Brother of a Marine killed in the Afghanistan withdrawal kills himself opposite memorial to sibling

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'He conscionable wanted to beryllium with him': Older member of US Marine who was killed successful termination bombing astatine Kabul airdrome during chaotic American withdrawal kills himself astatine memorial for the worker 1 twelvemonth later

  • Lance Cpl. Kareem Nikoui, 20, was 1 of 13 American troops killed connected August 26 astatine Kabul airport
  • On August 9 his brother Dakota Halverson, 28, killed himself successful beforehand of a memorial successful their hometown of Norco, California
  • Their parent Shana Chappell said Halverson missed his member intensely, and 'just wanted to beryllium with him again'
  • Announcing Halverson's death, she said: 'This greeting my lad Dakota went to beryllium with His member Kareem' 
  • The 988 Suicide & Crisis Lifeline is simply a U.S.-based termination prevention web of implicit 160 situation centers, disposable 24/7, via a toll-free hotline dialed 9-8-8

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Published: 06:10 BST, 15 August 2022 | Updated: 12:10 BST, 15 August 2022

The member of a Marine who died a twelvemonth agone during the chaotic withdrawal from Afghanistan killed himself astatine a shrine to his sibling.

Dakota Halverson, 28, from Norco, California, took his ain beingness connected August 9.

His brother, Lance Cpl. Kareem Nikoui, 20, was 1 of 13 American troops killed connected August 26 past year, erstwhile a termination bomber detonated an explosive extracurricular the Kabul airdrome amid fleeing crowds.

'Dakota had been expressing immoderate of the things that had been bothering him and 1 of those things was the nonaccomplishment of his member Kareem and however helium conscionable wanted to beryllium with him again,' said Shana Chappell, their mother.

'He was inactive having a hard clip believing helium was really gone.

'He'd sneak into the cemetery astatine nighttime and slumber connected Kareem's resting place.

'He took his beingness crossed from a imperishable memorial we person present successful municipality for his member Kareem.'

Shana Chappell is pictured with her sons Kareem Nikoui (right) and Dakota Halverson. Nikoui was killed connected August 26, 2021; his older member took his ain beingness connected August 9

The Fallen 13 memorial successful Norco's aged municipality is pictured. The tract was inaugurated successful January

All of the 13 who were killed connected August 26, 2021 are commemorated astatine the Norco site

The inauguration of the tract is pictured successful January

Chappell appeared to beryllium referring to the Fallen 13 Memorial Flower Garden Square, which was inaugurated adjacent to Norco Country Center successful January.

Nikoui, 20, died successful Kabul connected August 26, 2021

Nikoui was buried connected September 17 astatine Crestlawn Mortuary successful Riverside.

On January 4, to people what would person been Nikoui's 21st birthday, the household held a solemnisation of his beingness astatine the grave.

Chappell, announcing Halverson's decease connected Tuesday, said they were each struggling with the approaching day of Nikoui's death.

'The period of August has been precise hard truthful acold with the 1 twelvemonth coming up,' she wrote connected Facebook.

'I look astatine my kids arsenic beardown and similar they tin grip anything. That was my mistake.

'My lad Dakota has been talking a batch lately astir however helium conscionable wants to beryllium with Kareem, however overmuch helium misses him, etc….

Nikoui's remains are pictured arriving backmost successful the United States, at Dover Air Force Base, Delaware, connected August 29 past year

Chappell is seen with her lad Dakota Halverson

Family and friends of Nikoui are seen astatine his sedate successful Riverside. Chappell said her lad would sneak into the cemetery to slumber connected his brother's grave 

'We each consciousness that mode truthful I didn't spot the signs.

'This greeting my lad Dakota went to beryllium with His member Kareem.'

Chappell, who blames Joe Biden for her son's death, which she said was owed to a nonaccomplishment to adequately program the withdrawal, said she did not privation to 'make this a governmental post'.

But, she added, her 2nd son's decease was 'the ripple effect'.

In a GoFundMe for ceremonial expenses, Chappell said Nikoui's decease had, for his brother, 'proven excessively hard to bear'.

She said Halverson wanted to beryllium buried adjacent to his brother.

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