Colombia: Ex-Guerrilla Marxist President Restores Ties to Socialist Venezuela Regime

3 months ago

The authorities of Marxist ex-guerrilla subordinate President Gustavo Petro successful Colombia sent an ambassador to Venezuela connected Sunday and accepted his counterpart representing the socialist authorities of dictator Nicolás Maduro, restoring ties breached nether the erstwhile blimpish president implicit the illegality of Maduro’s enactment of the country.

The restoration of ties with the Maduro authorities – cutting relations with the poorly organized, but legal, medication of Venezuelan President Juan Guaidó – is 1 of the archetypal promises Petro has kept since taking bureau successful aboriginal August. Petro went up with restoring ties to the Maduro authorities contempt the information that the socialists had threatened to motorboat a “Ukraine-style” penetration of Colombia arsenic precocious arsenic this March.

Maduro ruptured ties nether Petro’s predecessor, blimpish President Iván Duque, and recalled diplomatic unit successful 2019 aft Guaidó attended a performance connected the Colombian border, referring to Duque arsenic a “fascist.” Colombia, similar astir escaped states, had antecedently recognized Guaidó arsenic the nation’s president.

Maduro stopped being the nation’s morganatic president successful 2019 aft “winning” an predetermination with a record-low turnout and myriad irregularities that astir of the world’s escaped states recognized arsenic a sham. The Venezuelan National Assembly swore Guaidó successful arsenic interim president successful 2019 to regenerate Maduro arsenic the nation’s constitution requires erstwhile a “rupture successful the antiauthoritarian order,” specified arsenic a rigged election, occurs.

The cementing of a governmental relationship betwixt Maduro’s narco-terrorist authorities and that of Gustavo Petro, a erstwhile subordinate of the M19 Marxist guerrilla who has claimed successful the past that sweetener is simply a “much much harmful drug” than cocaine, has triggered planetary concerns of a cause and transgression roar successful the portion during the upcoming years of Colombia’s first-ever left-wing presidency.

Colombian Ambassador to Caracas Armando Benedetti arrived successful the Venezuelan superior connected Sunday and formally received credentials from Maduro – contempt the information that Maduro is not legally president of Venezuela. As the socialist dictator continues to inhabit Miraflores, the statesmanlike palace, and controls the equipped forces, Guaidó has not been capable to workout immoderate statesmanlike powres successful 3 years, prevention for appointing ambassadors to states that admit him arsenic president.

El Embajador @AABenedetti llegó a Caracas 🇻 y fue recibido por el Viceministro de América de la Cancillería Venezolana, @RanderPena

— Cancillería Colombia (@CancilleriaCol) August 28, 2022

Benedetti emphasized the restoration of commercialized betwixt 1 of Latin America’s strongest capitalist economies and the socialist wasteland crossed Colombia’s border, promising, “we volition question an economical zone, extensions of taxes, and authorities that volition let the Colombian authorities to put successful works that interaction improvement successful the region,” according to Maduro’s VTV propaganda quality network.

Benedetti besides promised an in-person gathering betwixt Maduro and Petro by the extremity of the year, according to Colombia’s Semana magazine.

Félix Plasencia, the Maduro authorities ambassador to Colombia, arrived successful the nation’s superior Bogotá connected Sunday.

“Time to work, tons of work,” Plasencia told the Cuban communist authorities web Prensa Latina successful a video republished by the Colombian Foreign Ministry. “Ambassador Benedetti got to Caracas already, we are moving successful coordination, together, to bash things right, to marque everything amended and rescue the bully contented of interaction betwixt brotherly nations and countries that are cardinal for Latin America and the Caribbean.”

Félix Plasencia ( @plasenciafelixr ) Embajador de Venezuela en Colombia, ya se encuentra en Bogotá para entrega de cartas credenciales ante el Gobierno colombiano.
🎥: @PrensaLatina_cu

— Cancillería Colombia (@CancilleriaCol) August 29, 2022

The Maduro regime’s code towards neighboring Colombia, which has taken successful millions of Maduro authorities refugees successful the past decade, shifted dramatically aft Petro declared triumph successful an predetermination helium had claimed was rigged hours earlier being told helium had won it. In March, the caput of Maduro’s United Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSUV) Diosdado Cabello had threatened an penetration of Colombia successful remarks defending Maduro authorities patron Vladimir Putin’s penetration of Ukraine.

