Bodega clerk who was charged with murder after stabbing attacker has quit his job, fled upstate

1 month ago

A Manhattan bodega idiosyncratic who was charged with execution aft defending himself against an attacker has discontinue his occupation successful fearfulness of his life, and is considering leaving New York City for bully and returning to his autochthonal Dominican Republic.

Jose Alba, 61, had charges dropped from the July 1 onslaught pursuing an outpouring of choler astatine the determination to prosecute.

But Alba has present near his occupation and fled the city, said Francisco Marte, the caput of a bodega relation assisting Alba.

'He is taking a hiatus close now,' Marte said. 

'He went upstate to get distant from everything.

'He is not going backmost to enactment astatine the bodega. He is taking a interruption warring with his trauma, and helium said helium is acrophobic for his life.' 

Jose Alba (right) posed for a celebratory photograph with Francisco Marte, president of the Bodega and Small Business Association of New York, connected July 19 aft DA Alvin Bragg dropped the execution charges against him

Bodega idiosyncratic Jose Alba (right) was physically attacked by a lawsuit earlier pulling retired a weapon and fatally stabbing the man. Charges against Alba are present being dropped

Marte said that Alba was haunted by the combat that outgo Austin Simon, 35, his life. 

'He is trying to get backmost to normal, but helium said it's precise hard erstwhile you person flashbacks of what happened,' said Simon. 

'We are getting him nonrecreational help, and past [Alba and his family] determine whether helium goes backmost to the DR for bully oregon conscionable spends immoderate clip there.'

On July 19, Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg's bureau asked a justice to driblet the charges Alba aft having faced intense backlash, including disapproval from the city's mayor.

Alba, confronted by reporters extracurricular his home, said helium is feeling 'so-so' and believes justness has been served. 

He besides shared that the wounds helium sustained during the altercation are 'healing.' 

Alba, who had faced a second-degree execution charge, was moving astatine the Blue Moon deli connected July 1 when he fatally stabbed Simon successful the cervix and chest.

Alba concisely spoke to the media aft the charges were dropped. He said the wounds helium sustained during the altercation are 'healing.' Alba's scarred limb is pictured arsenic the bodega idiosyncratic shielded his look down his door

Alba (left) told reporters helium is feeling 'so-so' and believes justness has been served. His coiled is pictured connected the right

Marte (pictured), erstwhile asked if Alba would amusement his face, told the media: 'We admit the enactment but for his information and by the lawyers proposal we can’t amusement his face'

Alba's coiled is pictured connected July 19

Surveillance footage from the Blue Moon convenience store successful Hamilton Heights showed Jose Alba, 61, was assaulted earlier helium grabbed a weapon and stabbed Austin Simon, 35, connected July 1 

Jose Alba, 61, the Manhattan bodega idiosyncratic charged with execution for stabbing a antheral who assaulted him, is pictured earlier this period aft being released connected bail

Progressive DA Alvin Bragg had faced aggravated disapproval aft charging the bodega worker

Surveillance footage intelligibly showed that Simon had moved down the antagonistic astatine the convenience store successful Hamilton Heights and pushed the store clerk into a stack of shelves earlier grabbing him.

It was lone past that Alba reached implicit to a support and pulled retired a weapon to combat back. 

During the altercation, Alba was seemingly stabbed by Simon's girlfriend, who instigated the statement erstwhile her benefits paper was declined. The woman was ne'er charged successful the incident.

The question to disregard stated that prosecutors 'have determined that we cannot beryllium beyond a tenable uncertainty that the suspect was not justified successful his usage of deadly carnal force.'

The filing said that 'a homicide lawsuit against Alba could not beryllium proven astatine proceedings beyond a tenable doubt' and that the lawsuit volition not beryllium presented to a expansive jury.

District Attorney Bragg had faced aggravated disapproval aft charging Alba, including from Mayor Eric Adams. 

This is the infinitesimal Alba was stabbed successful the limb by the woman of the antheral helium stabbed to decease connected July 1 successful a enactment implicit a container of murphy chips 

Alba was stabbed successful the limb by Simon's woman during the altercation

Alba showed his wounds to connected July 11

Pressure had been increasing for Bragg to driblet the charges against Alba since footage emerged showing that Simon - who has antecedently been convicted for different assaults - had pushed Alba into a support and started dragging him.

The footage shows the 2 struggling earlier Alba grabbed his weapon and started stabbing Simon.

Other videos obtained by amusement Simon - who was connected parole for attacking a constabulary serviceman erstwhile helium died - marching down the bodega antagonistic to face Alba. 

'Papa, I don't privation a problem, papa,' Alba told him calmly. 

Simon charged into the Blue Moon convenience store minutes aft his woman tried to bargain a container of chips for her daughter, but her physics benefits paper had been declined. 

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