Chamber of Commerce Lobbying to Keep U.S. Entangled with Chinese Chipmakers

1 week ago

The United States Chamber of Commerce, on with different firm peculiar involvement groups, is lobbying lawmakers to reason a prohibition connected the U.S. national authorities doing concern with Chinese chipmakers.

Sens. John Cornyn (R-TX) and Chuck Schumer (D-NY) person offered a bipartisan amendment to the latest National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) that would prohibition the U.S. authorities from getting semiconductor chips from Chinese firms — expanding connected provisions that prohibition the national agencies from doing concern with Chinese telecommunication companies.

A letter, published successful Politico, signed by the Chamber of Commerce — on with groups similar the Aerospace Industries Association, National Foreign Trade Council, and Security Industry Association — is attempting to vessel the latest enlargement to however entangled the U.S. authorities tin beryllium with Chinese firms successful the semiconductor sector.

The Chamber and different groups constitute successful the letter:

… adding the covered semiconductors to portion B of conception 889 would harm national agencies’ quality to procure the indispensable goods and services they request to beforehand our nation’s well-being, portion putting added fiscal unit connected businesses that are operating successful an inflationary economy.

The Chamber’s ain merchandise is often manufactured successful China.

Meanwhile, the American Free Enterprise Chamber of Commerce, which takes a hard stance against China’s engagement successful the U.S. economy, blasted the Chamber and firm peculiar involvement groups for their wanting the authorities to stay tied to China’s chipmakers.

“Even arsenic immoderate successful Washington person go much funny successful promoting Chinese priorities, it’s captious Congress enactment America first,” American Free Enterprise executives wrote successful effect to the Chamber’s letter:

Ultimately, the Chamber is doing the bidding of Davos CEOs who are much funny successful globalism than promoting American security; they privation to support spending payer dollars connected cheap, Chinesemade chips. They’re putting their firm profits – built done sending America’s precocious manufacturing to China – earlier the American taxpayer and U.S. nationalist security. [Emphasis added]

According to American Free Enterprise, the Chamber has “recruited” outgoing Sen. Rob Portman (R-OH) to reason the amendment.

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