Controversial Memphis-Area District Attorney Amy Weirich Loses Reelection Bid

1 week ago

Republican District Attorney Amy Weirich, whose tough-on-crime approach stirred controversy in the Memphis area for over a decade, lost her reelection bid for Shelby County’s top prosecutor.

Democrat Steven Mulroy, a law professor at the University of Memphis who ran on a reform-minded platform that included bail reforms, triumphed with more than 55% of the vote as of Thursday night.

Mulroy said that Weirich conceded in the race in a Twitter post.

Mulroy’s candidacy was backed by local progressives in the area who are seeking a change in the county’s criminal justice system, primarily in the county seat of Memphis.

Weirich presided over a sharp rise in violent crime in recent years; Memphis had the country’s ninth-highest murder rate in 2019 and set a record for homicides in 2020. This may have swayed voters who were turned off by a lack of results — even if they bought into her punitive prosecutorial approach.

During her campaign, Weirich said she did not “apologize for being tough on crime.” Over the years, Weirich refused to bring criminal charges against police officers in

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