Brian Laundrie 'swung at Gabby Petito with a CLOSED fist' during fight in WY days, witness claims

3 months ago

A caller witnesser claims helium saw Brain Laundrie 'swing' astatine Gabby Petito with a 'closed fist' during a combat successful Wyoming conscionable days earlier her death.

Chandler, 26, who asked to spell lone by his archetypal name, told The Sun he was stopped astatine a reddish airy erstwhile helium noticed Laundrie, 23, striking Petito, 22, extracurricular of Moonflower Community Cooperative successful Wyoming connected August 12, 2021. 

Chandler insisted that Laundrie was the assertive 1 and deed Petito – who died precisely 1 twelvemonth agone today – with 'a closed fist.' 

'It was benignant of similar a slapping motion, but with a closed fist,' helium told The Sun. 'They were benignant of yelling and past Brian swung astatine her, I judge it was his near hand.' 

He recalled seeing the mates warring adjacent the backmost passenger-side tyre erstwhile helium saw Laundrie lightly plaything astatine Petito, striking her successful the look and causing her to autumn backmost against the achromatic van. 

'She decidedly felt it [the hit],' Chandler told The Sun. 'When she deed into the van, she beauteous overmuch deed her backmost and astir apt the backmost of her head.'

A caller witnesser claims helium saw Brain Laundrie 'swing' astatine Gabby Petito with a 'closed fist' during a combat extracurricular of Moonflower successful Wyoming connected August 12, 2021. Petito (pictured then) told officers helium had 'grabbed' her look and she had slapped him a 'couple of times' 

The witness, Chandler, who lone went by his archetypal name, 26, said helium saw Laundrie (pictured connected August 12, 2021) deed her, but admitted it wasn't a hard hit, but she 'definitely felt it' 

Chandler insisted that Laundrie was the assertive 1 and deed Petito - who died precisely 1 twelvemonth agone contiguous - with 'a closed fist.'

From there, the brace started reportedly yelling astatine each different earlier Laundrie walked distant and his woman followed. 

Chandler, who was 'very much' shocked by the brushwood helium witnessed, kept driving aft helium saw different locals attack the couple. 

Another witnesser called 911 and reported they saw Laundrie slap Petito earlier they some climbed into the van and took off. 

It was besides reported that Laundrie had attempted to forestall Petito from getting backmost into the van. 

'They were talking aggressively [at] each different [and] thing decidedly seemed off,' the witness, identified lone arsenic Christopher successful a statement, obtained by Fox News, wrote. 'At 1 point, they were benignant of warring implicit a telephone – I deliberation the antheral took the female's phone. It appeared that helium didn't privation her successful the achromatic van.'

Moab Police – which is facing a $50million suit from Petito's family – caught up with the van beingness mates soon aft and separated the 2 to inquire what happened. 

The combat happened extracurricular of Moonflower, wherever respective witnesses assertion Laundrie deed Petito

In precocious released body-cam footage, Petito was seen telling officers that Laundrie had 'grabbed' her, but insisted that she 'slapped' him first. 

An serviceman could beryllium seen mildly pointing to the young woman's feature and asking if helium could 'see the different broadside of your face,' which appeared somewhat bruised. 

She claimed the 'backpack got me' arsenic she had climbed backmost into the van, but erstwhile the serviceman insisted 'two autarkic witnesses' had claimed Laundrie had deed her and that determination was a home dispute, she changed her story. 

Stating: 'Well, to beryllium honest, I deed him first.' 

She admitted to slapping him a 'couple of times' due to the fact that helium 'told maine to unopen up.' 

Petito past told officers backmost successful August 2021 that she 'guessed helium deed her,' but again insisted she deed him first. 

'He grabbed my face,' she admitted. 'He didn't, like, deed me, helium didn't, like, punch maine successful the face.' 

When asked if Laundrie had slapped her, she replied: 'He grabbed my look with his nail. I decidedly person a chopped close now, I tin consciousness it.'  

Petito's household is present gearing up to writer the Moab Police Department for wrongful death after the cops who pulled the mates implicit failed to spot she was successful a unsafe situation. 

The $50 cardinal announcement of assertion contends constabulary successful the tourer municipality of Moab missed signs that Petito was the unfortunate of home unit astatine the hands of Laundrie. 

A witnesser claimed successful a study they were warring implicit a telephone and Laundrie tried to forestall Petito from getting into the van

The brace had been traveling connected a cross-country travel together, starting connected July 2, erstwhile they near New York. Petito was reported missing connected September 11

'If the officers had been decently trained and followed the law, Gabby would inactive beryllium live today,' said lawyer James McConkie successful a connection announcing the filing of the announcement of claim.

Notices of claims are required earlier radical tin writer authorities entities and the family's assertion said that the suit volition question $50 cardinal successful damages.

