Catholic League: White Liberals Are the Real ‘White Supremacists’

3 months ago

Catholic League president Bill Donohue said Monday that achromatic liberals suffice arsenic the worst of achromatic supremacists due to the fact that “they don’t judge blacks person the quality to rise themselves up by themselves.”

In this way, achromatic liberals explicit a heavy content successful “the inherent inferiority of blacks,” Dr. Donohue wrote.

While right-wing achromatic supremacists are excessively fewer to truly matter, the federation teems with “well-educated achromatic liberals” who person go “the existent achromatic supremacists,” helium declared.

Liberals, helium continued, person fixed up connected adjacent accidental and person fixed up connected blacks, which “explains wherefore they are perpetually dreaming up ways to mandate equality.”

As a lawsuit successful point, Donohue asserted that the Interim Report by the California Task Force to Study and Develop Reparations Proposals for African Americans is “the astir broad summary of wide achromatic supremacy available.”

Among its paternalistic proposals, the Interim Report seeks to exonerate achromatic deadbeat dads for each “past-due kid support,” Donohue observed, which constitutes “a large triumph for irresponsible achromatic men and a large nonaccomplishment for achromatic women.”

All blacks successful California should beryllium allowed to nonstop their children to immoderate assemblage escaped of charge, the Report proposes, on with eliminating punishment for achromatic males with disciplinary problems.

Regardless of income, each blacks should beryllium entitled to escaped wellness care, to beryllium funded by taxpayers, the Report insists.

“This programme is simply a textbook illustration of the mode well-educated achromatic liberals deliberation astir blacks,” Donohue wrote.

“The paternalism is racist successful intent and effect, reflecting the benignant of reasoning that assumes blacks are inherently inferior and cannot win without the benign involution of whitey,” helium concluded.

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