Brazil vs Serbia - World Cup 2022: Live score, team news and updates

1 week ago


Seven minutes added time


Selecao statement

89 mins: This 2nd fractional show against a precise useful Serbia squad is simply a existent connection of intent and informing changeable to the different contenders for the World Cup. The favourites are looking each inch a squad to beat. 


Great space of Richarlison's second


Rodrygo fires over

87 mins: Rodrygo is the beneficiary of immoderate large enactment from Antony but conscionable gives it excessively overmuch juice. Raphinha makes mode for Martinelli. 


Brazil look truthful slick now

85 mins: This has been specified a ascendant 2nd fractional from Brazil. You ever fancied they'd make much arsenic the crippled wore connected but the sheer array of attacking options is unthinkable and yet Serbia couldn't clasp out. They've hardly touched it successful the past 10 minutes.


Maksimovic connected for Mitrovic


Casemiro hits the bar!

81 mins: Casemiro astir scored an implicit peach there. He came onto the shot rolled nicely to him extracurricular the container by Jesus and side-foots a first-time effort onto the bar. Brilliant shot and situation I accidental they look much fluid without Neymar. 


Gabriel Jesus for Richarlison and Neymar makes mode for Antony

Not atrocious changes to make, are they? Richarlison thought helium mightiness not marque the World Cup owed to a calf wounded but he's made it and made it successful style. Neymar was struggling a spot and sat connected the crushed truthful the federation volition clasp its enactment implicit his fitness. 


Brazil look the concern now

77 mins: Brazil are playing with the swagger that a two-goal pb tin spend them now. Richarlison is connected a hat-trick and looking afloat of assurance aft that beauteous 2nd to spell with his predatory first. 


GOALLL! Brazil 2-0 Serbia (Richarlison)

Forget Neymar - Richarlison is the prima of the amusement tonight. This extremity is superb - an aboriginal contender for extremity of the tournament. He pops it implicit his enarthrosis successful the air, swivels and volleys past Milinkovic-Savic, who tin lone dive successful vein. That was magnificent and wholly justifies the selection. Game implicit you would think. Paqueta comes disconnected for Fred. Rodrygo comes connected for Vinicius. 


Mad scramble successful the Brazil box

70 mins: Another country and this clip the Brazilian frantically effort to footwear it away, it ends up being cleared disconnected the enactment and Serbia are coming retired swinging. 


Pavlovic heads over

69 mins: Serbia unit a country and the aerial bombardment starts here. Pavlovic should bash amended but sends his effort precocious implicit the bar. 


Vlahovic is connected for Mladenovic

Attacking alteration for Serbia arsenic they pursuit an equaliser. The crippled volition unfastened close up now. 


Richarlison's opener


Lukic successful the book

Tadic was fouled but the aggravated absorption towards the ref from Lukic earns him an unnecessary booking. 


GOALLL!!! Brazil 1-0 Serbia (Richarlison)

62 mins: It has been coming. Neymar twists successful and retired earlier the shot falls to Vinicius Jr, who past forces the goalkeeper into a prevention crossed his body. It bounces into the grateful way of Richarlison who sniffed it retired and shinned location the opener. Serbia mightiness person to travel retired and play a spot now. 


Sandro hits the post!

60 mins: Sandro's onslaught is fantastic and beats Milinkovic-Savic from range, hitting the basal of the station and bouncing fortuitously to safety. 


This sums it up truthful far


Ilic and Radonic connected for Serbia


Neymar skews 1 wide

56 mins: Brazil are cranking this up present and are manufacturing accidental aft chance. Vinicius is recovered retired wide by Sandro and feeds Neymar successful the container but helium tin lone nonstop his changeable wide of the target. It seems to beryllium coming for the Selecao though. 


Incredible tackle by Pavlovic!

53 mins: This is the tackle of the World Cup truthful far, Pavlovic, connected a yellowish comes steaming crossed his ain container to descent successful and instrumentality the shot distant from Raphinha conscionable arsenic the close winger is astir to unleash his shot. Full commitment. 


He clips the wall

He aims for the apical near country but the shot deflects disconnected the partition and retired for a corner, which is past cleared by the Serbian defence. 


Gudelj takes retired Neymar - unsafe escaped kick

A booking for the Sevilla antheral and Neymar was successful afloat formation there. He present has a glorious accidental with a escaped footwear conscionable extracurricular the box. 


HUGE accidental missed by Raphinha again

46 mins: Serbia mindlessly springiness it distant connected the borderline of their ain container and Raphina is in. He has clip to prime his spot but the goalkeeper stands gangly to artifact the effort and the winger is near to rue different aureate accidental gone begging. 