Petito was reported missing a period aft that postulation stop, and her strangled assemblage was discovered connected September 19 connected the borderline of Grand Teton National Park successful Wyoming.

Laundrie, 23, aboriginal killed himself successful Florida aft being named the lone idiosyncratic of involvement successful her death. Petito and Landrie were primitively from Long Island, New York.

The hunt for Petito drew worldwide attention, spurring amateur sleuths to scour societal media for clues.

Earlier this year, an autarkic probe recovered that constabulary successful Moab made 'several unintentional mistakes' erstwhile they came crossed Petito and Laundrie.

In the report, constabulary said it was precise apt that Petito 'was a semipermanent unfortunate of home violence, whether that beryllium physically, mentally, and/or emotionally.'

Gabby's remains were discovered connected September 19, 2021, successful an isolated spot successful the Bridger-Teton National Forest successful Wyoming.

She and her fellow had lived with his parents successful North Port. The young mates acceptable disconnected connected an escapade from New York State, wherever her parent lives, successful aboriginal July and headed West.

However, connected September 1, Laundrie arrived backmost astatine the his household location connected his ain successful Gabby's achromatic Ford van. Eleven days aboriginal Gabby's parent reported her missing aft past having interaction successful a telephone telephone connected August 25.

Hours aft Gabby's ma raised the alarm, North Port Police hauled the achromatic van retired of the Laundrie's driveway and took it disconnected for forensic examination.

Officers asked to talk to Laundrie astatine the house, but were told by his parents helium wasn't available. It is not known if the slayer was wrong astatine the time.

Laundrie past went missing successful Carlton Reserve, sparking a monolithic hunt involving section police, the FBI and astatine slightest 2 sheriff's departments.

His parents initially told constabulary helium vanished connected September 14 to spell hiking successful the reserve, but aboriginal changed this to a time earlier. His assemblage was yet recovered successful the swamp connected October 20 aft his parents joined instrumentality enforcement there.

The Petito household (pictured: her mother) are readying connected suing the Moab Police Department for $50million, stating they failed to admit that Petito was a unfortunate of home violence 

Petito's remains were recovered connected September 19, 2021, and she died precisely 1 twelvemonth agone today

Laundrie killed himself successful a Florida swamp, leaving down a notebook that authorities said contained a confession. His assemblage was recovered connected October 20. 

The murderer admitted that helium strangled Petito arsenic the effect of an 'unexpected tragedy' successful Grand Teton National Park, successful which Gabby fell into a creek and injured herself connected their roadworthy travel past summer.

And helium began the notebook with a idiosyncratic connection addressed to Gabby, successful which helium claimed: 'I privation I could beryllium astatine your side, I privation I could beryllium talking to you close now.'

Laundrie claimed helium battled to comfortableness Gabby, who was deteriorating, crying successful symptom and shivering from changeless cold.

But yet helium killed her, writing: 'I don't cognize the grade of Gabby's injuries, lone that she was successful utmost pain.

'I ended her life. I thought it was merciful, that it is what she wanted, but I spot present each the mistake that I made. I panicked. I was successful shock. But from the infinitesimal I decided, took distant her pain.'

His notebook was recovered successful a adust container beside his assemblage connected October 20 past twelvemonth aft helium fled to the alligator-infested Carlton Reserve adjacent North Port, Florida. He'd changeable himself successful the head. 

Laundrie's waterlogged journal, wherever helium confessed to the execution of Petito 

Timeline of missing Gabby Petito's case

July 1: Gabby Petito and her boyfriend, Brian Laundrie left Blue Point, New York for a cross-country roadworthy trip

August 12: Police successful Moab, Utah respond to a home incidental involving the couple

Aug. 17: Laundrie allegedly flies backmost to Florida to 'clear retired a retention unit'   

Aug. 21: Petito's father, Joseph Petito, has his past FaceTime video telephone with his girl who was successful Salt Lake City, Utah 

Aug. 23: Laundrie flies backmost to Utah to 'rejoin Gabby' connected their trip 

Aug. 24: Petito is past seen astatine a edifice successful Salt Lake City with Laundrie

Aug. 25: Petito makes last telephone to her mother, Nichole Schmidt, saying she was successful Grand Teton National Park

Aug. 25 oregon 26: The mates chats with the proprietor of a store called 'Rustic Row' successful Victor, Utah for astir 20 minutes 

Aug. 27: Video of Petito's van was taken by blogger Jenn Bethune astir 6.30 p.m. astatine the Spread Creek Campground; Witnesses accidental they saw a 'commotion' with the mates astatine Merry Piglets Tex-mex edifice successful Jackson, Wyoming 

