Black Employees At Buffalo Police Department Say Their Captain Went On Racist Tirade

1 week ago

Three Black employees at the police department of Buffalo, New York, have accused a police captain of going on a racist rant about Black male officers, according to a federal lawsuit.

Two veteran officers, Brandon Hawkins and Katelynn Bolden, along with Erica Seymour, a mental health clinician with the department, filed the lawsuit Monday against police Captain Amber Beyer, who allegedly went on a tirade of prejudicial and racist comments in front of a room of officers and clinicians.

Earlier this year, Buffalo was the site of a mass shooting in a predominantly Black neighborhood. Thirteen people were shot, 10 of them fatally, and all but two of those shot were Black. A county sheriff described the shooting as a “racially motivated hate crime.” Law enforcement officials said the alleged gunman sought out a place with a high concentration of Black people to carry out the massacre.

The three plaintiffs in Monday’s lawsuit work under Beyer with the police department’s behavioral health team.

Nate McMurray, an attorney representing the officers, said he was not shocked by Beyer’s alleged remarks, but said he’s surprised she is still in a...

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