College freshman, 19, was 'pushed overboard boat into lake by girlfriend before he drowned

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Five Texas college students are facing transgression charges pursuing the 2019 decease of a Texas Christian University freshman, aft 1 allegedly pushed him disconnected a vessel portion flirting. 

A witnesser claims she saw Jack Elliot autumn from the bow of a 22-foot vessel aft Delaney Brennan, 21, pushed him portion flirting retired connected the waters of Lake Travis, a manmade lake, northwest of Austin, successful October 2019. 

Delaney and Jack, 19, had been kissing erstwhile she gave him a 'playful shove' that near him overboard earlier hitting a propeller and drowning successful the water. 

But teens who were contiguous connected the vessel seemingly attempted to conceal the information - earlier the circumstances were revealed successful a wrongful decease suit launched by Elliot's grieving household successful 2020. 

Elle Weber, different teen connected the boat, elaborate successful a sworn statement: 'Delaney and Jack were astatine the beforehand of the boat, flirting and kissing. 

'She gave Jack a "playful small shove" and helium fell disconnected the boat.'

The manner student, present 21, revealed she got a tattoo of Jack's initials connected her wrist aft the calamity truthful that she tin retrieve however overmuch 'he loved life.'

But she is present 1 of 5 students facing transgression charges aft the justness strategy weighed successful and concluded they person a lawsuit to reply for - chiefly concerning the alleged communicative cover-up. 

Delaney Brennan was indicted connected a felony complaint of tampering with grounds by aiding successful the deletion of a cellphone video. She could face up to 10 years successful jailhouse and a $10,000 fine.

Jack Elliott, 19, a Texas Christian University freshman was allegedly pushed disconnected a vessel portion retired connected a water adjacent Austin successful October 2019. He was struck by the boat's propellor and died

Following the mishap panic ensued with Delaney stating: 'He fell! I didn't mean to propulsion him!'

Delaney Brennan (far left) allegedly pushed Jack (far right) into the h2o portion flirting with him astatine the beforehand of a vessel successful October 2019  

Jack, who was 19 astatine the time, had been partying and drinking unneurotic with 11 different teens connected the waters of Lake Travis, a manmade lake, northwest of Austin.

Mystery has situation the circumstances of however Jack came to extremity up successful the h2o aft the witnesses 'concocted' a communicative to coverup the information from authorities. 

'I was frightened and successful daze astir what happened. I privation it had not happened and I privation I'd told constabulary everything the archetypal time,' Weber said. 

Jack, who was 19 astatine the clip of the tragedy, was 1 of 12 teens from the assemblage who were enjoying an day of drinking and wakeboarding portion connected the Texas Lake. 

Details emerged aft the Elliot household filed a suit successful January 2020 against immoderate of the teens onboard successful hopes it would get them to archer the information astir the incident.  

In her ain deposition, Delaney revealed however she had tattooed Jack's initials onto her wrist. 

She said: 'I did that due to the fact that I wanted to ever person thing to retrieve him by. 

'When I looked down I wanted to retrieve however overmuch helium loved beingness and it benignant of gave maine a reminder to ever unrecorded my beingness to the fullest and to bash everything successful beingness to fundamentally unrecorded up to what helium would person done.'

Posting onto societal media, she wrote: 'I'm inactive messed up from this and my parents are present with maine now, but we don't cognize overmuch still. 

'I conscionable consciousness similar blameworthy … and I don't deliberation I person ever been this sad. I was the past idiosyncratic to interaction him.' 

Following Jack's decease successful October 2019, Brennan posted a tribute to him connected her Instagram. 

She wrote: 'Jack Elliot was 1 of the champion radical I've ever met.

'He ne'er failed to enactment a grin connected my face, nary substance the situation, and aft lone being champion friends with him for 2 months, we formed specified a peculiar bond/friendship that I volition cherish forever.'

She continued, 'I emotion you endlessly with my full bosom and miss you truthful so truthful much.'

Brennan is simply a Fashion Merchandising Major and General Business Minor astatine Texas Christian University, according to her LinkedIn page. 

Texas Parks and Wildlife wrote successful a study that Jack Elliott was pushed by Delaney Brennan (pictured)

The boating expedition successful 2019 was led by Carson Neel whose dad, Billy, ran the Northshore Marina. 

At the time, Carson told everyone wherever the beingness jackets were stowed but gave nary further information instructions to his friends, according to the OC Register.

The radical spent their sunny autumn day drinking and dancing connected the platform of the vessel portion occasionally dipping into the h2o for a aquatics oregon to spell aftermath boarding. 

When the vessel ran retired of beer, they sailed backmost to the marina to fetch different lawsuit earlier venturing retired onto the h2o erstwhile again. 

But astir an hour-and-a-half aft sunset, the vessel shook arsenic it appeared to rumble implicit something. Jack, meanwhile, was obscurity to beryllium recovered onboard. 

Carson turned the vessel backmost and headed towards the spot wherever helium believed Jack mightiness person gone overboard. 

In the panic, those onboard shone the lights from their cellphones into the h2o successful hopeless anticipation of uncovering Jack. 

'A batch of radical were freaking retired and crying and not communicating well,' Carson said successful a sworn affidavit seen by the OC Register. 'I tried to enactment arsenic calm arsenic imaginable due to the fact that I knew it was superior and freaking retired would marque it worse.'

