CDC Director Walensky Dodges on Whether COVID Pandemic Is Over

4 days ago

During an interrogation with ABC News connected Thursday, CDC Director Dr. Rochelle Walensky repeatedly refused to accidental whether she agrees with President Joe Biden’s appraisal that the coronavirus pandemic is over.

Host Terry Moran asked, “Dr. Walensky, what was your absorption erstwhile you heard President Biden accidental the pandemic is over, and what bash you deliberation of that?”

Walensky responded, “You know, here’s what I tin archer you, we’re successful a antithetic place. Schools are unfastened and businesses are open. We person a batch of colonisation immunity retired determination close now. We person a batch of extortion from vaccination already. Deaths are inactive astatine 350 a day, but they are mode little than they were a twelvemonth ago, 2 years agone astatine this time. So, we are continuing to bash everything we tin promoting these updated booster shots truthful that radical tin get the extortion that they need, but recognizing that we are successful a overmuch amended spot than we were a twelvemonth agone astatine this time.”

Moran past asked, “But the pandemic is not over, from your perspective?”

Walensky responded, “Well, we proceed to promote radical to bash each the things that they tin bash to support themselves. We person the tools close present to support yourself. You tin get your superior series, if you haven’t yet gotten it. You tin get your updated autumn bivalent vaccine. And then, should you really get [infected], we person tools similar Paxlovid truthful that you tin support yourself against terrible disease, hospitalization, and death. So, I think, arsenic we look astatine the large picture, things are precise different. Our hospitals are not overwhelmed, radical are backmost to work, schools are unfastened again. I deliberation those are truly and critically important metrics.”

Later, Walensky discussed however the CDC needs to bash a amended occupation communicating with the public.

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