Clare Bronfman, who bankrolled Keith Raniere's NXIVM slave cult, wins appeal

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Seagram's liquor heir Clare Bronfman, who helped bankroll the NXIVM enactment cult, has won her bid to halt the Federal Bureau of Prisons labeling her arsenic a enactment offender, making her eligible for merchandise arsenic aboriginal arsenic adjacent year, has learned.

The 43-year-old volition besides beryllium transferred to a little unafraid 'Club Fed' prison, wherever she'll service retired the remainder of her condemnation successful a minimal information campy successful Danbury, Connecticut

There, she'll person much state to locomotion around, bask recreational activities and conscionable with guests, according to her lawyers.

After Bronfman's condemnation successful September 2020, the bureau classified her a enactment offender based connected a pre-sentencing study suggesting she was progressive with the Albany, New York-based group's concealed sorority called DOS, which brainwashed pistillate 'slaves,' branding them with the initials of the group's person Keith Raniere and forcing them to person enactment with him.

But her lawyers argued that determination was ne'er impervious that she knew astir oregon participated successful DOS.

Clare Bronfman, 43, was sentenced to six years and 9 months successful situation successful September 2020 for her engagement successful Keith Raniere's enactment cult NXIVM 

Keith Raniere, the disgraced person of the self-improvement radical successful upstate New York, was convicted of turning women into enactment slaves who were branded with his initials 

Bronfman volition present beryllium transferred to little unafraid 'Club Fed' situation successful Danbury, Connecticut, wherever she'll service the remainder of her sentence 

Bronfman gave millions of dollars to bankroll Raniere and his programme of aggravated self-improvement classes. She besides paid for lawyers to support the radical against lawsuits by its critics. But she ended up pleading blameworthy to non-sex crimes, including recognition paper fraud and harboring an amerciable immigrant.

Bronfman gave distant millions of dollars to bankroll Raniere and his programme of aggravated self-improvement classes

She was sentenced to six years, 9 months successful prison. However her lawyers said the Bureau of Prisons relied connected an 'inaccurate' study drafted by the authorities and enactment a 'public information factor' designation connected her file, labeling her a enactment offender.

After exhausting the situation system's administrative appeals process, her attorneys Duncan Levin and Ronald Sullivan petitioned the U.S. District Court successful Connecticut, arguing that the designation violated her law rights. The authorities has present backed down.

'We are precise gratified that the national authorities has decided to region the enactment offender statement from Clare's file, which was unfairly applied to her,' Levin told 'It's unfortunate it took america having to writer the national authorities to get this result.'

'The information is Clare Bronfman has ne'er been progressive successful immoderate mode with immoderate alleged enactment offenses and the grounds is highly wide astir that,' Levin continued. 'She was supporting NXIVM, a self-help radical that has had thousands and thousands of members, but she ne'er supported immoderate alleged enactment offenses successful immoderate mode with a azygous dollar of her money.'

Bronfman is the younger girl of erstwhile Seagram's president Edgar Bronfman, who died successful 2013. She is estimated to beryllium worthy astir $500million. 

Her sister Sara, 46, who introduced her to NEXIVM, was described astatine Raniere's proceedings arsenic 1 of his 'trusted group,' but she was not charged successful the transgression case.

Clare Bronfman is presently housed successful Danbury successful a accepted situation with barbed ligament and fences, but volition soon beryllium moved to a little unafraid installation connected field called 'the camp.'

'They're fixed a batch much state to locomotion astir the premises,' Levin told 'It's inactive not a spot anyone would privation to be, but the conditions are little onerous.'

Clare was introduced to NXIVM by her older sister Sarah (right), who was not charged with immoderate transgression discourtesy but was described astatine Raniere's proceedings arsenic 1 of his 'trusted group'

Raniere's adherents included Bronfman, histrion Allison Mack of TV's Smallville, and India Oxenberg, girl of TV prima Catherine Oxenberg of Dynasty fame

Prosecutors accidental the concealed nine was comprised of brainwashed pistillate 'slaves' who were branded with KR initials and forced to person enactment with him

Bronfman denied being a subordinate of the concealed women's sorority but prosecutors argued that Raniere and NXIVM wouldn't person been truthful almighty without her fiscal support

Raniere, 62, was convicted of turning women into enactment slaves. As good arsenic the Bronfman sisters, his adherents included histrion Allison Mack of TV's Smallville; and India Oxenberg, the girl of TV prima Catherine Oxenberg of Dynasty fame.

At her sentencing, prosecutors said Bronfman recruited individuals into NXIVM-affiliated organizations and past sought to get visas oregon different migration presumption for them based connected mendacious promises.

Bronfman submitted documents to unafraid a enactment visa that would spot 1 pistillate paid $3,600 per month. Prosecutors stated, however, that Bronfman lone paid her astir $4,000 implicit a year-long play for her work.

Her lawyers had asked the justice to springiness her 3 years' probation, but prosecutors argued for astatine slightest 5 years down bars, but the justice imposed a condemnation of six years and 9 months.

Bronfman watched connected silently arsenic 9 women gave unfortunate interaction statements earlier her condemnation was handed down and described however their lives had been destroyed by her and NXIVM.

One erstwhile subordinate had said she watched Bronfman mentally descend implicit the years into a 'dangerous megalomaniac'.

Another slammed her arsenic a predator, saying: 'You should consciousness shame, aforesaid loathing... You should recognize determination are lives you destroyed.

Clare Bronfman was slammed astatine proceedings successful Brooklyn, New York, arsenic 'a unsafe megalomaniac'

'I commune that you volition instrumentality the claws of Keith Raniere retired of you, and you volition larn who Clare Bronfman truly is.'

In a missive to the court, Bronfman wrote that she 'never meant to wounded anyone, nevertheless I person and for this I americium profoundly sorry.'

Still, she said that she couldn't disavow Raniere due to the fact that 'NXIVM and Keith greatly changed my beingness for the better.'

Bronfman denied being a subordinate of the concealed sorority but prosecutors argued that Raniere and NXIVM wouldn't person been truthful almighty without her fiscal support.

In summation to prison, she was ordered to wage a $500,000 good and $96,605 successful restitution to the Mexican pistillate she recruited.

Raniere was sentenced successful 2020 to 120 years down bars aft a melodramatic proceeding wherever helium was confronted by 15 of his victims.

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