Dem Rep. Lieu: Defending Trump on Mar-a-Lago Raid 'Cultish Un-American Treasonous Behavior'

3 months ago

Representative Ted Lieu (D-CA) said Sunday connected MSNBC’s “Alex Witt Reports” that “MAGA Republicans” defending Donald Trump aft the FBI raid of his Florida property are engaged successful “cultish, un-American, treasonous behavior.”

Witt said, “What is absorbing is listening to Trump defenders. They person perpetually shifted the goalposts by archetypal disconnected demanding the merchandise of a hunt warrant and past the merchandise of an affidavit. Now they privation delicate authorities secrets to beryllium declassified and conscionable enactment retired determination successful the public.”

On Fox News, erstwhile George W. Bush administration official John Yoo said, “Why not declassify the documents they really took from President Trump and amusement the nationalist what they work?”

Lieu said, “John Yoo’s comments are insane. What he is saying is, helium would privation apical concealed documents and documents that are beyond apical concealed to look connected the beforehand pages of the New York Times, connected your amusement truthful that I tin spot them my dentist, my neighbour and the Russians and the Iranians, solely to support Donald Trump. This is cultish, un-American, treasonous behavior. You cannot conscionable declassify each these documents and enactment it into the nationalist domain simply to forestall Donald Trump from prosecution. That is simply a precise treasonous argument, immoderate MAGA Republican making it should beryllium ashamed of themselves.”

He added, “He knew that they were classified, and helium intentionally took them. I besides enactment that if the MAGA Republican statement is that these should beryllium declassified, past they person got to inquire themselves, wherefore bash we privation to names and locations and against these of U.S. spies retired determination successful Vanity Fair? That is an insane argument.”

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