Billionaire Ray Dalio: 'Civil War' Risk 'Developing' as Americans Flee Cities like New York, Chicago

3 months ago

Ray Dalio, billionaire laminitis of Bridgewater Associates, said Americans leaving large cities similar New York and Chicago increases the hazard of “civil war” by exacerbating an “ideological gap” betwixt antithetic regions successful the United States.

“I deliberation that it’s reasonably probable that nary broadside volition judge losing,” Dalio said when asked astir “the likelihood of a civilian warfare successful the United States” as a panelist connected a radical treatment hosted by the World Economic Forum successful Davos, Switzerland, and published connected Tuesday.

Relevant information begins astatine 34:54:

He continued:

What is that probability [of civilian war]? I don’t know. Maybe it’s 50 percent. Maybe it’s adjacent much than that. I don’t know. I deliberation it’s probable — oregon there’s uncomfortably precocious probability — that directions from the cardinal authorities — regularisation of instrumentality and the Constitution — won’t beryllium [or] whitethorn not beryllium followed. Supreme Court rulings whitethorn not beryllium followed, due to the fact that idiosyncratic states accidental that, “I’m not going to bash that.”

It’s similar sanctuary cities. They say, “I volition not follow.” I deliberation what’s happening now, is that determination is simply a question from 1 authorities to different owed to changing values that’s producing a hollowing retired successful immoderate states, and erstwhile that happens, due to the fact that the affluent determination someplace, oregon the ideologies are the same, it produces a hollowing retired successful different locations.

You’re seeing that successful New York and Chicago, San Francisco, and different places. That exacerbates the gap. It exacerbates not lone the wealthiness gap, but it exacerbates the ideological gap, and past erstwhile you get to that — regularisation of instrumentality and respect and compromise don’t beryllium — past you woody with power, and it becomes a powerfulness decision.

It becomes much and much that benignant of conflict, truthful that becomes a powerfulness thing. I deliberation that’s developing, successful that benignant of a movement, successful that direction.

He concluded, “That’s a precise scary thing, due to the fact that erstwhile you don’t person regularisation of instrumentality oregon you commencement to person fighting, it’s a antithetic world.”

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