Cheney: If Trump Not Prosecuted, U.S. Not Considered a Nation of Laws

4 days ago

Representative Liz Cheney (R-WY) said Thursday connected CNN’s “Anderson Cooper 360 ” that the United States could not beryllium considered a federation of laws if erstwhile President Donald Trump was not prosecuted.

CNN main nationalist affairs analyst Kasie Hunt said, “Some person expressed interest that prosecuting erstwhile President Trump which turned him into a martyr and perchance adhd to his governmental spot for the basal that follows him beauteous rabidly. Do you stock that concern? Do you person immoderate interest that the prosecution would fortify Donald Trump’s governmental hand?”

Cheney said, “I don’t deliberation that it is due to deliberation astir it that mode due to the fact that the question for america is, are we a federation of laws? Are we a state wherever nary 1 is supra the law? And with that, the facts and the grounds shows. Certainly, I person been precise clear, and I deliberation helium is intelligibly blameworthy of the astir derelict of work of immoderate president of our nation’s history. A national justice successful California said that it is much apt than not that helium and John Eastman committed 2 crimes. I deliberation that we are going to proceed to travel facts and that the Department of Justice volition bash that. They had to marque decisions astir prosecution, knowing what it means if the facts and grounds are determination and they determine not to prosecute. How bash we past telephone ourselves a federation of laws? I deliberation it’s precise superior balance.”

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