We're backmost underway

Neymar is past retired - he'll privation to marque a acold bigger interaction this half. We're underway again. Will this 1 unfastened up? Job done for Serbia truthful far. 


Brazil 0-0 Serbia

The Samba Boys aren't dancing each that good truthful acold but their creation spouse is simply a stubborn Serbian outfit who won't budge. Plenty much to travel and that ridiculous Brazil seat could beryllium cardinal successful the 2nd 45 minutes. 


Only 1 infinitesimal added time

In a tourney of huffy amounts of wounded time, there's hardly immoderate here. 


Pavlovic is simply a monster

The centre-back is putting himself astir a hellhole of a batch and that aboriginal yellowish doesn't look to person affected him. He's diving everyplace and the antheral upland should possibly rein it successful a bit. 


Vinicius misses one-on-one!

41 mins: The Brazil near winger does truthful good to snatch the bouncing shot distant and make a large accidental for himself connected the angle. He can't tame it and sends the side-foot wide of the adjacent post. 


Samba bushed lacking

39 mins: A spot of a lull successful the crippled and Brazil, for their occasional flashes of brilliance, person not recovered a bushed truthful far. Serbia volition beryllium pleased with this, the longer they instrumentality the crippled without the scoreboard being troubled, the much tense the Samba Boys could get. 


Raphinha misses aureate chance

Beautiful build-up and Paqueta feeds Raphinha successful abstraction with plentifulness of clip to prime his spot. The Barcelona antheral tin lone side-foot into the keeper's arms with a tepid attempt. Best accidental truthful far. 


Pressure is ramping up

33 mins: Silva slides successful astatine the adjacent station from a country but can't rather agelong to the ball. Brazil are having it much their ain mode successful caller minutes and the Serbian broadside cannot power disconnected for adjacent a second. Casemiro's scope of passing is superb and helium picks retired Raphinha successful space, lone for the determination to interruption down. 


Milinkovic-Savic to the rescue

29 mins: Brilliant timing from the Serbian keeper to travel retired and intercept conscionable up of Vinicius, who looked similar he'd get connected the extremity of Thiago Silva's done ball. This Brazil broadside tin outpouring into beingness truthful quickly. 


Alisson reads it brilliantly

26 mins: A interruption for Serbia looks promising down the close and the shot is floated towards Mitrovic astatine the backmost post. Alisson reads it a mile disconnected and claims without immoderate issue. The Liverpool antheral looks assured without having had overmuch to bash truthful far. 


Serbian Samba Boys

The Serbs effort to play an intricate triangle retired of occupation but it doesn't rather enactment and Pavlovic ends up having to usher the shot retired for a extremity footwear nether Neymar's attention. 


Casemiro with a rocket from range

22 mins: Nice physique up for Brazil but they tally retired of ideas and the Man United midfielder unleashes from astir 30 yards. His effort is good struck but down the goalkeeper's throat. 


Sore 1 for the Brazil No 10

19 mins: A stroke to the near ankle has Neymar rolling astir connected the turf. It wasn't fixed arsenic a foul and helium jogs it off. He'll get a fewer kicks this World Cup you'd imagine. 


How to halt Neymar...


And goes for extremity from a corner

The prima antheral whips 1 successful and it looks deliberate, with the Serbian keeper Milinkovic-Savic punching over. 


Neymar is going wherever helium wants

13 mins: Tactically, it looks arsenic though Brazil volition conscionable accommodate Neymar. He has the state of the transportation and is popping up everywhere. Tite is giving him afloat licence to bash what helium wants truthful there's nary excuses, this squad is acceptable up astir him. Paqueta is penalised for a afloat blooded challenge. Fast commencement from some teams. 


Milinkovic-Savic connected the charge

9 mins: The Lazio powerhouse collects the shot extracurricular Brazil's container and tries to spell it alone, bulldozing his mode forwards earlier losing possession. He's playing further forwards than helium would for his nine and aboriginal signs are promising for Serbia, they're not sitting backmost and simply inviting pressure. 


Pavlovic cautioned

Really mediocre from Pavlovic. His clumsy interaction escapes him, helium lunges successful recklessly to get it back, misses and past chases the shot down to perpetrate different foul - casual determination for the ref and RB Salzburg antheral present has a tightrope to walk. 


First glimpse of Vinicius Jr magic

5 mins: The Real Madrid antheral plucks the shot retired of the nighttime entity earlier surging distant from his marker and sparking an onslaught connected the right. Raphina surges wide but his transportation is blocked successful the box. A archetypal informing motion for Serbia. 


Neymar bullied disconnected it

2 mins: A silky archetypal interaction from Neymar successful a spot of postulation but he's closed down by 3 imposing Serbian midfielders consecutive distant and ends up being bounced disconnected it, past committing a foul himself. No doubts who the dangerman is. 


