOP and has been floated arsenic a imaginable Republican statesmanlike candidate. He has besides go rather the arguable figure, which was lone exacerbated by him flying 50 migrants connected a backstage level to Martha's Vineyard land earlier this month.

The governor's bureau has confirmed that helium has not yet heard from President Biden himself regarding the impending storm. 

A mates committee up their edifice successful St. Petersburg, Florida connected Tuesday, September 27 arsenic they hole for the accomplishment of Hurricane Ian 

'The FEMA Administrator and I conscionable came retired of the Oval Office wherever the President besides held abstracted calls with Mayor Jane Castor of Tampa, Mayor Ken Welch of St. Petersburg and Mayor Frank Hibbard of Clearwater,' White location Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre said astatine the apical of her briefing Tuesday earlier handing the podium implicit to Criswell.

She added: 'They discussed readying and mentation for Hurricane Ian.'

Hurricane Ian was upgraded to a class 3 hurricane this week arsenic it is expected to deed landfall adjacent Tampa connected the gulf seashore of Florida Wednesday nighttime into Thursday morning. By the clip it hits land, it could fortify to a class 4 storm, according to AccuWeather. 

While different reporters tried to summation clarity into wherefore Biden and DeSantis had not spoken, Criswell repeatedly stated that the duo's deficiency of interaction would not interaction FEMA and different entities' effect to the storm. 

'We're going to enactment immoderate Governor DeSantis asks of us,' Criswell said to 1 reporter's enquiry into the deficiency of connection betwixt the two.

'We signed his exigency declaration wrong hours of him sending it in,' she added. 'We'll proceed to bash that arsenic we spot what the impacts of this tempest are.'

When asked if the connection betwixt Biden and DeSantis' authorities had immoderate 'impact connected however you each operate,' Criswell said: 'Zero'.

City workers and volunteers successful St. Petersburg, Florida present soil bags to residents connected Tuesday arsenic the metropolis prepares for interaction from Hurricane Ian arsenic winds scope 125 mph successful towns connected the Gulf Coast 

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