Carson dived into the water and checked the boats propeller arsenic helium searched for Jack. 

With nary motion of him, 5 minutes later, the radical decided to caput backmost to shore. 

The boating expedition was led by Carson Neel whose dad, Billy, ran the Northshore Marina

In a societal media tribute station pursuing the incident, Carson remembered Jack and his 'crazy creation moves.'

'One infinitesimal you're having the clip of your beingness and the adjacent 1 you're grieving the nonaccomplishment of a bully friend,' Carson wrote. 

He continued, 'Don't deliberation it volition ever consciousness close without you present man. I privation I coulda gotten person to you but God's got a plan.' 

Following Jack's disappearance, 'the teens hatched a program to fell the information from authorities and adjacent Jack's household successful Newport Beach,' reports the Orange County Register having seen constabulary records.

On the mode backmost to the marina, each of the intoxicant that was remaining was instantly dumped overboard, a Texas Parks and Wildlife study wrote. 

While Carson and different girl, Elle Weber, had been down the controls connected the vessel that day, the radical persuaded chap student, Anthony Salazar, who had not been drinking due to the fact that helium was feeling unwell, to accidental that helium had been down the instrumentality astatine the clip of the accident, according to reporting by the OC Register. 

Jack's assemblage was not recovered for different 10 days, recovered much than 100 feet beneath the surface. 

Throughout ineligible proceedings, the teens invoked their Fifth Amendment close to not incriminate themselves, but rumors abounded and the communicative dilatory but surely came out. 

Once the radical returned to adust land, Travis County Sheriff's Office investigators questioned the teens separately, though their stories did not lucifer up.

Jack's parents, Amy and Brett Elliott were fixed a fig of scenarios arsenic to what whitethorn person happened to their son. 

One communicative suggested Jack did a backmost flip disconnected the vessel into the water. Another alleged however Jack fell successful portion vomiting implicit the broadside of the vessel.

Two days later, immoderate of the radical gathered successful a edifice country successful Fort Worth adjacent Dallas wherever the teens called Jack's parents who were grieving astatine location successful California.

Elle did astir of the talking, according to the OC Register. She said that the radical were atrocious for their son's decease and for 'all the stories you've heard.'

Elle Weber had been down the controls connected the vessel that time according to her sworn deposition.  She primitively had told Jack's parents that cipher had immoderate wide thought however their fell overboard - but her reply changed aft a 2020 lawsuit. Elle aboriginal wrote successful a sworn deposition that she had successful information been the lone eyewitness and saw different miss propulsion Jack into the lake

She acknowledged that cipher had immoderate wide thought however Jack fell overboard.

'We don't cognize however Jack fell disconnected the boat. We don't cognize if Jack stood up to alteration his presumption and helium mislaid his equilibrium oregon if helium was fixing his hair, we don't cognize what helium was doing.

'These are the astir honorable answers we tin springiness you close now,' Elle said.  

Soon aft the telephone call, Jack's parents were contacted by a begetter of 1 of the teens who was besides successful the country astatine the clip of the call. 

He told them however helium had heard that Jack did not simply autumn disconnected the vessel but was successful information pushed. 

'My bosom is breached into a cardinal pieces,' Brett wrote connected Jack's Facebook memorial

'But, with each passing month, you springiness maine much and much spot to support pushing guardant and warring for TRUTH and ACCOUNTABILITY. I won't stop. You merit it.'

The Elliott household filed a wrongful decease suit successful January 2020 against Carson, Delaney and Elle successful the anticipation that it mightiness unit them to attest and uncover the existent events starring to their son's death. The suit was settled privately and confidentially

Two months later, by December 2019, Ben Echelson, a Texas Parks and Wildlife crippled warden filed a study that contained details of what they judge truly occurred. 

'Jack Elliott was pushed by Delaney Brennan from the beforehand of a wakeboard vessel … operated by Elle Weber nether the supervision of Carson Neel.

'Jack Elliott was struck by the propeller aggregate times and was killed … the intoxicant connected committee was thrown overboard,' Echelson wrote. 

'False statements were fixed to the officers responding to the mishap concerning the events preceding the propulsion and the mode successful which Jack Elliott fell into the water.'

The Elliott household filed a wrongful decease suit successful January 2020 against Carson, Delaney and Elle successful the anticipation that it mightiness unit them to attest and uncover the existent events starring to their son's death. Jack is pictured with his dad, Brett

The January 2020 suit was settled privately but precocious past year a Travis County expansive assemblage decided that those progressive had a transgression lawsuit to reply - peculiarly successful respects to immoderate alleged cover-up.

As good arsenic Delaney Brennan's indicted felony complaint Carson Neel was besides indicted connected a felony complaint of tampering with carnal grounds for allegedly dumping the intoxicant overboard. 

Like Delaney, Carson could besides look up to 10 years successful jailhouse and a $10,000 fine.

Elle Weber has been indicted connected a misdemeanor complaint of giving mendacious accusation to a constabulary officer. 

Another of the teens onboard the boat, Joshua Evans of Aliso Viejo, was indicted connected a misdemeanor complaint of furnishing intoxicant to a minor.

Anthony Salazar was indicted connected a misdemeanor complaint of perjury. 

One of the fathers who attended the gathering days aft the mishap had immoderate words of proposal for the teens: 'If you don't archer the information … it comes backmost to wound you successful the ass.' 

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