CNN's Wallace: Alarmed By 'Weird' Trump Rally – He's Going 'Darker And More Extreme'

3 days ago

CNN anchor Chris Wallace said connected this week’s variation of “The Axe Files” that Donald Trump’s “weird” rally past play successful Ohio shows the erstwhile president is “going successful a darker and much utmost direction.”

The treatment begins astatine the 12:55 timestamp.

Partial transcript arsenic follows:

DAVID AXELROD: What worries maine is that the much he’s held accountable for acts of corruption, the much helium is insists connected the, that the strategy is corrupt. And that becomes much and much cardinal to what helium is saying. And he’s been heading successful this absorption for a agelong time. But however bash you measure him close now? What bash you deliberation is going done his mind?

WALLACE: You know, I think. Let maine marque it wide to societal media, I’m not comparing Trump to Putin, but determination are immoderate similarities here, which, arsenic a idiosyncratic gets nether much and much pressure, determination are a assortment of ways of reacting.

You know, the aged saying, erstwhile you’re successful a hole, halt digging. Putin isn’t doing that. And, you know, 1 could reason that Trump–not comparing them to Putin. But successful a benignant of tactical oregon strategical sense, is not doing that. You know, you had that weird happening implicit the play wherever helium started talking astir the state successful precise dystopian terms, and they started playing this euphony and radical were putting up 1 digit and it seemed, not that I’m successful immoderate benignant of an adept connected this, benignant of heading successful the QAnon direction.

And what 1 wonders is, and helium is nether tremendous pressure, you know, successful presumption of the January 6th investigations, successful presumption of the documents and successful presumption of what helium conceivably oregon whitethorn person done down successful Atlanta with the DA there, present you’ve got Letitia James, the lawyer wide of New York, connected whether helium committed fraud by inflating the worth fraudulently of his businesses. You know, helium seems to beryllium going successful a darker and much utmost absorption successful presumption of American politics. And, you know, that would beryllium interesting, but not peculiarly important, but for the information that determination are millions of radical who look to beryllium consenting to travel him successful those directions.


WALLACE: And that gets precise alarming, due to the fact that present we’re talking astir the aboriginal of American democracy.

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