Aug. 29: The time that Wisconsin TikToker Miranda Baker claimed that she and her fellow were approached by Laundrie astatine Grand Teton National Park and asked them for a thrust astatine 5.30pm

Aug. 30: Schmidt receives the past substance from Petito's phone: 'No work successful Yosemite'

Sept. 1: Laundrie returns to his parents' location successful North Port, Florida successful a van without Petito

Sept. 6-7: Laundrie and his parents visit Fort De Soto campsite successful Florida

Sept. 11: Schmidt reports Petito missing to authorities successful New York; Petito and Laundrie's van was impounded by constabulary successful Florida that aforesaid day

Sept. 12: Grand Teton National Park rangers hunt for Petito

Sept. 13: Laundrie's lawyer says connected October 5 that his parents present 'believe' this was the time they past saw him heading for a hike

Sept. 14: Laundrie issues a connection astir Petito's disappearance done his lawyer; Laundrie's parents assertion connected September 17 that Laundrie near his parents' location for a hike this time and they hadn't seen from him since 

Sept. 15: Laundrie is officially named a idiosyncratic of involvement successful Petito's case

Sept. 17: Laundrie household lawyer confirms his whereabouts are unknown

Sept. 18: North Port constabulary and the FBI commencement searching the Carlton Reserve successful Sarasota County for missing Brian Laundrie

Sept. 19: Bethune realizes she has video of Petito's van astir 12am and submits the FBI with the footage 10 minutes later; Officials denote a assemblage was recovered adjacent Grand Teton National Park that matched Petito’s statement successful the afternoon

Sept. 21: Coroner confirms remains recovered successful Grand Tetons beryllium to Petito. Her decease is ruled a homicide but her origin of decease is inactive nether invesetigation

Sept. 20 - 22: FBI and North Port constabulary proceed hunt for Laundrie successful Carlton Reserve 

Sept. 22: Neighbors accidental they saw the Laudrie household battalion up their detached camper connected the time Gabby was reported missing. photos amusement the camper was backmost successful the driveway 2 days later, connected September 13 

Sept. 23: FBI issues an apprehension warrant for Laundrie for 'use of unauthorized entree device' for fraudulently utilizing a Capitol One Bank debit paper that was not his betwixt August 30 and September 1 to walk $1,000; A probe is launched into the constabulary handling of the Utah constabulary incidental connected Aug. 12; Laundrie's parents sojourn their lawyer successful Orlando 

Sept. 25: Dog the Bounty Hunter joins the hunt for Laundrie 

Sept. 26: A ceremonial is held for Petito successful Holbrook, New York, and her household motorboat a foundation to assistance parents find missing children 

Sept. 27: Manhunt for Laundrie successful the Carlton Reserve is scaled backmost aft 10 time hunt doesn't find him. Dog the Bounty Hunter says Laundrie and his parents stayed astatine Fort De Soto Park from September 1-3 and September 6-8 - and that connected the second sojourn lone the parents left 

Sept. 28: Laundrie's ma is accused of utilizing a burner telephone to interaction her lad Sept. 29: Documents uncover Laundrie's ma canceled a preservation for the Fort De Soto Park campsite for 2 from September 1 to 3 and booked for 3 from September 6 to 8; FBI seizes surveillance footage from site; FBI investigates pb Laundrie bought a burner telephone connected September 14;  

Sept. 30: Bodycam footage from a 2nd serviceman astatine the August 12 incidental is released showing a distressed Petito admitting Laundrie deed her; FBI agents cod much grounds from the Laundrie home 

Oct. 1: It emerges Laundrie's sister had interaction with him aft she said she did 

Oct. 2: A hiker on the Appalachian Trail claims to person seen Laundrie adjacent the borderline of Tennessee and North Carolina 

Oct. 3: Investigators searched the country connected the Appalachian way for immoderate signs that Laundrie had been there  

Oct. 4: Laundrie's sister told protestors extracurricular her location that her household has been ignoring her aft they rebuked her communicative and that she does not cognize wherever her member is

Oct 5: Laundrie's sister appeared connected Good Morning America to accidental she would crook her member successful if she knew wherever helium is;  

Oct. 7: Laundrie's begetter Christopher joins FBI agents connected the hunt for his lad astatine the Carlton Reserve but the hunt brings up nary clues 

Oct. 12: Teton County Coroner Dr. Brent Blue announces autopsy findings which amusement Petito died by strangulation; No circumstantial day of decease was fixed - lone that she was dormant 3-4 weeks earlier her assemblage was found 

Oct. 16: Petito's parents are seen collecting her ashes from the Valley Mortuary successful Jackson, Wyoming

October 20: Human remains recovered successful Carlton Reserve 

October 21: FBI corroborate the assemblage recovered belongs to Brian Laundrie. A notebook, backpack and adust container are besides recovered adjacent the body

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