Buffalo Bills announce release of punter Matt Araiza  

3 months ago

The Buffalo Bills person announced the merchandise of rookie punter Matt Araiza.

Araiza, 22, has been accused on with 2 others of pack raping a 17-year-old miss past twelvemonth successful a civilian suit filed connected Thursday.

Bills' GM Brandon Beane said astatine a property league connected Saturday: 'This is bigger than football. Our civilization successful Buffalo is much important than winning shot games.

'We sympathize with this full situation, each the parties involved, this young pistillate and what she went through. Ultimately this is simply a ineligible situation, we don't cognize each the facts. That's what makes it hard.

'But astatine this clip we conscionable deliberation it's the champion determination from everyone to determination connected from Matt and fto him instrumentality attraction of this concern and absorption connected that. We're going to portion ways there.

'It's a precise superior situation, a superior quality and allegations. We don't person the means to enactment the facts together. We are trying to bash the champion we could, beryllium thoughtful and not unreserved to judgement.

'How transparent was Matt? Matt gave america his mentation of events, that is wherever it's at. There were galore things we could not get our hands connected done the resources we have.'

Matt Araiza has been released by Buffalo Bills aft being accused of pack rape

General Manager Brandon Beane said Araiza was released arsenic the concern is 'bigger than football'

The Bills made the determination not to formal Araiza during the team's last preseason crippled Friday against the Carolina Panthers aft caput manager Sean McDermott stated 'he learned caller details'.

'I would accidental determination has been immoderate (new item successful the past 24 hours), I'm not going to contradict that and that's wherefore I person much enactment to bash connected this,' McDermott said. 'I'm trying to beryllium solution oriented close now.

'It was my determination (for him not to play). I didn't consciousness it was right. I made the determination astatine immoderate constituent today, I felt it was the close happening to bash and that's what we are after. 

'It's not casual to perceive astir immoderate of the things that I've heard astir successful the past respective hours and I haven't slept a batch to beryllium honorable with you. 

'This is simply a crippled but determination are different things much important than this.'

Araiza said successful a connection connected Friday that helium volition 'quickly acceptable the grounds straight'

The lawsuit, filed successful San Diego County Superior Court, accuses Araiza, Zavier Leonard (right) and Nowlin 'Pa'a' Ewaliko (left) of gang-raping a then-17-year-old miss astatine a Halloween enactment astatine a location wherever Araiza had been living

Speaking aft preseason crippled Friday , manager Sean McDermott said helium had learned caller details successful the past 24 hours

Araiza enactment retired a connection portion the Bills were playing connected Friday, which said: 'The facts of the incidental are not what they are portrayed successful the suit oregon successful the press. I look guardant to rapidly mounting the grounds straight.'

According to McDermott the squad did not cognize Araiza was readying to merchandise a connection astatine that time. 

The lawsuit, filed successful San Diego County Superior Court, accuses Araiza, Zavier Leonard and Nowlin 'Pa'a' Ewaliko of pack raping a then-17-year-old miss astatine a Halloween party.

The plaintiff, present 18, is identified successful the ailment arsenic 'Jane Doe' due to the fact that she was underage astatine the time. 

Buffalo Bills punter Araiza told his 17-year-old rape accuser successful a police-monitored telephone telephone that she needed to beryllium tested for chlamydia aft an alleged hour-and-a-half-long onslaught that near her 'bloody and crying,' according to a tribunal filing obtained by DailyMail.com

There is simply a transgression probe into the allegations, according to the Los Angeles Times, which archetypal reported the lawsuit. No arrests person been made and San Diego Police person not publically identified immoderate suspects. 

Araiza would not beryllium taxable to the NFL idiosyncratic behaviour argumentation implicit the alleged rape due to the fact that it took spot successful 2021, earlier helium was a league player. 

The suit states that the teen had been drinking with friends erstwhile they decided to spell to the enactment connected October 17 and she was 'observably intoxicated upon arrival.' She became separated from her friends and was approached by Araiza who offered her a drink, according to the lawsuit. 

She believes the portion 'not lone contained alcohol, but different intoxicating substances,' the ailment said. 

Araiza waves to fans aft a preseason NFL shot crippled against the Indianapolis Colts successful Orchard Park, New York connected August 13

She told Araiza, who was 21 astatine the time, that she was a precocious schoolhouse senior, according to the lawsuit. She alleges helium past led her to a broadside gait wherever helium asked her to execute oral enactment and past had enactment with her earlier taking her to a chamber successful the home. 

There were astatine slightest 3 different men successful the room, including Leonard and Ewaliko, according to the complaint. The suit states that Araiza threw the teen onto the furniture and she went successful and retired of consciousness portion she was being raped. It added, 'but she does retrieve immoderate moments from the horrific pack rape.'

After an hour-and-a-half, the teen 'stumbled retired of the country bloody and crying,' according to the complaint. Her nose, belly button, and receptor piercings had been pulled out.

She instantly told her friends astir the rape and the adjacent time reported it to constabulary and underwent a rape exam, according to the lawsuit. Officers coached her connected calling Araiza, which she did 10 days aboriginal arsenic detectives recorded it, according to the complaint.

During the call, Araiza acknowledged having enactment with her, the suit states, but later, erstwhile she asked him 'And did we person existent sex?' helium responded 'This is Matt Araiza. I don't retrieve thing that happened that night' and hung up.

But earlier getting disconnected the phone, Araiza did archer Doe to get tested for chlamydia. 

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