Cruz Mocks Biden, Dem Gouging Excuse: Apparently Companies only Want to Make Profit When Biden's President

2 months ago

On Friday’s broadcast of Fox News Radio’s “Guy Benson Show,” Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) mocked President Joe Biden and Democrats for blaming inflation, peculiarly successful state prices connected terms gouging by stating that successful bid to bargain that excuse, you’d person to judge companies didn’t privation to gain profits during immoderate different presidency, but erstwhile Biden came into office, they decided to marque profits by gouging.

Cruz stated, [relevant remarks statesman astir 6:10] “It is precise overmuch self-inflicted. And, unfortunately, we’re seeing, close now, shameless demagoguery. If you look astatine inflation, ostentation writ ample is ever caused by 1 thing, and that is the authorities spending excessively overmuch money, borrowing excessively overmuch money, and printing excessively overmuch money. And erstwhile you person what we’ve had the past year-and-a-half, which is trillions and trillions of dollars successful a chaotic spending spree, the effect is what we’re seeing, ostentation crossed the board. … Now the astonishing thing, Guy, Joe Biden campaigned, erstwhile helium was campaigning for President, helium campaigned promising to bash precisely this, helium said helium would extremity lipid and state drilling some onshore and offshore connected national lands, that helium would unopen it down. He promised the extremist environmentalists helium would usage enforcement orders and regulations to instrumentality the Green New Deal and to hammer lipid and state production. And that is simply a committedness that helium is committed to. He has hammered lipid and state production, including, critically, putting tremendous caller burdens for producers to get either indebtedness financing oregon equity financing.”

He added, “And he’s counting connected the dishonest firm media to repetition his silly lies that it’s the section vicinity state presumption proprietor that conscionable magically decided, you know, $5 a gallon is what I’d similar to charge. Apparently, the big, atrocious lipid companies, they didn’t privation to marque profits erstwhile Donald Trump was President. They didn’t privation to marque profits erstwhile anyone other was president. It’s conscionable erstwhile Joe Biden became President, they said, blistery diggity damn, let’s marque america immoderate money.”

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