Here we go!

And they're off, Brazil successful their celebrated yellowish and blue, Serbia heavy red. The underdogs person 3 astatine the back. 


5 infinitesimal warning

Anthem clip and the Brazilians, manus connected hearts loop out Hino Nacional Brasileiro with emblematic passion. Alisson, incidentally is sporting a sensational moustache, wholly irrelevant spot of item for you there. 


Where's the weakness successful Brazil?

You formed your oculus crossed the Brazilian line-up, scouring for cracks successful the armour and there's not a batch to find. BUT, the full-backs are some the incorrect broadside of 30 and similar going guardant to defending. Serbia mightiness not beryllium capable to exploit them but different apical nations mightiness sniff a weakness. Also, the mentality has to beryllium questioned. Can Brazil header with the large moments - we mightiness not find retired tonight, but if Serbia play astatine their best, we'll find retired a just spot astir the alloy of Tite's side. 


Red blistery Mitrovic's numbers

Mitrovic slotted 8 goals successful 8 matches connected the roadworthy to Qatar – a tally lone Memphis Depay and Harry Kane (both 12) could better.

He's has besides been successful superb signifier for Fulham, scoring 9 goals successful 12 Premier League outings to beryllium 4th successful the Golden Boot race. If Serbian midfielders are successful 2 minds implicit what to do, sticking up a hanging transverse to the backmost station volition beryllium the option. 


Brazil expects

The astir spiritual fervour that the Brazil fans person for their squad sees them mourn defeats and observe victories similar fewer others. Lusail Stadium is coloured yellowish contiguous and there's nary uncertainty those who person travelled volition marque themselves heard and it could consciousness similar the Maracana. 


Gilberto Silva connected Brazil's chances

'I truly judge they person a accidental to triumph this year, contiguous is simply a time wherever everything starts - 7 finals. We person seen large teams similar Germany mislaid and that tin rise the awareness.'


Neymar's captious role

Not precisely searing penetration to accidental Neymar is integral but the stats are illuminating. He has been straight progressive successful 42% of Brazil's past 19 World Cup goals, scoring six and assisting two. This truly feels similar it could beryllium the signifier wherever the mature, experienced prima could enactment his stamp connected it. 


Warm-up time

Just implicit fractional an hr until KO and the Brazil boys are retired connected the transportation - that grooming apical is conscionable sensational. For my wealth the Brazilians and French person the champion cogwheel truthful far, honourable notation for the Germans but their sartorial elegance didn't assistance overmuch connected the pitch. 


Vlahovic benched

Interesting determination to conscionable spell with Mitrovic up apical - clearly Stojković is wary astir having immoderate benignant of foothold successful the crippled with Brazil expecting predominate the ball. Pack the middle, support it constrictive and out-muscle the Selecao could good beryllium the bid of the day. Vlahovic has been coming backmost from wounded himself but nary uncertainty we'll spot the Juventus antheral astatine immoderate stage. 



Mitrovic starts for Serbia - that's the header quality here. He's shaken disconnected that ankle wounded and has been deemed bully to go. 



As expected, Tite names a precise attacking broadside with Neymar floating astir down Richarlison, Raphinha and Vinicius Jr. Casemiro and Paqueta supply the equilibrium successful midfield. No surprises successful defence. 


This 1 is bizarre...

Kudus and Neymar volition travel look to look successful the last radical crippled successful what could beryllium an awkward encounter. The Ghanaian primitively claimed the PSG prima wasn't amended than him, conscionable had a higher profile, earlier denying those remarks.


Lusail looks a picture

Night has fallen successful Qatar and the stadium is lit up spectacularly. Elsewhere, Portugal are present cruising, 3-1 up against Ghana having been pegged backmost to 1-1, and Brazil volition beryllium taking centre signifier successful conscionable nether an hr and 20 minutes. 


Group G - Switzerland acceptable the pace

The Swiss battled past Cameroon earlier today, taking a 1-0 triumph to apical the radical up of tonight's game. They'll look Brazil connected Monday, portion Serbia conscionable Cameroon connected the aforesaid day. Read the study of the Group G opener below: 


The Selecao are successful the building

Greeted by the elephantine chick mascot, the lone mode to get astatine Lusail Iconic Stadium isn't it. Will we spot Brazil marque a connection similar Spain, England and France contiguous oregon tin Serbia travel successful the footsteps of Saudi Arabia and Japan (albeit with a stronger broadside than those two)?


Richarlison's status dream...

The Spurs guardant ever seems to present for his state and thing means much to him than playing for Brazil. Could helium beryllium the quality shaper successful Qatar? 


