Colombian mother who committed suicide was called a 'bad mother' by workers at the shelter

5 days ago

The Colombian parent who committed termination astatine a household structure successful Queens had been told 'she was a atrocious mother' by employees conscionable days earlier she took her life, according to a person of the deceased. tin present corroborate that the mother-of-two was 32-year-old Leydy Paola Martinez Billalobos, a migrant from Bogota who had been surviving astatine the Family Shelter successful Hollis, Queens with her 15-year-old lad and 7-year-old daughter-since May.

There, she was seemingly harassed by structure employees and was scolded for leaving her children unattended, against structure rules, earlier she hanged herself from a ablution rod connected Sunday.

Billalobos was found by her teenage son, Kevin Billalobos, with an electrical cord wrapped astir her neck.

The heartbroken lad told police successful the aftermath helium felt similar helium was to blasted for his mother's death, and described his parent to reporters arsenic 'perfect.'

Now, the teen and his younger sister, 7, are reportedly staying astatine a edifice with a household person since the tragedy. 

It is unclear whether they volition beryllium sent backmost to Bogota to unrecorded with their father. 

The Columbian migrant who committed termination connected Sunday has been identified arsenic 32-year-old Leydy Paola Martinez Billalobos

She had been surviving astatine the Family Shelter successful Hollis, Queens with her 15-year-old lad and 7-year-old daughter-since May, and had been waiting for her husband, John Bernal, to articulation the household successful the United States

Residents person claimed that the rules astatine the Hollis Family Shelter successful Queens (pictured) are excessively strict, and immoderate of the employees are 'racist' to South and Central Americans 

A friend, whose sanction was not revealed for information reasons, told Univision/Noticias 41 on Tuesday that some she and Billalobos had been struggling to find a occupation arsenic neither of them had moving papers.

'We look for everything- washing dishes, cleaning the apartment, whatever,' the person said.  

Eventually, she said, Billalobos had taken a occupation cleaning someone's home.

But erstwhile she near for work, Billalobo had to permission her children unattended — seemingly breaking the shelter's regularisation that kids 18 and nether request to person parental supervision. 

When immoderate of the staffers recovered retired what she had did they 'made her consciousness bad' called her 'a atrocious mother', due to the fact that she near her kids alone, the person of the deceased told the outlet.

'She went retired to cleanable location to provender her kids,' the person said, adding: 'A batch of the women are a small depressed due to the fact that of the childcare and due to the fact that of the rules and regulations astatine the shelter.' 

Meanwhile, Billalobos' husband, John Bernal, said his woman was stressed and overwhelmed successful the days starring up to her death.

She was unsocial with their children trying to find enactment truthful she tin enactment her household arsenic she waited for him to travel to New York — but each clip helium tried helium was deported backmost to Columbia.

Migrants are loaded onto MTA buses successful Manhattan aft arriving by autobus from Texas to Port Authority Bus Terminal

'I had advised her to beryllium patient,' helium said. 'She was hopeless due to the fact that I hadn't been capable to get there. I tried 3 times but I couldn't.'

It is unclear if the children volition beryllium going backmost to Colombia to beryllium with their father. They are presently staying astatine a hotel, the quality outlet reported.

The Colombian Consulate is successful the process of trying to bring Billalobos' assemblage backmost to her homeland of Columbia, the quality outlet said. has reached retired to the structure and the metropolis Department of Health and Human Services for comment. 

The person besides revealed to Univision she caput Kevin's screams connected Sunday day aft helium made the horrifying discovery, but was not capable to comfortableness him due to the fact that of the information that arsenic around.

The woman, who lives with her hubby and 2 children - ages 9 and 14 - said she came to New York from Venezuela by autobus 2 months ago, and that it took them a afloat period and 15 days to get here.

She said that adjacent though she feels 'very grateful that she has a spot to sleep,' 'some of the workers dainty the the mothers precise badly.'

In total, implicit 11,000 migrants person arrived successful New York City since May

In fact, Sandra Padera, 42, who had been surviving astatine the structure for 3 years with her hubby and 3 children said that immoderate of the staffers are 'racist,' peculiarly towards the Central and South American population.

She said she is not capable to enactment and does not person moving papers, claiming: 'Those who person moving papers are treated amended than those who bash not.'

Another woman, who asked not to beryllium identified, besides said 'the structure treats the emigrants bad, particularly the immigrants.'

And Nadia V., 36, who manages a vicinity market store, said that Billalobos had travel successful looking for a occupation a fewer months ago, but due to the fact that she didn't person moving papers she said they couldn't prosecute her.

When she learned that Billalobos was the pistillate who died by the termination astatine the structure she was some shocked and saddened.

'I can't judge it was her. I don't cognize wherefore she would termination herself... truthful tragic. 

'What volition hap with her kids?' she asked.

'I anticipation they volition nonstop the hubby present present [to New York] and not nonstop her children backmost to Colombia. It's truthful overmuch worse there,' Nadia said. 

'At slightest successful New York they volition get benefits and care.'

If you oregon anyone you cognize is suffering from suicidal thoughts, delight telephone oregon substance the National Suicide Hotline 24/7 astatine 988 oregon 1-800-273-8255. 

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