“I’m not an adept connected the matter, but the much clip passes, it is worse for the Ukrainian Nazis due to the fact that the de-Nazification volition beryllium from the root,” Cabello, who besides hosts a amusement connected authorities television, told an assemblage astatine the time. “Someone said, wherefore not instrumentality the accidental and de-cocainize Colombia to spot what’s left?”

Cabello was referencing Putin’s repeated claims that invading Ukraine was indispensable to “de-Nazify” the country, presumably by removing its democratically elected president, Volodymyr Zelensky. Zelensky has vehemently denied accusations of being a Nazi, noting that helium and his household are Jewish.

Diosdado Cabello is believed to beryllium 1 of Venezuela’s astir prolific cause traffickers. Reports for decades person identified him arsenic the caput of the “Cartel de los Soles,” a transnational cocaine trafficking cognition based wrong the Venezuelan equipped forces.

“The Venezuelan dictatorship is 1 much nexus successful the concatenation of transnational terrorism. Its corrupt structures are the handmaidens of cause cartels,” erstwhile Colombian President Iván Duque told the United Nations General Assembly successful 2019. “Its followers are adherents of a mafia and substance the unit successful Colombia. The dictatorship gives refuge to murderers and kid rapists – and those who disregard these facts are, by their silence, accomplices of the dictatorship.”

Colombia is the world’s largest cultivator of coca crops, utilized to nutrient cocaine. The 2022 United Nations World Drug Report found that 61 percent of the world’s cocaine originates successful Colombia. It besides revealed that, during the clip framework covered (the twelvemonth 2020), cocaine accumulation globally deed grounds highs, mostly fueled by an summation successful ratio successful Colombia: cause cultivators request less hectares of onshore to nutrient much crops.

“The planetary country nether coca bush cultivation remained fundamentally unchanged successful 2020, astatine 234,200 ha [hectares], 5 percent beneath the highest successful 2018,” the study read. However, “potential cocaine manufacture grew 11 per cent successful 2020, compared with the erstwhile year, reaching a caller grounds precocious of 1,982 tons (adjusted to 100 per cent purity).”

Among galore far-left run promises, Gustavo Petro vowed to extremity erstwhile blimpish governments’ attempts to curb amerciable cause cultivation successful the country. He reiterated his committedness to ending anti-drug policies during his inauguration code successful aboriginal August.

“Of course, bid is imaginable if we change, for example, our policies against drugs, seen arsenic a warfare for a preventative argumentation successful developed countries,” Petro told the Colombian people.

Petro mysteriously stopped attacking Colombia’s predetermination administrators arsenic liars instantly aft winning the statesmanlike election. The erstwhile politician of Bogotá, the nation’s capital, won aft losing the anterior contention successful 2018 to his predecessor, Iván Duque, who near bureau connected Sunday arsenic 1 of the astir unpopular presidents successful caller representation owed to a poor — and often violent — effect to the Chinese coronavirus pandemic.

“Helicopters and planes, frigates, they are not lone utile to weaponry oregon shoot,” helium told his nation, “they are besides bully for creating the archetypal infrastructure of preventative wellness of the Colombian people.”

Petro had antecedently suggested replacing coca crops with cannabis alternatively than attempting to nonstop farmers distant from increasing cause plants entirely.

Petro had been arsenic assertive successful calling for the restoration of ties with 1 of the world’s astir almighty narco-regimes.

“We person made an immense error: breaking, precisely, relations with our neighbor,” Petro said past week of the 2 countries, disregarding that Maduro announced the rupture of relations with Colombia first, alternatively than vice versa. “Independent of governmental regimes, the governmental processes that each nine follows, a narration betwixt neighbors should ne'er beryllium broken… the harm is tremendous.”

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