Fans getting successful bully and early

It is simply a just aged mode from Brazil and somewhat shorter hop from Serbia but some sets of supporters person that buzz of excitement they tin lone consciousness with optimism successful the aerial earlier a shot is kicked. Brazil are dense favourites but cannot slumber connected the Serbian broadside this evening. 


Will Martinelli person a accidental to shine?

The winger has been tearing it up for Arsenal this play but galore successful Brazil felt his inclusion successful the squad implicit Gabriel Barbosa was fortunate. He'll beryllium hopeless to beryllium himself successful the nationalist broadside but is apt to person to marque an interaction from the seat nether Tite. 


Will the Eagles soar oregon person their wings clipped?

The method prime vantage of people lies with Brazil but Serbia could marque beingness hard this evening. Expect physicality and aerial bombardment. Set pieces could beryllium cardinal and Silva and Marquinhos volition person their enactment chopped out. 


Neymar's biggest fan

Neymar's sister Rafaella Santos erstwhile celebrated 1 of his goals truthful passionately that she dislocated a shoulder, somewhat scary committedness to the cause. 


How does the head-to-head look?

Serbia travel into the World Cup connected truly coagulated signifier having topped their qualifying radical but they bash not person a blessed past against Brazil. 

The Samba Boys are unbeaten successful 17 matches against Serbia (including Yugoslavia) since an 8-4 decision successful Belgrade connected 3 June 1934. They lone person a amended grounds against Ecuador and Paraguay. 


Just the 5 pairs of boots for Thiago Silva...

Kitman's enactment is done for present - flipflops for everyone (naturally) and a fewer pairs of boots - Thiago Silva seems to person the most. No thought however helium chooses with of the 5 sets to wear. 


20 years is simply a agelong drought

Thiago Silva insists the mentality of Brazil is spot connected but thing little than a World Cup triumph volition beryllium a disappointment. The accepted dense hitters connected the planetary signifier are not astatine their best, with the likes of Germany and Argentina already slipping up. This has to beryllium seen arsenic a aureate accidental for the Selecao to assistance their archetypal Jules Rimet trophy since 2002. 


Give maine the assurance of the Brazil mascot

Look astatine this man/woman/large kid strutting astir successful the mascot suit. All the assurance of champions elect. In fairness, plonking a monolithic fur suit connected successful Qatari vigor is astir apt sweaty work. He'll beryllium cramping up successful a bit. 


How could Brazil enactment up?

Strength successful extent is an understatement for Tite's side. They person truthful overmuch attacking riches and of people Neymar is the jewel successful the crown. Richarlison is understood to beryllium frontrunner to pb the enactment up of Gabriel Jesus. Raphina and Vinicius Jr are acceptable to supply the width and Casemiro should beryllium alongside Lucas Paqueta successful midfield. At the back, the omniscient aged caput of Thiago Silva is expected to spouse Marquinhos with Alex Sandro and Danilo astatine full-back. 


Will Mitrovic start?

The Brazilian defenders volition respire a immense suspiration of alleviation if the prolific Fulham guardant is named connected the seat later. He is conscionable truthful hard to woody with and a changeless menace successful the air.

But Mitrovic is recovering from an ankle contented and adjacent if helium is picked to start, is improbable to beryllium astatine his razor crisp best. It volition beryllium fascinating to spot if the combative striker is fixed the motion - not that it is simply a catastrophe for Serbia without him - Dusan Vlahovic and Luka Jovic are much than susceptible of providing the extremity threat. 


Those iconic shirts acceptable to instrumentality centre stage

Bright yellowish shirts and bluish shorts are instantly recognisable to immoderate shot instrumentality astir the world. The Brazil kitman has been engaged already, laying retired the squad's kit for tonight's crippled good up of time. How bash you adjacent go Brazil's kitman? Decent enactment if you tin get it. 


All the cardinal info for you here

A tidy small bundle to reply immoderate of the important questions astir this one... 


Tonight's venue - Lusail Iconic Stadium

Dubious arsenic it is to conscionable chuck 'iconic' into the stadium sanction oregon immoderate sanction for that matter, Lusail is simply a fantastic venue and the largest successful Qatar. Sitting astir 20km northbound of Doha, it volition play big to 10 games this tournament, including the final. Will Iconic Griffee reckons there's a decent accidental Brazil volition beryllium backmost determination connected December 18. 


Olá and Zdravo (Hello) and welcome!

The Samba boys, the five-time champions, kings of flair and tourney favourites - Brazil marque their archetypal measurement connected what they anticipation volition beryllium a glorious run this evening. But we've already seen our just stock of upsets and the Serbians would dearly emotion to spoil the party. Keep it present for each the build-up and past unrecorded updates from the crippled later. 

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